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For those who like to go off-road, a specialized vehicle may be a necessity. Get your credit card ready, because off-road vehicles can use lots of customization. Take this quiz to learn more about off-road vehicles.

What is the main cause of death from utility-type vehicles?

Unprotected rollover is the main cause of fatalities.


What kind of tire increases your vehicle's clearance?

An off-road tire will increase your vehicle's clearance.


What is the main purpose of tires?

Providing traction is what they do.


What kind of driver should buy all-terrain tires?

If your drive is split between street driving and off-roading, all-terrain tires are the best choice.


What kind of driver should buy mud-terrain tires?

Drivers who are off-road the majority of the time should buy mud-terrain tires.


What tire is the most durable?

The mud-terrain tire is the most durable of the three choices, but the tread still may wear out quickly.


What tire is the least costly?

The all-terrain tire is the least costly of the choices.


What improves the traction of snow tires?

Tiny grooves and channels in the tire tread called sipes improve traction during winter weather.


What is the main metal component of alloy wheels?

Aluminum is the main metal component.


Why do vehicles with alloy wheels get better gas mileage than those with steel wheels?

Alloy wheels are lightweight, which saves on gas.


What is a job of the vehicle suspension system?

The vehicle suspension keeps the tires touching the road.


Which UTV suspension system is more complex?

The front suspension system is more complex than the rear.


Serious off-roaders install what kind of seats in their vehicle?

Suspension seats are installed by serious off-roaders.


What seat choices are standard for utility-type vehicles?

Standard seat choices include bench and bucket seats.


Which seat style gives more support and protection for rough rides?

The bucket seat has a slight edge on the bench seat and provides more support and protection for rough rides.


What is standard lighting for trucks and sport utility vehicles?

Fog lights are standard on trucks and sport utility vehicles.


How do electric winches draw power?

Electric winches draw power from the vehicle's battery.


What winch needs a running vehicle to operate?

A hydraulic winch needs a running vehicle to operate.


After installing the winch, what will you then need to upgrade?

You will need to upgrade the bumper so it will be strong enough for winching.


If you plan to carry a group of pals when you go off-roading, what vehicle will be best for a group adventure?

For more than two people, a utility-type vehicle is the best choice for off-roading.


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