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Decorating a baby nursery can be a delightful endeavor. Take the quiz and find out how to make the baby nursery a pleasure to behold.

In addition to a crib and a comfy chair, what other piece of furniture should you put in the nursery?

A twin bed will be handy if you have to attend to the baby all night long. Plus, your child will outgrow the crib sooner than you think.


What safety feature does a conventional changing table have?

The built-in rail is generally a few inches higher than the pad to prevent the active little infant from rolling off the table.


Ideally, why should the changing table have lower shelving that is open?

With an open shelf, you can take out diapers, etc. with your free hand. If you use a closed storage unit, make sure you can open the drawers with one hand. You should not leave the baby unattended for even a second!


At what age do babies start to detect details and distinguish shades of color?

Since a baby doesn't distinguish details and colors until he or she is about six months, decorate the room with bold black and white patterns, which will stimulate the eyes and brain.


Which of the following characters would NOT be suitable to use as decoration in a young child's bedroom?

Up to age seven, kids can't tell the difference between what's real and what isn't, so it's not advisable to put in pictures or graphics of scary creatures. You want them to sleep well - with no nightmares!


In decorating terminology, what is a focal point?

While the focal point draws the eye to it, the rest of the room should be decorated in a way that complements and enhances the feature.


What are two of the most popular thematic elements for little boys' bedrooms?

Using one or both of these themes as a basic design concept, there is a wide range of colors to use and scenes to create. But don't put in anything too menacing like a ferocious tiger or a man-eating shark!


Which is the most popular color for children's rooms?

Green offers a wide range of possibilities for decorating a nursery. For a little girl, it looks very pretty with pink. For a baby boy's room, green goes very nicely with blue and white.


In a room that faces south or west, what type of color is most effective?

Colors in cool shades of blue, green, or blue-violet will do the trick in a room with southern or western exposure. For a room that looks toward the north or the east, use warm tones of pink, peach, coral or yellow.


What is an ottoman?

A well-stuffed ottoman is the ideal accessory for a comfortable easy chair. It can be a simple fabric affair or little work of art, depending on the material and embroidery used.


Cranberry, barn, ruby and coral are all shades of which color?

Children love warm colors, and these shades of red, used in moderation, work well in a child's room because they're warm and cozy without being too bold or overpowering.


What is one of the main advantages of using white wicker furniture in a baby girl's nursery?

With its classic intricate woven pattern, wicker furniture is very sweet for a baby's room, yet it is sophisticated enough for an older child or a teenage girl as well.


When decorating a nursery, where should you get the furnishings from?

Depending on your taste and style, pick out items from your own home or stores or garage sales and create a room that has its own unique look and feel.


What kinds of stories provide a good source of ideas for decorating a nursery?

Well-known children's stories provide a wealth of decorating opportunities. A nursery designed around the theme of Alice in Wonderland, for example, can be filled with a colorful array of scenes and characters.


Which one of the following characters is NOT part of the Alice in Wonderland story?

While Bugs Bunny is not part of the Wonderland experience, The White Rabbit plays a key role in the classic Lewis Carroll story.


If you don't use characters as a theme, what else can you use to decorate a child's room?

Bright colors and interesting patterns, such as stripes, checks, zigzags, florals, and polka dots, go a long way toward adding character to a child's room - without using characters.


Why should a baby's room appeal to adults as well?

Making the nursery a warm and cozy place will greatly enhance the time you share with your baby in his or her formative years.


In the nursery, what is the most important aspect of the footstool that goes with the easy chair?

If you're nursing the baby or simply want some extra support for your back, make sure that the footstool is not too high and not too low, but just the right height.


Can you use a sturdy chest, dresser, or desk as a changing table for the baby?

These types of surfaces are not safe enough to use when diapering a baby. The safest item is a standard changing table that has a built-in rail around the changing pad.


Can a baby share his or her room with a sibling?

When it comes to decorating, you should respect the style of the older child and work around it to accommodate the baby.


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