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Super Mario Bros. is one of Nintendo's most popular video games ever. Wouldn't it be cool to spend an afternoon as Luigi or Mario? At the Nintendo Amusement Park you can! Take our quiz to find out more about the new Nintendo Amusement Park, and how it's changing the face of fun.

At which of these universities do the creators of the Nintendo Amusement Park study?

The creators of the Nintendo Amusement Park, Daniel Albritton, Quanya Chen and Noah Shibley, are all students at New York University.


Which of these famous video games is the basis for the Nintendo Amusement Park?

Super Mario Bros. is one of Nintendo's most popular games, and has been the basis for numerous other video games, including Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros.


What is the format of the Nintendo Amusement Park?

The Nintendo Amusement Park will allow you to play as a character in a real-life version of Super Mario Bros. complete with costumes. Some would call that a dream come true.


What are the names of Super Mario Bros. two main characters?

There are two characters you can play in the original Super Mario Bros. game: Mario and Luigi.


What is the name of the place where the Super Mario Bros. game takes place?

Mario and Luigi make their way through the Mushroom Kingdom to try and rescue Princess Toadstool.


Upon completion, how long will the Nintendo Amusement Park be?

The first generation park should stretch 100 meters. Later versions might be considerably longer.


How will players simulate Mario's jumping ability?

One of the cool things about Super Mario Bros. is how high Mario and Luigi can jump. To simulate this power, players will be attached by harness to a bungee chord suspension system.


What mechanism will hold the suspension system in place, and propel the players forward through the course?

The plan is to have the suspension cables attached to a motorized truss that will propel the player through the course.


The first generation version of this game has not yet dealt with which of these movement issues?

The first design for the park does not address how the player will move from side to side.


To solve the problem of lateral movement, future generations of the park will use which of these?

To deal with the issue of lateral movement, future generations will have a sliding overhead track with a series of cables and wheels.


In early generations of the game, players will navigate their way through the course how?

A stagehand with a control panel will navigate the player through the course by attempting to anticipate his moves.


Which of these statements best defines the science of human haptics?

Haptics refers to the sense of touch. Human Haptics is the study of how people use their sense of touch, and how they engage their motor skills.


The haptic winch intended to control the game in later generations will get its information from which of these?

Later generations of the Nintendo Park will use a winch with haptic technology. Infrared sensors and strain receptors will analyze the player's movements and respond accordingly.


What material will be used to protect players from impact injuries?

Players will be jumping quite high, which puts them at risk for impact injuries. The Nintendo Amusement Park will be lined with foam crash padding, to help keep players safe.


The large components of the park will be moved by which of these?

In the original Super Mario Bros. game, some walls and other large objects moved around. The final generation of the park will use hydraulic actuators to move large sections of the park, thus recreating that aspect of the game.


The pressure feedback systems that will be used to protect players are based on those currently used in which of these modern inventions?

Mario sometimes gets crushed by walls that close in on him. To prevent players from getting hurt, the park will use a pressure feedback system like those currently used on elevator doors.


How does Physically Augmented Reality (PAR) differ from Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality uses computers and other technological devices, such as heads-up displays, to change your perception of the real world. Physically Augmented Reality actually changes your physical environment.


The first game to be recreated for real-world play was which of these?

A team from the University of Singapore's Mixed Reality Lab invented a real-world version of Pac-Man called Human Pac-Man.


One possible threat to the viability of the Nintendo Amusement Park is which of these concerns?

The inventors of the Nintendo Amusement Park have not yet received permission from Nintendo to use the company name.


Where is the current prototype of the Nintendo Amusement Park located?

The Nintendo Amusement Park prototype is in Brooklyn, NY.


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