Quiz: The North American Geography Quiz
The North American Geography Quiz
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When it comes to North America's magnitude, the numbers speak for themselves: it covers an area of 9,540,000 square miles and covers about 16.5 percent of the earth's terrain. The continent is home to Canada, the United States, Mexico, plus other countries in Central America and the Caribbean, so it should come as no surprise that the population surpasses 500 million people. With such immense size comes immense variety in landscape and climate, from the ice cold of Greenland to the tropical Caribbean.

The continent is mainly associated with the United States, but this quiz will be a real test for any self-proclaimed geography expert. Expect to find yourself considering all aspects of the continent from mountain ranges to lakes to the people. The natural beauty in North America draws tourists from all over the world but this quiz is going to make you question just how well you know these natural wonders.

After you get through all 30 questions, we guarantee that you'll be smarter than when you started and full of a newfound appreciation for the grandeur of North America. So go ahead and dive into this challenge. 

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What engineering marvel in North America connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?
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Where is the lowest elevation in North America?
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True or false: Canada is the world's second largest country in total area.
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What region of North America is made of large expanses of prairie and steppe?
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True or false: Three countries make up most of North America's land mass.
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What mountain range includes North America's major Continental Divide?
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True or false: Nearly 80 percent of Greenland is covered in ice.
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Which North American river would you cross to travel from El Paso, Texas, to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico?
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True or false: The Florida Everglades are the largest wetland system in the United States.
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What kind of minerals have been mined in the Rocky Mountains?
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What is the highest peak in North America?
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What is North America's largest mountain range?
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True or false: North America has three major desert regions.
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What is the largest freshwater lake in the North America?
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What is the current population of North America?
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North America is the only continent with what?
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True or false: British Columbia borders two states.
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What is the longest river in North America?
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What is the most populous city in North America?
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North America is the ______ largest continent.
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How many countries make up North America?
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How many physical regions is North America divided into?
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What mountain range in North America includes some of the youngest mountains on Earth?
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How many islands, reefs and cays make up the Caribbean region of North America?
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What's the largest volcano in the United States?
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How much of the world's freshwater do the Great Lakes hold?
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True or false: It took more than 60 years to build the Hoover Dam.
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What two mountain ranges run along the entire Pacific Coast?
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How many major bodies of water does North America border?
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How many countries in North America are landlocked?
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