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"Office Space" has one of the largest cult followings of any small-budget movie made. Why? Well, you know exactly why! This is the first movie that fits exactly what you sleepily walk into every morning at the office. Forget the TOS reports! Forget the annoying receptionist or your boss who uses a passive-aggressive guilt trip to get you to work on the weekends. Work is about only one thing, and that's making sure you know where your red stapler is every single moment of the day. 

With changes coming, Peter and his friends try to think of a way to get back at the company. Do you remember how much money the guys were able to steal in only a few days? It's a shocker. But, when printers act up the way they do, who hasn't wanted to retaliate a bit? Oh, and speaking of printers, do you remember the error message Mike keeps coming across on the printer that leads to its ultimate demise? Speaking of Mike, which famous musical artist did he share a name with? Answer these questions and you might not do too bad.

Just remember, the most important thing while taking this quiz is to make sure you know where your stapler is - that's always the most important thing in your day. 

What passes Peter while he is driving in rush hour traffic during the opening sequence?

Although Peter tries to change into what he thinks are faster lanes of traffic, a man using a walker still manages to stay ahead of him.


At what company does Peter work?

That's "Initiative + Technology = Initech." Inspiring stuff.


How do Peter, Samir and Michael steal over $300,000 from Initech?

The computer virus is supposed to divert fractions of pennies into an account they owned.


"Office Space" is based on the “Milton” animated shorts by Mike Judge. On what popular television show did these sketches appear?

"Milton" appeared on "Saturday Night Live" during the 1993-94 season and was created, written, animated and voiced by Mike Judge.


What '90s pop singer shares a name with Peter’s bespectacled programmer coworker?

Programmer Michael Bolton is always annoyed that he shares a name with singer Michael Bolton. Maybe singer Michael Bolton should just go by his birth name, Michael Bolotin.


What paperwork does Peter’s bosses constantly scold him about?

Five characters in the movie tell Peter about the cover sheet missing from his TPS report: Lumbergh, Portwood, some guy on the phone, and Michael and Samir at lunch.


Peter’s coworker Tom gets laid off from Initech but not before telling the guys his idea for a special mat. What kind of mat is it?

In case you were wondering, yes, you can buy a Jump to Conclusions mat on Amazon.


Tom throws a party to celebrate the settlement he got after his car wreck and invites his lawyer, Rob Newhouse. Who is Rob named after?

Mike Judge loved football and couldn't help but name Tom's lawyer after Newhouse, a running back for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1970s and 1980s.


The consultants hired by Initech have the same name. What is it?

Initech brings in the Bobs to improve efficency, but as most employees expected, they are really there to lay people off.


The actor John C. McGinley plays consultant Bob Slydell. McGinley went on to become known for what sitcom?

McGinley played Dr. Perry Cox on "Scrubs," which ran 182 episodes from 2001 to 2010.


What brand of red stapler does Milton prefer?

When "Office Space" was filmed, Swingline did not actually make a red stapler; the movie's crew had painted it. When the movie gained a following, however, the company responded by offering the product in red.


How does Peter end up in a state of complete relaxation?

The occupational hypnotherapist dies before he is able to release Peter from his relaxed state.


What does Peter's coworker, Michael Bolton, tell the consultants is his favorite Michael Bolton song?

Initech employee Michael Bolton may tell the consultants that he likes all of the singer Michael Bolton's songs, but he really despises the pop singer, whom he calls a no-talent "clown." In real life, pop-singer Michael Bolton took this insult in stride but later reminded fans in a spoof video that he was actually an "extremetly talented ass clown."


What is the minimum number of pieces of flair at Chotchkie’s?

As Stan reminded Joanna over and over again, fifteen was the minimum number of pieces of flair, but she could always express herself by wearing more.


What is Peter's main job responsibility?

As if Peter's job doesn't seem pointless enough, the year 2000 actually comes and goes without much disruption to the world's computer systems.


The consultant Bob Porter (Paul Willson) is known for his recurring role as Paul Krapence on what '80s sitcom?

Paul Willson was on "Cheers" for 55 episodes between 1983 and 1993.


Who burns down the office building?

It's not like Milton didn't warn them. He said he was going to set the building on fire a few times before he actually did it.


What is “the last straw” that finally convinces Milton to make good on his threat to burn down Initech?

If your boss put you in a dark storage locker with the roaches, you probably wouldn't be too happy either. It also didn't help that Milton wasn't getting a paycheck.


What character does director Mike Judge play?

Perhaps best known for his voice acting in "Beavis and Butt-Head" and "King of the Hill," Judge also does a little acting once in a while. In "Office Space" he plays Stan, the scolding manager at Chotchkie's.


Jennifer Aniston plays Joanna, a waitress at Chotchkie’s. What is Aniston's relationship to the name Joanna?

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was the most famous person in the movie thanks to her role on the hit television show "Friends."


What does Joanna do right before she quits her job at Chotchkie’s?

Stan wanted her to express herself more, but I don't think flipping the bird is what he had in mind.


What does Peter do for work after Initech burns down?

No more offices for Peter. Instead, his neighbor, Lawrence, gets him a job with the crew that clears the burned wreckage out of Initech.


In what state was most of the movie filmed?

Mike Judge must like his home state of Texas, because he filmed much of "Office Space" in Dallas and Austin.


What does Peter’s neighbor, Lawrence, like to watch on Channel 9?

Lawrence always told Peter, through the paper thin wall separating their apartments, when the breast exams were on television.


What is the statue in front of Initech?

Get it? The term "square peg" is often used to refer to someone who doesn't fit very well in their position.


The movie poster for "Office Space" features a man covered with what office supply?

The man in the sticky note suit is standing and holding a briefcase under the relatable tagline "work sucks."


About how much did "Office Space" make at the U.S. box office?

The $11 million was barely enough to cover the movie's $10 million budget. It wasn't until later that the movie became a cult classic.


When is the "Office Space" sequel coming out?

Sorry all you "Office Space" fans: Fox asked Judge to do a sequel, but he turned them down.


Director Mike Judge is also known for what animated sitcom?

"Beavis and Butt-Head" first ran from 1993 to 1997, upsetting parents across America.


What song plays as Peter, Samir and Michael destroy the printer?

"Still" and some of the movie's other hardcore rap songs made the Fox producers nervous, but a focus group liked the tunes, so they made the final cut.


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