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So, you've watched all the crime shows like "CSI" and "Criminal Minds." You know all the protocols and all the slang needed to get the job done. But there's only one way to find out if all that knowledge is enough to become a real agent. Get ready to take the quiz to see if you make the cut!

Do you know what must be recited upon making an arrest? Do you know what qualities the FBI looks for when taking on new agents? Can you name any of the tools used through day-to-day work life as an FBI agent? If you could answer any of these questions, you're well on your way to becoming a new recruit!

Do you know the ins and outs of when warrants are needed? Do you know what type of prior experience is needed in order to even take the entrance exam? What age must you be in order to qualify for the entrance exam? There are many qualifications that new recruits must meet, so it's important to know!

Maybe being an FBI agent is your dream job, or maybe you would rather have the position of honorary Special Agent. Either way, prepare to take this quiz to see if you could pass the FBI Agent entrance exam!

Upon making an arrest, what must you say?

Upon making an arrest, it is your duty as an FBI agent to recite the Miranda rights for them. This tells them the rights they have upon the arrest and a few options that they have.


How do you react when something doesn't go your way?

If you picked relaxed, then you're prepared to become an FBI agent! It is always important to react calmly in tense situations as it could mean life or death for an FBI agent.


Which sense needs to be strong to become an FBI agent?

Your eye sight must be very strong in order to become an FBI agent. The next important sense? It's your hearing! Physical fitness is very important in order to be effective as an agent on the job.


You're going to question a suspect in a crime that you're investigating. They refuse to speak to you without their lawyer present. What should you do?

When questioning a suspect, they have the right to request a lawyer before speaking to you. Upon their request, no matter what you ask them, they do not have to answer until their lawyer is present.


In order to become an FBI agent, what must you be?

In order to become an FBI agent, you must be a citizen of the United States. This is just one of the many requirements that you must have in order to qualify.


Is it true or false that agents can be assigned to different categories of work?

This is true. Some agents can be assigned to different areas within the bureau. For example, some agents might deal more with terrorism, while others might deal with regular crime.


Is it true or false that some FBI agents work in administration?

This is true. Administration is one area where some FBI agents can work. Typically, agents are promoted to administration after doing great work in the field. This part of the job may be a little less hectic than being out catching the criminals!


Is it true or false that FBI agents may have to go to court?

This is true. When working on solving crimes, you're expected to have to attend court at certain times. If you become an agent, expect to spend some time testifying in court.


Is it true or false that newer agents are usually paired with more experienced ones?

This is true. Pairing these agents together can be beneficial for the newer agent, as they can learn the ropes first hand. Field experience can be used as a hands-on way to get comfortable when you may have to work by yourself.


When throwing a surprise party, when do you start planning?

When throwing a surprise party, it's probably best to plan it months in advance, or at least a few weeks! This can also relate back to becoming an FBI agent as it's important that you are prepared for anything.


Which of the following qualities would be best to have to become an agent?

If you're an honest person, you're ready to become an FBI agent. Honesty is important as you may deal with many dishonest or not genuine people throughout your career.


Before getting accepted into the FBI, what must you get?

A background check is a must if you want to become an FBI agent. It ensures that you don't have any incriminating offenses against you, and ensures that you are a law-abiding citizen.


When going to a meeting, how should you arrive?

When arriving to a meeting, you should be on time and prepared for it. If you chose this answer, then you're well on your way to becoming an FBI agent. They must be ready and prepared for anything!


What must you know how to use as an FBI agent?

All FBI agents must know how to use firearms, as upon becoming an agent, they receive their own government-issued gun. The gun is used for work purposes and the type of gun is usually standardized.


Which of the following may you have to do as an FBI agent?

As an FBI agent, you may be required to move away from home. Relocation is common as you are needed in different areas to complete your job.


As an FBI agent, what must you be able to do?

It's important to be able to gather evidence as well as have the ability to analyze it. This is because many times, this is the bulk of an FBI agent's job. They need to also have the ability to come to a conclusion based on the evidence that they have gathered.


What can be affected by your role as an FBI agent?

Your family can be heavily affected by your role as an FBI agent. This can be through travel, time away spent working or even just leaving to attend to work matters without planning on it.


Which of the following tools do FBI agents use?

A polygraph test is something that FBI agents need to learn how to use. You never know when one could come in handy and help you with that one case that you just can't crack.


Is it true or false that most arrests come after an investigation?

This is true. The investigation usually comes first to gather the details and determine where the guilt lies. Then, after guilt is determined, an arrest can be made.


Is it true or false that as you spend more time as an agent, your pay increases?

This is true. Just like any other job, spending more time working with the company can lead to a raise. As agents spend more time with the FBI, there is also room for a raise.


Aside from 3 years of professional experience, what else must an applicant have?

A four-year degree is another requirement that any applicant to the FBI must have. This can be from a college or university, either type of school qualifies. Just make sure your degree is for four years!


Which of the following does the FBI deal with?

The FBI deals with a variety of different things, and cyber crime is one of them. They also deal with violent crime, terrorism and organized crime.


Which of the following is not one of the five Special Agent Entry Programs?

Art is not one of the five Special Agent Entry Programs. Did you know, that in order to become an FBI agent, you must qualify for one of the programs? If you don't then there is no chance for you to become an agent.


What should you do first when finding out about a suspect?

Making a profile is an important step for an agent to get a feel for what the suspect is like. This can help them in the long run with the investigation as well as help them get a start on it.


What is one thing that an FBI agent cannot do without warrant?

Wiretapping people without a warrant is illegal for an agent to do. It could cause them a lot of trouble and difficulty. Doing it the right way is better for the agent, the bureau and the case itself.


Is it true or false that interrogations are left to supervisors to complete?

This is false. Usually, the agents themselves would conduct an interrogation on a suspect. It would typically be one of the agents assigned to the case that had to do with the suspect.


How much work experience is required to become an agent?

3 years of experience is what you'll need in order to qualify to become an FBI agent. If you started working professionally at 20, then you'll qualify to become an agent when you reach the age of 23!


Is it true or false that the FBI can only make arrests in the United States?

This is false. It is actually possible for the FBI to make overseas arrests under certain conditions. One of these conditions must be that the country where the arrest is being made must approve of it.


Which of the following should you work best in if you want to be an agent?

Being able to work in teams is extremely important when working as an FBI agent. You never know when you may need the reinforcement of your colleagues or even just a little help from them.


Which of the following must you have in order to become an FBI agent?

A driver's license is needed to become an FBI agent. You never know when you might need to drive to a scene or chase after a criminal. Always be prepared!


What is the maximum age to become an FBI agent?

The FBI only considers applicants who are between the ages of 23 and 37 years old. They prefer applicants who are relatively younger as they need to be in a very good shape to excel at their jobs.


What must you prove in order to become an agent?

Physical fitness is extremely important for an FBI agent. It is something that all aspiring FBI agents must be tested on. Specifically, they're tested on their ability to run long distances.


What is the best way to go about taking a written driver's test?

The best way to take a written driver's test is to take a deep look into the details of the questions and make the most logical decision on the answers. This is also important in the field of FBI work, as you need to go deep into the evidence and make the most logical decisions.


What does the term "ninja" mean in the FBI?

The term "ninja" is used in reference to a SWAT member in their gear. If you ever hear the term and you're with an FBI agent, now you'll know what it means.


What might a new recruit have to complete?

A new recruit may be required to complete ethics training. This is one important trait that all FBI agents must have, as they most definitely will have to deal with sensitive subjects and information.


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