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There are 32 teams playing for glory in the National Football league each fall and winter. The clubs are organized into two major conferences, the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Then each of those conferences is subdivided into four divisions, each made up of four teams. Do you know which NFL teams belong to which division?

It’s not just a matter of superficial trivia. Divisions make a huge difference in how successful – or unsuccessful – a team might be during the regular season and then the playoffs. If you don’t believe it, ask the three teams stuck under the bootheels of Bill Belichick and his dynasty, the New England Patriots. Do you know the teams we’re referring to?

Divisions are often, but not always, organized by geographical location, making it somewhat easier to guess which team goes where. But sometimes the NFL is forced to shoehorn a team into a division just to make the numbers work. Can you identify the correct division, even for teams that might be located hundreds of miles from the others in its division?

Do you really know your AFC West from your NFC North? Let’s see if you have what it takes to be the NFL commissioner – put your pro football knowledge to the test right now!

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are from Buffalo, New York, and part of the AFC East. The Bills have perhaps the most tragic Super Bowl history of any team, as evidenced by the ESPN documentary "Four Falls of Buffalo."


Dallas Cowboys

Owner Jerry Jones and his pampered Cowboys are at home in the NFC East. The Cowboys are often called "America's Team," and, as with the Patriots, tend to attract the most annoying fans in the NFL.


Baltimore Ravens

For years, the Ravens have cultivated devastating defenses that lay waste to the NFC North. It's a fitting style of play from this bedraggled city of the Northeast.


Miami Dolphins

Do you like beaches and sunshine and fun? So do the Miami Dolphins of the AFC East, and if they spent a little less time sunbathing and more time practicing, maybe their performances wouldn't make Dan Marino sob in shame.


New York Giants

The Giants added the "New York" to the front of their name so that people wouldn't know that they're actually from New Jersey. The team, which is in NFC East, plays in East Rutherford.


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have a savage rivalry with the Giants in the NFC East. Although they've had spotty success in the postseason, they've sold out every home game since 1999.


New England Patriots

Blah, blah, Patriots. Blah, blah, Tom Brady. They play in the AFC East and at this point, does anyone outside of New England really care?


Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are a 1995 expansion team that plays in the NFC South. They're led by QB Cam Newton, who alternates between radiant smiles and pouty-face scowls.


Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars, of the AFC South, relied on a swarming defense to nearly upset the Patriots in the 2018 AFC Championship game. But like the Falcons, they gave Tom Brady too much time to work his black magic and wound up as sacrifices on the altar of NFL infamy.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Since joining the league as an expansion team in '76, the Bucs (of the NFC South) have traditionally been an NFL doormat. But in 2002 they broke through for an incredible Super Bowl victory over the Raiders.


Tennessee Titans

The Titans used to be known as the Houston Oilers, but now they play in Nashville and the AFC South, a division they've won twice.


New York Jets

Since 1970, the Jets have played in the AFC East, but they haven't managed a division title since 2002, thanks in large part to the Evil Empire, er, Patriots.


Atlanta Falcons

The Dirty Birds are stalwarts of the NFC South, responsible for some of the most prolific offenses of recent years. But let's face it, they'll always be known as the team that allowed the Patriots to complete the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.


Washington Redskins

Every year, the perennially-messy Redskins (NFC East) tell themselves that This is the Year that the team will make a Super Bowl run. And you know, in 1991, they did.


Arizona Cardinals

Since 2002, the Cardinals have played in the NFC West. The team, established in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club, is the oldest continuously run pro football team in the U.S.


Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have fielded some of the best teams in NFL history, but they've never won a Super Bowl title. That's partly because they share the NFC North with other very good teams.


Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals (of the AFC North) played their first season in 1968 and have enjoyed 14 playoff appearances. They made it all the way to the Super Bowl in 1989, only to lose a nailbiter to Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and the 49ers.


Indianapolis Colts

The Colts do battle in the AFC South, which they have absolutely dominated since the turn of the century, thanks to Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. But they've won the AFC just three times since 1970.


Los Angeles Chargers

Philip Rivers doesn't care where the Chargers play, so long as he gets to scowl and humiliate defenses from coast to coast. Thanks largely to Rivers, the Chargers have won the AFC West five times since 2004.


Chicago Bears

The Bears are perhaps the most legendary team of the NFC North. But Chicago has won just a single Super Bowl title and is known more for its recent haplessness than any real success.


Denver Broncos

In recent years, the Broncos have made a laughingstock of the AFC West, winning the division from 2011 to 2015. But since the retirement of Peyton Manning, they've struggled to find any sort of offensive firepower.


New Orleans Saints

Eternal Saints star Drew Brees seems poised to set a plethora of NFL passing records as his team continues to compete for the NFC South title. The Saints were one play away from the NFC Championship game in 2018, but a miracle Vikings pass gave Minnesota the win.


Cleveland Browns

The Browns "play" in the AFC North. And by "playing," we mean they often fingerpaint colorful pictures and pick their noses on the 50-yard line while other teams run up and down the field scoring touchdowns.


San Francisco 49ers

Remember when the 49ers were a force to be reckoned with in the NFC West? We don't either. But with the arrival of QB Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers fans may find their team climbing its way back to glory.


Detroit Lions

The Lions are like the Browns of the NFC North, in other words, they apparently have a football team and, uh, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, they also make lots of cars in Detroit.


Pittsburgh Steelers

If you like bar fights and motorcycle accidents, you probably like the Steelers of the AFC North, and you probably like Ben Rothlisberger, too.


Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks hired one of the biggest cheaters in college sports to lead their football team and then promptly won a Super Bowl. That's how the Blue Wave of the NFC West rolls.


Kansas City Chiefs

Every year, the Chiefs are either stumbling regular season embarrassments or a postseason humiliation. They've won just two playoff games in the past two decades, even though they've taken home the AFC West title eight times.


Houston Texans

Was there a sadder 2017-18 story in the AFC South -- nay, the NFL -- than the injury to Texans QB DeShaun Watson? The rookie star was having a season for the ages before he went down with an ACL injury.


Green Bay Packers

We present to you the royalty of the NFC North, the warriors of the frozen tundra, the Green Bay Packers. The team has won four Super Bowl titles and retains one of the most rabid fan bases in the NFL, thanks in large part to a guy named Aaron Rodgers.


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