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Understanding the basic operation of your oil furnace will help you maintain a comfortable home this winter. It is important to learn how to clean and maintain furnace components. Take this quiz to see how fired up your knowledge of how to repair oil furnaces is.

Most modern home oil systems are:

Today's home oil systems are called pressure burners.


Which statement is true?

An oil furnace is indeed an elaborate combination of parts.


How can you identify the furnace's switches and reset buttons?

There will be identifying stamps or labels.


Where is the safety device to monitor the burner?

The stack control sensor is bolted in the stack.


What does black chimney smoke indicate?

If the smoke is black, fuel is being wasted because the oil is not fully burning.


How many times a year should the blower be cleaned?

Twice a year, once at the beginning of the season and again at the midway point.


How often should you clean the thermometer?

Before the heating season begins, clean the thermometer.


What type of lubrication should be used on the blower motor?

Cup grease or 10-weight non detergent motor oil should be used to lubricate the blower motor.


Who is qualified to clean or replace the furnace's filter?

Filter maintenance is a do-it-yourself job. A professional service call is unnecessary.


What will happen if the oil tank is empty?

Without fuel, the burner will not fire and the furnace will not turn on. Check the oil supply regularly during the heating season.


How often should the oil furnace's filter be maintained?

Change or clean the filter twice a year, at the beginning of the season and again at the halfway point. Disposable filters may be changed, but permanent filters must be cleaned.


If the oil furnace has an oil strainer, when should this component be cleaned?

Clean the oil strainer when you change or clean the filter.


What material is used to clean the strainer?

First soak the strainer in kerosene and then clean with an old, soft toothbrush.


When should you replace the strainer?

If the strainer is torn or substantially bent, you should replace it with the same type.


How often should you clean the stack control?

Clean the stack control every month during the season, or more often if it is dirty.


Why does the stack control need to be cleaned so often?

The stack control is easily coated with soot.


What product should you use to clean the stack control?

A brush dipped into soapy water is used to clean the stack control.


What type of cement is used for furnaces?

Refractory cement is used in hot areas such as furnaces.


A furnace may have how many master switches?

Some furnaces have two switches and both must be in the ON position for proper operation.


How do you know when the draft regulator needs maintenance?

Soot buildup and a rattling noise may indicate that the draft regulator need maintenance.


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