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Do you remember how Al Bundy made a living, or the name of Peg's BFF? Remember the names of the Bundy kids or the actors who played them? Any idea where the family moved once their air conditioner broke down or the name of the anti-feminist group Al belonged to? If you know the answers to these questions, you might have what it takes to ace this "Married...with Children" quiz!

In the '80s, there was no shortage of family sitcoms on the tube. These shows all featured different actors and stories, but they had one thing in common -- tight-knit family members who would do anything for one another. There were the Huxtables on "The Cosby Show," the Tanners on "Full House," and the Keatons on "Family Ties," all facing problems as a family unit, ending the episode with a group hug and a smile -- and maybe a gentle lesson to help the kids learn.

Then there were the Bundys. Like "Roseanne" or "All in the Family," the Bundys offered a decidedly less sweet version of family life -- yet one that was still relatable to millions of viewers. Think you remember how Al, Peg and the kids bickered their way through 11 seasons? Take our quiz to find out!

What does Al do for a living?

Family patriarch Al Bundy sells women's shoes at Gary's Shoes in the New Market Mall of Chicago. At one point in the series, he learns that he makes less than anyone else in town -- including the bums on the street.


What is the name of Peg's best friend?

Peggy's BFF is neighbor Marcy Rhoades, who later becomes Marcy D'Arcy when she remarries. Like Peg, Marcy likes nothing more than to make fun of Al. Unlike Peg, however, Marcy isn't afraid of a little hard work and remains employed through much of the series.


Who does Marcy marry after Steve leaves her?

Actor David Garrison, who played Steve Rhoades, left the show after a few seasons. His character divorced Marcy, who then took up with the lazy Jefferson D'Arcy. Marcy later learns that Jefferson is a former CIA spy, who is currently part of the witness protection program.


Which actress played Kelly Bundy?

It was Christina Applegate who played Kelly -- or Pumpkin, as her dad liked to call her. Kelly started off as a dumb blonde and got worse as the series progressed. The role was played by Tina Caspary in the pilot episode only.


What was the name of the Bundy's dog?

Buck the dog offered voiceovers to explains his thoughts, voiced by Cheech Marin -- as well as several others. When Buck died, he went to heaven before he was reincarnated as a dog named Lucky.


What was Al's favorite TV show?

Al spent most of his time slouched in front of the TV set, preferably watching his favorite show, "Psycho Dad," which featured a dad who was always at odds with his family. Al also wasn't above watching a John Wayne movie on two.


What kind of car does Al drive?

Al drove a car he affectionately referred to as the Dodge. The car was a '74, and by season 8, it was closing in on one million miles.


Where does Peg hail from?

Peg and her family come from Wanker County, Wisconsin, a backwoods, home-grown neck of the woods. Peg's family comes to visit the Bundys from time to time, including her grossly obese mother and her many cousins -- one of whom hooks up with Bud.


What is Bud's street name?

Bud will do anything to win the ladies, including taking on the persona of rapper Grandmaster B. He also transforms into the ultra-suave Cool Bud when he needs to play it smooth.


Who holds Peg hostage in the two-part season two premiere?

In the season two premiere, the family takes a trip to the lovely town of Dumpwater, Florida. With typical Bundy luck, the family stays at a motel frequented by a tourist-hating ax murderer who kidnaps Peg, forcing Al to rescue her.


What book did Al neglect to return to the library?

Al put a serious tarnish on his relationship with the local library when he refused to return "The Little Engine That Could," back in 1957. When Peg finds out that he still has the book in the season three premiere, she encourages him to make amends. Unfortunately, the same mean librarian is still ruling the roost -- and she has it in for Al, even after all these years.


What sport did Al excel at as a teen?

Decades after his physical peak, Al still brags about his stellar football career at Polk High School. When a younger student gets close to breaking Al's football records, Kelly joins the cheerleading squad to distract him and keep her dad's records intact.


What do the Bundys and Rhoades file a lawsuit about in the famous lost episode, "I'll See You in Court"?

Both the Rhoades and the Bundys are caught on film doing the deed at the Hop-On-Inn. When they find out about the tapes, they decide to sue. The episode was so controversial -- mostly because of its language, not necessarily for the subject matter itself -- that it didn't air for several years after it was filmed.


What did Al borrow $50,000 for in season four?

