On a Scale of 1–10, How Gen X Are You?

Olivia Cantor

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About This Quiz

Can you differentiate the generations? Do you know where to locate Generation X between the years? Let us help you there.

Different organizations and companies peg the years differently. But their markers aren't that too far off. That's why it's safe to assume the birth range of each generation.

For instance, when we say millennials, that's the kiddos born during the '80s and the '90s. They're way past coming of age now; they're already the young faces of today's workforce. The generation that came after them is "Generation Z." They're the ones about to join the workforce or currently in school. 

Baby boomers came way before everyone else. This is the population born after World War II or thereabouts. They know life after the war, and it was a hard life for many. But they persevered and made something out of themselves, too. Creating a nuclear family was a priority (hence the term); it was also a natural reaction from a society recovering from the losses of war. 

After the boomers, there's Generation X. People who belong to this category saw the world change from being analog to being digital. They were at the forefront of the booming computer era. They were also responsible for creating some of this tech advancements. They know the value of hard work and realize the importance of relaxation, too. Does this sound like you?

Let's try it. See where in the Gen X scale you belong. Have fun!

"The Breakfast Club" is definitely one of the greatest films ever made, yeah?

Grunge music rules! Do you dig it?

Got excited when you read your first email?

Admit it: You also grooved to disco beats growing up. Is this you?

Studies show that around 35% of Generation X graduated from college. Are you one of them?

Is work-life balance a myth for you or not?

Media consumption-wise, Gen Xers like their social media time and their traditional media time combined. Spot on for you?

Do you consider yourself a part of the "latchkey generation" growing up?

You OK with being called a slacker?

Windows: something you open in your house and in your computer, too. Does this sound like your life?

Aware of the collapse of communism, the Cold War or the Berlin Wall?

"I want my MTV!" Was that your growing up motto, too?

Remember the first time you used your own ATM card to withdraw money from a machine?

"Friends" was a great show, indeed. Can you relate?

Movie date! Indie films OK with you?

You can survive without the internet, right?

One of your all-time favorite authors is Douglas Coupland. True?

"Work hard, play hard!" Is this your motto, too?

Atari fan?

Big earner, big spender. Sound like you, too?

Love all Quentin Tarantino films?

Apple and Blackberry ceased to be mere fruits for us. Get it?

Did you ever wish you were Ferris Bueller who had the same day off?

As a tech-savvy person, you can also appreciate being offline. Correct?

Malling is our thing! And so is online shopping. Agree?

Alternative lifestyles are cool. To each their own, right?

Is hip-hop a cool genre for you?

Research showed that, for a time, Gen Xers believed "sex kills" because of the '80s AIDS epidemic. True for you?

You didn't mind switching from a keypad cellphone to a touch-screen smartphone, did ya?

Admit it: After retirement, you'd still prefer to work, right?

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