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Most people are happy to get something for nothing, and those with home offices, closets and other storage areas are no exception. Spend a few minutes with our quiz to learn how you can get organized for free.

What do most people find to be their main stumbling block when trying to get organized?

Even if you have the time and desire to get organized, many people get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff they have to sort through.


How can you decide what to throw out?

One of the ways is to consider when an item was last used.


What should you do after you decide you no longer need an object?

If no one in your home needs it, get it out of your house. If it can benefit someone else, sell it or give it away.


After disposing of items you no longer need, where should items you don't use often be stored?

Put them behind or below things that you regularly use.


What is the benefit of storing similar items in a single location?

Having similar items together in one location will make it easies to stay organized.


After you've organized what you already have, how can you keep organized going forward?

Control what enters the home. If you buy a new item, get rid of the item it replaces.


Do you have to get rid of all unused items?

If you can find new life in an unused item, you might consider keeping it. For example, cover empty shoe boxes with colorful adhesive paper to make cheap but attractive storage boxes.


What's recommended to keep control of bills?

Pay them as they're received and then file them away.


How can you keep kids' toy organized?

Just as with adults' stuff, for every new toy or item of clothing received, an older, outgrown one should be given away.


What is the most important aspect of being organized?

Make being organized a habit by developing routines and patterns. Remember -- a place for everything and everything in its place.


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