Quiz: Only 1 in 23 People Can Name All of These Historical Bigwigs From an Image. Can You?
Only 1 in 23 People Can Name All of These Historical Bigwigs From an Image. Can You?
By: Craig
Image: Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy

About This Quiz

History is a fascinating subject, and I am sure it's one that you love!

Looking back into our past can teach us so much. It can even help influence our future. Over time, there have been so many people who have had a profound impact on history, each in their own way.

For example, just by sitting in a seat on a bus she was not meant to, a brave lady stood up for civil rights for her people. And what would have happened if on that fateful day, the assassin's bullet did not strike the skull of the 35th President of the United States?

Perhaps you remember when the world's most famous astronaut set foot on the moon and spoke those famous words. What about ancient history. Do you know the most famous playwright in the world? Or the U.S. Cavalry leader who died at the Battle of Little Big Horn? Or two American folk heroes who lost their lives defending the Alamo fort in Texas?

And history has even thrown up evil men from time to time. Do you know the Nazi leader who effectively started World War II or the leader of the USSR who murdered millions of his own people?

If you know the answer to these questions, then our tough history quiz should prove to be a breeze for you. Why not give it a try and aim to be among the 1 in 23 people who can get all the answers. Good Luck!

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