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If you live in a country like the United States or France, your tax dollars go toward support for international peace-keeping efforts, so you have a stake in these efforts. Test your knowledge of no-fly zones with this quiz.

Who has the authority to proclaim a no-fly zone?

The U.N. charter gives that international body the authority to authorize member states to impose a no-fly zone.


How many no-fly zones have been imposed since 1991?

The U.N. has imposed four no-fly zones since 1991, in northern and southern Iraq, Bosnia, and, most recently, in Libya.


How long do no-fly zones usually remain in force?

Usually no-fly zones are in place for years. In Iraq, the northern no-fly zone remained in place from 1991 to 2003.


What is the U.S. code name of the no-fly zone campaign in Libya?

The Pentagon named the mission in Libya Operation Odyssey Dawn. The British call it Operation ELLAMY, and the French named it Operation Harmattan.


Which of these countries did not send forces to assist in the Libyan no-fly zone?

Not only did Venezuela not send forces to participate, but its leader, Hugo Chavez, has expressed support for Gaddafi.


Which of these U.S. aircraft is being used in the Libyan no-fly zone operation?

Both B-2 stealth bombers and F-15 fighters are among the planes used in the no-fly zone operation.


What now-defunct nation supplied most of Gaddafi's aircraft?

Gaddafi's handful of aircraft are mostly Soviet-made.


Which of Gaddafi's sons once toured the U.S. Air Force Academy?

The Libyan dictator's son Khamis toured the U.S. Air Force Academy in February, eight days before the uprising in Libya began.


Which British aircraft used in the no-fly zone operation is named after a king from the Old Testament?

The Nimrod R-1 surveillance aircraft gets its name from Nimrod, the great-grandson of Noah, who was the king of Shimar.


Which of these Middle Eastern nations sent jets to assist in the no-fly zone operation?

Jordan sent jets to participate in the no-fly zone operation.


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