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Driving on a rocky, bumpy and muddy road may be a nightmare for most of us, but there are those who look for the roughest trails they can find. Buckle up and get ready for a really rough ride after you take this quiz.

What in fact is off-roading?

Off-roading means driving on any unpaved ground.


What is essential for off-roaders?

They must know what they're doing, otherwise it can be dangerous.


What kind of vehicle can you use?

Technically any high-riding vehicle such as trucks or SUVs can be used.


What do dirt-bikes and dune buggies have in common?

Both were specifically designed for sandy terrain.


Are modifications needed for specific terrain -- for instance, boulders or mud?

Modifications are needed, such as different tires for sand dunes and for boulders.


What is the most important factor in off-roading?

Traction, the grip of the tires on the surface, is probably the most important factor.


Which type of drive is best for off-roading?

Four-wheel-drive gives all four tires better grip and control.


Does air pressure of the tires affect off-roading?

Lower pressure means more of the tire surface is in contact with the ground.


What gets you to the top of the hill?

Momentum, the weight of the vehicle multiplied by the speed, gets you up the hill.


What is the approach angle of your vehicle?

It is the maximum angle from the ground of an obstacle or hill that your vehicle can clear without the bumper coming into contact with it.


How can you determine the approach angle?

A broomstick or board placed where the tire touches the ground and raised to the bumper will give you the approach angle you can climb or obstacle you can cover.


What is the relevance of the break-over angle?

This is basically the clearance of the vehicle, the angle between the tires and the underside of the vehicle, and could prevent you balancing on a rock with the wheels off the ground.


What is mudding?

Simply put, it is driving through mud.


Are there any dangers in mud bogging?

The danger lies in unseen obstacles beneath the surface.


What is the cardinal rule of off-roading?

Don't go alone, since the chances of getting stuck are great.


What is competitive mudding?

The object is to see how far you can drive through a mud pit before getting stuck.


Where is dune bashing a popular tourist attraction?

Because of plentiful sand dunes, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are popular locations for dune bashing.


What is the most dangerous aspect of climbing sand dunes?

Trying to turn on a hill puts the vehicle at risk of overturning.


Is there any danger in green-laning if proper precautions are taken?

It is the easiest, least technical type of off-roading, usually done in any high-riding vehicle and the danger is usually to the environment and wildlife.


What is "picking the line" in rock crawling?

By planning your path you make sure you can get across the rock obstacles.


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