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People construct strange concepts and theories to explain the world around them. How much do you know about these old wives' tales and superstitions?

Going outside with wet hair will cause what?

It's a load of hooey that you'll catch a cold simply because your hair is wet when you go outside.

An old wives' tale says that a "hair of the dog" will alleviate symptoms of what?

If you have a horrible hangover, a drink can help you feel a bit better. Allegedly.

True or False: Chicken soup can serve as medicine when you're sick.

Your mom made you soup for a good reason -- it can sometimes lower white blood cell activity and reduce inflammation, all of which may help you feel better.

What does it mean if you bite your tongue during a meal?

Pants on fire! If you bite your tongue, you told a lie.

One tale says that a hot bath can have what effect on men?

It's been said that hot baths can make it harder for men to impregnate females, and this one is proven true by science.

Why should you open the windows if someone dies in your house?

You don't want that soul hanging out and haunting you, so open the windows, pronto.

What does it mean if you dream about fish?

Fishy dreams mean that a person you know is going to have a baby.

Why would you plant rosemary near your front door?

If witches are a problem in your neighborhood, rosemary may help, or perhaps a good security system.

One old wives' tale says that if a woman has a difficult childbirth, she is most likely to have this:

As the tale goes, boys are harder to give birth to -- and there's scientific evidence to back it up.

Eating cheese just before going to bed can cause what?

Your mom wasn't just kidding, there's evidence to support the idea that cheese's ingredients can make your dreams crazier than normal.

Why would you sew a swan feather into your husband's pillow?

Swans are symbols of love, so the feather will make sure he stays true to you.

What will happen if you sweep debris through your back door at night?

If you're not big on strangers stopping by in the middle of the night, you should refrain from sweeping stuff out the back door once the sun sets.

What does it mean if a woman is carrying the baby "high" during pregnancy?

Your great grandma might claim that girls ride high and boys go low, but the way a woman carries the baby has zilch to do with the sex.

Your mom said that oily fish is especially good for what part of your body?

She always said that fish was good for your brain, and she was right. The fatty acids in fish can boost brain performance.

True or False: Foods with mayonnaise spoil faster.

You grandma might claim that mayo speeds the onset of rotting, but in reality mayo's mild acidity can actually slow down the spoilage process.

If a woman craves salty foods during pregnancy, what does it mean?

Sweet for girls and salty for boys, or so says this totally unscientific tale.

If you're pregnant and you eat a salad, what might happen?

So if you're really ready to have that baby, ladies, chow down on a Caesar.

What good does it do to put a knife under your pillow during childbirth?

A knife supposedly wards off the pain a bit; we wish it were that easy.

If you see an owl during daylight hours, it is a sign of what?

It's a sign of bad luck to see this nocturnal bird when the sun is still shining.

Why is it bad luck to kill a sparrow?

Killing sparrows is like killing the souls of departed human beings.

Heartburn during pregnancy may mean what about the baby?

It's not just a tale; women who have severe heartburn during pregnancy may have hairier-than-normal newborns.

What should you do if you see a white moth attempting to enter your home?

Run away or face the consequences -- the moth means death is coming.

If you blow on a dandelion, the seeds that remain on the head indicate what?

You may want to consider blowing extra hard when you realize that the remaining seeds indicate how many babies you'll have.

What does it mean if a soon-to-be mom has great hair and an exceptionally nice "glow" during pregnancy?

Boys supposedly add to mom's good looks, but baby girls "steal" their moms aura of beauty during pregnancy.

What does it mean if you see a cow lift its tail?

It might rain, but it could be sunny, too, because cows just lift their tails a lot.

In one tale, a "red sky at night" is evidence of what sort of impending weather?

"Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in morning, sailor's warning" says the proverb. A red sky at night foretelling good weather is correct -- if you live in the tropical zone.

A bird in your house is sign of what?

The next time your cat drags a live bird into the house, beware -- it could portend a death.

If your child is born on a Saturday what can he/she look forward to?

"Saturday's child works hard for a living" says the poem.

If you hang an acorn in your window, it will keep what away from your home?

In addition to warding off lightning, carrying an acorn is supposedly good luck.

What does it mean if you see three butterflies together?

Spot three butterflies together and you should consider yourself blessed with good luck.

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