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Sure, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games each happen only every four years. But you can brush up on your Olympic knowledge anytime you like with this Olympics quiz. See if you can go for the gold!

In addition to Seiko, what other watch manufacturer is the only company in the world that meets Olympic timekeeping standards?

Only Seiko and Omega create timepieces precise enough to be used in Olympic games.


Where is the Olympic torch first lit before each Olympiad?

The Olympic torch is lit at the ancient Temple of Hera in Olympia.


Which Olympics' opening ceremonies saw a man fly into the central stadium on a jet pack?

Bell engineer Bill Suitor wowed the crowds in Los Angeles Memorial Colesium when he ferried in on a jet pack during the 1984 games.


Which of these did China do in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

China shot cannons packed with silver iodide into the skies to impregnate clouds, causing them to rain. This helped ensure good weather and less air pollution for the 2008 games.


It was reported that as many as 3,500 children born in China around the 2008 games were named "Olympics" by their parents. For what other Olympic theme were as many as 4,000 Chinese children named?

Up to 4,000 children in China were named for one of the five 2008 Olympic mascots. Creative parents could choose from Bei Bei the fish, Jing Joing the panda, Huan Huan the Olympic Flame, Ying Ying the Tibetan antelope and Ni Ni the swallow.


The pole vaulting event finds its roots in what real-world application?

Pole vaulting originated in 19th-century Europe, where people crossed city canals using long poles.


In the Olympic fencing event, the weapon used is called a:

In fencing, the sword used in matches is called a foil. Other types called sabres and epees can also be used.


Which of these events made its debut at the 1972 Olympics?

White-water canoe racing, also called slalom canoeing, was added as an Olympic event in 1972. Table tennis made its debut in 1988; rhythmic gymnastics debuted in 1984.


Which Canadian sprinter was stripped of a gold medal at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, after testing positive for anabolic steroids?

Sprinter Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold medal after a drug test came back positive for anabolic steroid use in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.


Which Native American won two gold medals for the United States in the 1912 Olympics before going on to become a football star?

Jim Thorpe won gold in the decathalon and pentahalon events in the 1912 Olympics. King Gustav of Sweden declared to Thorpe: "You, sir, are the greatest athlete in the world." Thorpe replied, "Thanks, King."


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