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As automotive technology grows, so do the number of lights found on dashboard displays. With new warning symbols and reminder symbols coming out every year, it can be a little difficult to keep up. Studies have shown that only one in 29 women know what all of them mean. We're betting that you know more them than you think. 

With over 150 known dashboard lights in vehicles today, cars are practically speaking their problems in visual form. From oil pressure to tire pressure, our cars are able to better communicate than some of our husbands. But how well have you learned their language? Put your knowledge to the test and possible learn a few lifesaving tips. Then, we'll let you know how well you did! 

During this quiz, we will put your knowledge of dashboard lights to the test. We will show you a picture; then, we will provide you with four possibilities. Choose the answer you think most closely represents the symbol, and we'll let you know where you stand in the ranks. How well will you do? You will never know unless you give it your best shot. Tell us how many you got once you have finished! 

What might this symbol represent?

When you see the Brake Trouble Indicator on your dashboard, you may want to check your brake fluid or find your way to the nearest mechanic. In some vehicles, this light can also mean that the emergency brake has been set and needs to be released.

What is this dashboard symbol called?

Seeing the Temperature Warning Indicator light could mean a few things depending on its color. When the light is red, the car's engine is not being cooled properly and must be shut down. When the light is blue, it means that the engine's coolant temperature is too low for maximum performance. If you ever see it flashing both colors, it could indicate that your cooling system is malfunctioning completely.

What does this symbol mean?

Seeing the Oil Pressure Warning Light on your dashboard means that your car is running without enough oil to properly function. Failing to maintain proper oil pressure can cause an engine to seize and result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. Always remember to check your oil level when you see this light.

What is this symbol reminding you to do?

When you see this dashboard symbol, it is gently reminding you that life is valuable and you should buckle up. Sometimes, the Seat Belt Reminder Indicator will ding a few times when you forget. Newer car models can even let you know if your passengers are fastened in.

Which dashboard symbol is pictured here?

The handy Door Ajar Indicator lets you know when you haven't closed a car's door properly. Many versions also have the ability to detect and to show exactly which door is slightly ajar. Other versions can also tell you about an open trunk or hood.

What is the correct name for this symbol?

You'll never have to worry about running out of windshield washer juice with this light. When the Low Windshield Washer Fluid Indicator pops on your dash, pop your hood and fill up the container again. Some models can even indicate when rear washer fluid needs attention.

What important car system is this symbol telling you to check?

If you see the Power Steering Trouble Light, don't ignore it. It could indicate something as simple as a low power steering fluid level. However, it could also be a warning about a deeper issue that might require a mechanic's attention.

What is the name of this symbol?

Having this dashboard symbol light up means that your car's airflow is being obstructed. The Clogged Air Filter Indicator lets you know when your air filter needs to be changed. Without being unclogged, your cooling system cannot function properly.

What is the name for this traction-related dashboard symbol?

Although your car functions completely normally when the stability control feature is turned off, the Stability Control Off Indicator is sure to let you know its status. When turned on, stability control allows for extra traction being distributed to the wheel and drivetrain systems. It's a great feature during less than favorable weather.

What does this dashboard symbol tell you?

While the Headlamp Out Indicator Warming might make you think your car is having a bright idea, it is completely the opposite. In fact, seeing this symbol on your dashboard means that one of your headlamps is either malfunctioning or needs to be replaced.

Can you name the symbol pictured here?

When you see the Low Brake Fluid Indicator Symbol, you should have your brake fluid checked immediately. Not having the proper amount of brake fluid can affect the way your brakes perform. It could also cause them to make some strange noises.

Which of your car's systems does this symbol relate to?

When the Tire Pressure Monitoring System symbol appears on your dash, it means that an issue has been detected with your tires. Many cars come equipped with pressure monitors that will report the tire's pressure and how many pounds need to be added. The light also could indicate that a tire is completely flat.

Which name would you give this symbol?

Some vehicles will let you know if you have crossed over the line marking your lane with a Lane Departure Warning System. This symbol is very helpful when you are cruising through a tight construction zone. You'll always know for sure that you are planted square and center in your own lane.

Which symbol might you see on a chilly, autumn morning?

When you see the Frost Warning Indicator, it's your car's way of letting you know that slippery conditions are possible. Make sure to heed the warning and watch your speed, especially over bridges!

Which dashboard symbol reminds you to shift?

While driving a manual transmission vehicle, it's not uncommon to see an Upshift Indicator light on the dashboard. The Upshift Indicator functions as a guide to the car's transmission, and it lets you know when your car has reached enough revs to shift into the next gear.

What part of the car is this symbol saying needs attention?

When you see the Charging System Warning Light, it could mean there is a problem with your battery. However, in some cases the warning symbol could indicate an issue with other electrical parts of the car like the alternator.

What would you name this symbol?

This dashboard symbol is called the Service Reminder Indicator. Routine vehicle service usually takes place within a certain amount of time or miles. Some cars come with the ability to remind their owners that they need a little TLC.

What does this symbol let you know that you are using?

The High Beam On Indicator lets you know when you are using your headlights' brightest setting. Usually in blue, the High Beam On Indicator helps to protect the eyes of oncoming drivers by letting you know when you are using them.

