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North Cascades National Park offers hundreds of glaciers, dozens of waterfalls, high mountains and abundant wildlife. It's just waiting for you to discover its natural beauty. Before you do, take this quiz to learn more about North Cascades National Park.

How long does it take to drive to North Cascades National Park from Seattle, Washington?

It usually takes about 90 minutes to get there by car from Seattle.


North Cascades National Park contains more than 300:

It contains more than 300 glaciers.


Which visitor center is open daily throughout the summer?

Golden West Visitor Center is open daily throughout the summer months.


Where does the North Cascades mountain range begin?

It begins in Canada and penetrates deep south into the United States.


What trees are abundant in the forests of North Cascades National Park?

Fir and pine trees dominate the North Cascades National Park forests.


What type of winds blow in from Puget Sound to the western side of the mountains?

Moist winds usually blow in from Puget Sound as well as from the Strait of Juan de Fuca.


What are the limitations on hunting in North Cascades National Park?

If you want to hunt, it must be in season and with a special permit.


Why are the mountains in North Cascades National Park sometimes referred to as the American Alps?

They're called alps because they are so rugged and vertical, like the European alps.


Who said these words in 1814: "A more difficult route to travel never fell to man's lot."?

This quote is attributed to the trapper Alexander Ross, who was one of the first Americans to visit extensive areas of the park.


Damnation Peak, Forbidden Peak and Desolation Peak are so named because:

They, like Mount Despair and Mount Fury, are so named because of the hardships these peaks imposed on early visitors who tried to scale them.


How do you reach the wilderness camping grounds?

You can reach the camping grounds by taking the shuttle bus service.


What dates back to 1925 at the Buckner Homestead?

There is an orchard there that dates back to 1925.


What lies at the heart of the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area?

The focus of the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area is Lake Chelan itself!


What is unique about the North Cascades Highway?

The North Cascades Highway is the only paved road that runs through the entire park.


What do the black bears feed on in North Cascades National Park?

Black bears feed on huckleberries, which they gobble down vine and all.


How did the early inhabitants of the North Cascades National Park area support themselves?

They used to engage in fishing, hunting and gathering.


What small community is found at the shores of Lake Chelan?

The tiny community of Stehekin is found there.


What was mined in the area over a century ago?

Gold, silver and copper were mined in the area.


Why did Europeans come to this area in the 19th century?

The 19th century Europeans were fur traders who came to the area in search of fur.


For how long have Native Americans been inhabiting this area?

Scientists have determined that the area has been inhabited for about 8,000 years.


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