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The iPad has added a new level of entertainment to mobile electronic games. But what if you forgot your ear buds, or you don't want your kids plugged into them during a long car trip? Take our quiz to find out (quietly) how much you know about your noise-free iPad game options.

Why might you play "Collision Effect" with sound even if you generally prefer noise-free games?

While many iPad games include fast-paced, stimulating music to entertain players, Collision Effect has soothing electronic new age music consistent with its ethereal look and feel.


Which of the following word puzzle games, all ideal noise-free options, allows you to have up to four players interacting on one iPad screen?

"Scrabble" for iPad allows multiple players to interact with just one device -- perfect for traveling in a group when each player doesn't have their own iPad.


Which movie and TV Web site has released an iPad trivia game you can easily play noise-free? (The Internet Movie Database) has a wealth of trivia to draw from for its app, and it features text and graphics rather than audio and video so that you can enjoy the trivia even without the sound. Fandango also has a trivia game, but not specifically designed as an iPad app.


Which of the following noise-free games can fluctuate greatly in price depending on how much you want to put into it?

"Poker" by Zynga is free, but you can purchase the in-game chip currency for prices ranging from $0.99 for a 90K chip stack to $99.99 for a 45M chip stack.


Which of the following games puts a new twist on the classic match-three game?

In "7 Wonders," you step through multiple match-three type games as you work your way through the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


True or false: "Doodle Jump" doesn't have music, only sound effects.

"Doodle Jump" doesn't have any theme music to mute, but it does have sound effects for bouncing, falling and other actions.


True or false: In "Battle Dots," you can adjust the size of the grid from 4 to 100 blocks.

Changing the size of the grid helps to change the length of the game and increase the challenge, whether you're playing against the computer or other iPad users.


True or false: "IMDb Trivia" is a very basic game, relying on text to ask questions and present answers.

"IMDb Trivia" includes graphics from TV and movies to support questions, and it has a variety of question types such as matching a series of actors with their respective films.


Besides being a great noise-free game option, "Scrabble" for iPad also lets you do which of the following?

The Scrabble Teacher feature can help you learn new words to use in future turns as it lets you know the best word you could have played from the tiles in your previous turn.


Which of the following noise-free-capable games requires both the iPad's touch screen and its gyroscope as part of game play?

"Where's My Water?" lets you dig tunnels by swiping your finger, activate machines by tapping them and move water through a labyrinth by tilting the iPad at different angles.


True or false: To make an iPad game noise-free, you have to mute the entire iPad.

Many games have some option to mute the sound just in that one application without muting the entire iPad. Some games even let you mute the music and sound effects separately, or include an option to replace the sounds with music from your iTunes library.


Which of the following games features an animated alligator named Swampy?

The object in "Where's My Water?" is to successfully fill Swampy's tub with water by navigating the obstacles in his broken pipe system.


"Poker" by Zynga for your iPad relies on which social networking Web site to find and play with friends?

Zynga is well known for its Facebook games and its games for mobile platforms, as well as for games you can play on multiple devices by connecting through Facebook.


True or false: "Cut the Rope HD" was the first Apple iOS game to win a BAFTA.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards are similar to a combination of two U.S. awards: the Oscars, which are awarded the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), and the Emmy Awards, which are awarded by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


The paid version of "Cut the Rope HD" has how many levels?

"Cut the Rope HD Lite," which is free, has 18 levels, while the $2.99 upgrade goes up to 200 levels.


Which of the following games can be played noise-free on the iPad and was inspired by a noise-free childhood game played with pencil and paper?

While all of these are games for the iPad, and all have the potential for playing noise-free, only Dots was something you could play with just pencil and paper. "Battle Dots" is a tribute to that quiet childhood pastime.


True or false: "Fruit Ninja" lets you mute background music and sound effects separately.

If you don't want to be completely noise-free when you play "Fruit Ninja," look for options within the app to mute just the music or just the sound effects.


True or false: "Doodle Jump" is available for the iPod Touch and iPhone in addition to the iPad.

Though "Doodle Jump" is the same for these Apple iOS devices, the bigger and higher-quality screen of the iPad brings out the rich details you might miss on smaller devices.


What's the object of "Collision Effect"?

"Collision Effect" has two modes of play. In challenge mode, swipe orbs together as they float onto the screen. In puzzle mode, swipe the orbs together to clear the pattern on the screen. Be careful, though! Only orbs of the same color should touch!


Which of the following actually uses an audio cue to signal something's coming (though it's doesn't necessarily improve game play to hear it)?

"Fruit Ninja" plays a soft sound indicating a fruit was launched and is about to ascend into view. By the time you start swiping at the fruit, though, the swordplay sound effects drown out the sounds of the launch.


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