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Nurse sharks are the laziest of sharks. Because they do not have to move to breathe, they are quite sedentary. Take this quiz to learn more about the nurse shark.

Which fin makes up more than 25 percent of the nurse shark's length?

Nurse sharks have a very long caudal fin, making up more than 25 percent of its length.


What does the nurse shark use to suck in food?

The nurse shark uses its pharynx, which is a muscular cavity, to suck in its prey.


What type of teeth does the nurse shark have?

The nurse shark has small and non-serrated teeth.


If nurse sharks do not have razor sharp teeth, why are they a danger to humans?

Although they do not have the same bite as sharks with razor sharp teeth, the nurse shark has an incredibly strong and damaging bite.


How does the nurse shark sense its prey?

The nurse shark uses its barbels to smell the scent of its next meal.


What physical trait allows the nurse shark to be rather sedentary?

Some sharks have ram-jet ventilation and must move to breathe. Nurse sharks have a respiratory system that pumps water over their gills so they can to breathe without moving.


When do nurse sharks hunt for food?

Nurse sharks mostly hunt for food at night.


What do nurse sharks do during the daylight hours?

They rest during the day.


Where is a fun and safe place to observe a nurse shark?

Nurse sharks may be viewed on display in aquariums such as the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts. When captured they are easy to care for and quite hardy.


How do nurse sharks encourage genetic diversity?

A litter of pups may be fertilized by more than one male nurse shark.


How does the male shark get a female to mate?

The male shark bites the female's pectoral fin and holds her in place.


What is the length of shark pups at birth?

The babies are born already one foot long.


How long is the pregnancy of a nurse shark?

The nurse shark is pregnant for six months.


If nurse sharks are meat eaters, why have corral and algae been found in their stomachs?

Nurse sharks suck up their prey, and sometimes they suck up corral and algae unintentionally.


When do nurse sharks attack humans?

Usually nurse sharks will attack humans only when provoked -- like when stepped upon in shallow water. Their bite is exceptionally strong, and surgery or special equipment has been needed to release the shark's bite.


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