Quiz: One-hit Wonders of the '80s Quiz
One-hit Wonders of the '80s Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Raise your hand if you wore high-waisted jeans and Reebok Pumps in the ‘80s. Now keep it raised if you love listening to ‘80s smash hits on Spotify. If your hand is up, you most certainly know these one-hit wonders… and you still rock out to them today!

Because who WOULDN’T rock out to songs that remind us of our favorite ‘80s movies? Remember a certain "Dirty Dancing" actor who wooed us with a blowing element? Or how about the amazing pop hits we first heard on MTV and VH1?

There were so many memorable songs that left us wanting more in the ‘80s… but in some cases, all we got was a lousy phone number! You probably don’t even remember “her” name because the only part you could remember was the number! You know what we’re talking about! That’s one thing all of these one-hit wonders had in common – they got stuck in your head - which wasn’t always a bad thing, especially when someone offered to stop the world and melt with you! (Yes please!)

So let's see how you do. It’s time to put on your best leotard and slouched leg warmers, then flaunt that maniac dance. We’re not gonna take it if you can’t!

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