What is the proper name for this dashboard symbol?

When you see the Tail or Rear Light Out Symbol light up on your dashboard, you'll want to get a replacement bulb as soon as you can. Without proper functioning rear lights, fellow drivers could miss your signal light or your slowing down.

What does this symbol indicate?

The Low Fuel Indicator Symbol is sure to let you know when you need to refuel. In some models, the indicator will turn red or be accompanied by a sound that lets you know it's time to find a gas station. Don't push your luck when you see it, it's there for a reason!

What is this symbol called?

Although the Master Warning Symbol may resemble the Caution Lights On Symbol, they are quite different. When you see a Master Warning Symbol, it could be anything from oil change time to a serious problem. It's never a warning to take lightly.

What does this symbol tell drivers to do?

When you see then Brake Press Indicator, you are probably starting your car or putting it into gear. As a safety feature, auto manufacturers installed a system that prevents cars from starting or being put into gear without first pressing the brake pedal. This feature prevents drivers from accidentally moving before being ready.

What name is appropriate for this dashboard symbol?

Although the Low Brake Pad Warning is different from other brake warning symbols, it lets you know when it's time to visit the garage. Having your brakes replaced is a routine part of car maintenance, and the Low Brake Pad Warning lets you know when it's time.

What dashboard symbol might you see going up a steep hill?

The Grade Assist Indicators tend to pop on when your vehicle is dealing with a steep incline or a sharp decline in terrain. It lets you know that your vehicle is adjusting and compensating for the challenge using a number of sensors.

What does this symbol let you know you have set?

You will most likely see your Cruise Control Indicator Symbol on a long trip. After setting your speed, your dashboard will let you know it that cruise control has been activated. Many models will also let you know whether you have set it to a constant or a variable speed.

What does this symbol warn you about?

Many newer model vehicles come equipped with Collision Warning System Indicators. These handy lights will let you know if someone is getting too close to you too quickly. Forward-facing versions will let you know if you are the one riding someone's bumper.

Where does this symbol indicate that there might be trouble?

Found on the dashboard of convertible models, the Power Top Trouble Indicator lets drivers know that their roof isn't opening or closing properly. Power roofs are expensive, and seeing the Power Top Trouble Indicator could indicate the need for a trip to the garage for servicing.

What do you think this dash symbol is called?

You will likely only see this dashboard symbol when you have a trailer or other vehicle attached to your car. The Haul Indicator serves to remind you that you have a load behind you. Some models are equipped with Haul Indicator versions that can let drivers know if their load has shifted and alert them to other potential issues.

What do you think this symbol is named?

Commonly seen on the dashboards of eco-friendly, hybrid cars, the Economy Mode Symbol tells drivers when their resources are being conserved. Sometimes, a car will shut down unnecessary systems and this friendly warning symbol lets drivers know that they will seen need to recharge.

What is this symbol foretelling?

More and more newer model cars are being outfitted with Traffic Jam Indicator lights. Imagine how many hours of your life you could have saved if your previous vehicles could have let you know that there was heavy congestion up ahead!

What do the letters in this symbol mean?

When you see the All-Wheel Drive On Mode Indicator, you know that your car is doing its best to stick to the road. All-wheel drive is handy in rough terrain or snowy climates, and gives the vehicle a better grip on the road. The All-Wheel Drive On Mode Indicator is there to let you now it has been engaged either manually or automatically.

What is this symbol letting you know?

Seeing the Pedestrian Warning Indicator is a handy way to for your car to tell you to remain alert. The Pedestrian Warning Indicator lets you know when there are pedestrians crossing. Since no one can predict the behavior of people in a crosswalk, this is a good safety feature.

Which name would you give this symbol?

Many vehicles come equipped with a low light detecting feature that assists drivers in seeing object slightly out of range of their headlights. The Night Vision Assist Indicator lets the driver know that the feature is working.

What does this symbol let you know is working?

The Park Assist Indicator lets drivers know that their rear cameras are working to get them perfectly into a space. With sensors and extra vision, the park assist feature will help drivers get into even the tightest of parking spaces without causing damage. The friendly Park Assist Indicator gives an extra boost of confidence when it is on.

What does symbol indicate?

If you ever see the Attention Alert Indicator, you can take heart in knowing that your car knows you are a little distracted. Put down that coffee and wait to apply your eyeliner later. Otherwise, this warning light will never go off.

What light might come on if your car were not shifting correctly?

If your car doesn't seem to be shifting properly, you are most likely to see the Transmission Temperature Warning Indicator. The Transmission Temperature Warning lets you know when things are running a lot hot. Seeing this light may mean that you need to check your transmission fluid levels.

What name should this dashboard symbol have?

Sensors on newer model vehicles can help the car adjust to various lighting conditions. When this system is activated, the Automatic Headlamp Dimmer Indicator lets drivers know that they don't need to worry about manually dimming the lights. Cars equipped with this system can do it for you!

What kind of weather is this symbol named after?

The Fog Lamp Indicator tells drivers that a brighter set of lights designed for rough weather have been activated. Whether used manually or automatically, the Fog Lamp Indicator says when the lamps have been engaged. They are used to support normal headlamps during adverse weather conditions.

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