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With his trademark hat and freaky burned skin, Freddy has haunted generations of American kids. How much do you know about the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie franchise?

In what year did the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie hit theaters?

Now more than 30 years old, the movie was released in 1984.


What role did Wes Craven have in the creation of the first movie?

Craven started his career directing adult movies and then moved into horror films; he wrote and directed the first "Elm Street" movie.


Where was "A Nightmare on Elm Street" filmed?

The film was shot in Los Angeles, but fortunately "Elm Street" was just made up.


How much onscreen time does the villain Freddy Krueger have in the first movie?

Krueger's presence is more of a creepy feeling than actual screen time, and the suspense works -- even though he was only on screen for about 7 minutes.


What was the budget for the first "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie?

The paltry $1.8 million budget paid off -- the movie made more than $25 million at the box office and jumpstarted a phenomenon.


Which actor got his big break by appearing in the first "A Nightmare on Elm Street?"

Johnny Depp, one of the biggest actors of his generation, was launched to stardom thanks to Wes Craven's nightmarish creation.


In what year is the first film set?

It's actually set in 1981, three years earlier than the date of the movie's theatrical release.


True or False: Wes Craven directed the third "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie.

Craven didn't direct the third film, but he did serve as writer and producer.


As of 2016, how many "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movies are there in the franchise?

Since 1984, Hollywood has cranked out nine "Elm Street" movies, and yet another sequel is in the works.


Which actor was originally cast in the role that ultimately went to Johnny Depp?

Sheen was set to go for the part but then demanded far too much money, meaning Depp got his first big role.


How many "Elm Street" movies were released in the 1990s?

After five "Elm Street" movies flooded theaters from 1984 to 1989, only two were produced in the 1990s.


In which state does the story of the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street" take place?

The story revolves around Freddy Krueger stalking teenagers in Springwood, Ohio.


Which of the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" films was subtitled "The Dream Master?"

The fourth film, released in 1988, was subtitled "The Dream Master"


In a 2003 movie, Freddy battles which other famous horror film star?

In the 2003 movie "Freddy vs. Jason," Freddy takes on Jason, the hockey-masked freak from the "Friday the 13th" franchise.


Why is Freddy Krueger so angry?

He was a child murderer who was killed by an angry mob of vengeful parents, so for his own revenge he stalks more children in their dreams.


What's the name of the sole teenager to survive Freddy's rampage in "A Nightmare on Elm Street?"

As her friends are mowed down one by one, Nancy somehow survives Freddy's homicidal rage.


What is Freddy Krueger's favorite killing weapon?

His signature clawed glove is one of the most iconic murder weapons ever devised by Hollywood.


How long did it take to film the first "A Nightmare on Elm Street?"

The limited budget sent the crew scrambling to complete shooting in just 32 days.


In which "A Nightmare on Elm Street" does Nancy finally succumb to Freddy's clawed glove?

In the third film, Nancy helps other children learn to fight back against Freddy, but ultimately she can't save herself.


Which movie alters the tone of the story, making Freddy less amusing and much more menacing?

"Wes Craven's New Nightmare" blurs the fictional story with reality, adding suspense and scares in a new way.


As the story goes, how much time has passed between the first and second films?

Half a decade after Freddy first begins terrorizing families, he starts his gruesome mission anew.


What was the approximate budget of "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors?"

Even with the first two movies as bona fide hits, the third film still had a relatively small budget of $4.5 million.


In which "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie did Patricia Arquette make her film debut?

Arquette starred in the third film, which is regarded by many critics as the best sequel, and went on to become an A-list celebrity.


Which of the movies was released in 3-D format?

A Nightmare on Elm Street 6, or "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare" was released in 3-D and then subsequently trashed by critics everywhere.


True or False: The 2010 remake was a box-office flop.

Although it got terrible reviews, it made more than $115 million at the box office, far beyond its budget of $35 million.


How much did the fifth movie (released in 1989) make at the box office?

"The Dream Child" wasn't as successful as the previous movies, and it got mostly average to poor reviews.


Adjusted for ticket price inflation, about how much money has the franchise earned?

At more than $600 million, the franchise is one of the most successful in movie history.


In which "A Nightmare on Elm Street" does Mark Patton star?

Patton's signature screaming made him memorable in his role in the second movie; he left acting altogether shortly after this film.


In which film does Rooney Mara star?

The disaster that was the 2010 "Elm Street" movie didn't stop Mara from achieving stardom in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Social Network."


At the beginning of which film does Alice give birth to a baby that looks suspiciously like Freddy?

In "A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child," Alice gives birth to Freddy and tries to grab him, but he scrambles away and comes back to haunt everyone.


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