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Motion control video gaming took over the world thanks to the genius of Nintendo. How much do you know about the revolutionary Nintendo Wii console?

What year was the Wii introduced?

Three years later, the console was breaking single-month sales records for consoles.


Which company manufactures the Wii?

In its early days, the company made parts for another iconic console, the Atari 2600.


In the U.S., what was the original manufacturer's suggested selling price for the Wii?

In 2009, the price was dropped by $50 to spur sales.


What does the Wii sensor bar do?

It's misnamed; instead of sensing it is actually projecting infrared light that the Wiimote sees


What is the best-selling title on the Wii?

The game has sold a jaw-dropping 82 million copies.


"Wii Sports" is the best-selling game of all-time.

That honor goes to "Tetris."


How many copies of "Mario Kart Wii" have been sold?

That's less than half the number of copies of "Wii Sports."


What kind of radio technology is included in the Wiimote?

It also has a speaker and infrared sensor, among other technologies.


The Wii was the successor to which console?

The first versions of the Wii were even backwards compatible with GameCube titles.


What was the Wii's code name during development?

They were right, the Wii did in fact revolutionize the console market.


The accelerometer in the Wiimote can measure acceleration and what else?

It also measures pitch and yaw, all of which make for more accurate game control.


Why did Sony turn down the idea of the Wiimote?

They were stuck on the price, and so they let the inventor take his idea to Nintendo instead.


Which other company turned down the Wiimote motion technology before Nintendo pounced on it?

Sony also dismissed the idea, which went on to revolutionize gaming.


What was the name of the inventor who came up with the Wiimote's motion control design?

Quinn came up with the idea while he was flying his plane.


What's the capacity of the memory chip that's built into the Wiimote?

Part of the memory can be used to store avatars.


Which company sued Nintendo over the Wii's motion control technology?

The companies wound up settling out of court.


Worldwide, about how many Wii consoles have been sold?

It is the top-selling console of its era, outpacing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


How many Wii consoles did Nintendo sell in its 2009 fiscal year?

It also sold about 4 million in 2013, the first year the follow-up console (Wii U) was launched.


You must be within how many feet for the Wiimote to work with the sensor bar?

Any farther away and the accuracy of your controller may decrease in a hurry.


Compared to the GameCube, about how powerful is the Wii?

The GameCube had a 485MHz processor; the Wii's is 729MHz.


What was the reported failure rate for Wii consoles after two years of ownership?

PS3 came in at about 10 percent; Xbox 360 at a whopping 23 percent.


How much RAM is built into the Wii?

It also has 512MB Flash/ROM.


During the design phase, the Nintendo team was instructed to make the Wii no thicker than what?

The unit was also designed to look nice and tidy in a home entertainment room.


Wii is the best-selling console of all-time.

The Sony PlayStation 2 has sold about 140 million consoles, nearly 40 million more than the Wii.


What's one reason the Wii's hardware was rather slow considering it was a next-generation console?

The size restriction prevented engineers from giving the Wii extra oomph.


Which Wiimote feature was considered but ultimately nixed by Nintendo executives?

It would become too much like a portable console.


What are the two "ii"s in the Wii name supposed to symbolize?

Nintendo also chose the name because it was easy to pronounce in any language.


Why did Nintendo offer to replace the Wiimote's hand strap for free?

The updated version was thicker and less likely to break and cause havoc.


How much power does the Wii consume when it is turned on?

In standby it consumes only 1.3 watts.


What capability does the Wii Family Edition lack?

So if you were hoping to play GameCube games, you'd have to dig out that console.


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