Al borrowed $50,000 from the bank to start an emergency shoe hotline, which quickly failed, costing Steve his job at the bank. Al then borrowed another $50,000 to try and save the business, resulting in a demotion for Marcy, who authorized the loan.


What does Al plan to sell to pay the tax bill in season four?

Al has to come up with $5,000 for the IRS or he'll end up in jail. He finds an investor willing to shell out $5,000 for Peg's hair, but she refuses to sell in the season four episode, "A Taxing Problem."


Where does Peg take Marcy after Steve divorces her?

After Marcy receives a letter from Steve revealing that he is going to divorce her, Peg takes her to Las Vegas to get her mind off her soon-to-be-ex. Unfortunately, Peg sells Al's TV to get the money for the trip, then loses all of her money as soon as she hits the Strip.


Which family member sees little green men in season five?

After he hits his head at work, Al is sure he sees aliens come in the house, steal his stinky socks, and use them to power a spaceship. Everyone else in the family thinks he is more crazy than usual because he is the only one seeing little green men around the house.


What appliance leads the Bundys to move into the local supermarket?

Al causes a neighborhood blackout after buying a cheap air conditioner in season five, causing the family to move into the local supermarket. While there, the Bundys feud with the D'Arcys over who's entitled to a shopping spree that both Al and Marcy think they won.


Where do the Bundys go in the three-part season six finale?

The family scores a free trip to England in the three-part episode, "The England Show." What they don't know is that the folks in the hamlet of Lower Uncton are trying to kill all male Bundys to break a village curse -- forcing Al to joust for his life and family.


What is the name of the young boy who moves in with the Bundys in season seven?

After Peggy's cousin Zemus and his wife Ida Mae come to visit, they leave their son Seven to live with the Bundys. The family soon realize they don't know the boy's birthday -- so they give him Al's.


What anti-feminist group does Al belong to?

Al is a proud member and co-founder of NO MA'AM, a group designed to fight back against the feminists. He and his buddies start the group after their wives take over the guys' favorite hot spots, like the bowling alley and The Jiggly Room.


Why does Bud borrow money from the mob in season ten?

Bud has his heart set on making an exercise video starring Kelly in the season ten episode, "The Hood, the Bud and the Kelly." Unfortunately, he's not moving fast enough for the mob, who want the video done so they can make their money back.


What object forces Danny Bonaduce to settle a score between the Bundys and the D'Arcys in season eight?

After an apple falls from a tree on the property line and lands in the D'Arcy's yard, the families feud over who really owns the tree. It takes Danny Bonaduce, playing a land surveyor, to settle the score by concluding that the tree actually belongs to the D'Arcys.


Who plays a famous model who wants Al in the season seven episode "The Proposition"?

Vanna White plays Al's former girlfriend Coco, who's now a famous model. She offers Peg a cool half million to give up Al, but Peg decides she actually wants to keep her hubby for herself -- despite her frequent insults and complaints.


Where is Al forced to take a job when the shoe store is being renovated in season five?

After the shoe store is damaged, Al is laid off, forcing him to take a job as a security guard at Polk High School in the season five episode, "All Night Security Dude." On his first night on duty, the school's famous football trophy is stolen, leading him to compete with old rival Spare Tire Dixon to get the trophy back.


Which future friends actor starred in a "Married with Children" spin-off?

Matt LeBlanc played Vinnie, a man who briefly dated Kelly on "Married with Children." Vinnie later got his own 1991 spin-off called "Top of the Heap," which itself was spun off to the show "Vinnie and Bobby" in 1992.


True or false: Roseanne Barr was offered the role of Peg Bundy.

Roseanne Barr turned down the role of Peg, leaving it open for Katey Sagal. Michael Richards of "Seinfeld" also auditioned for Al, but lost the part to Ed O'Neill.


Which of these was the working title for "Married with Children"?

The working title for the show was "Not the Cosbys." Pretty apt, for a show that touted such strong anti-family values.


Who originally sang "Love and Marriage," the show's theme song?

The show's theme song came from an old Frank Sinatra song, which he performed on a 1955 TV special called "Our Town."


How many seasons did "Married with Children" entertain -- and offend -- viewers?

The show ran for 263 episodes over 11 seasons, from 1987 to 1997. It was one of Fox's first and longest-running prime-time shows.


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