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Do you know the difference between a cruller and an eclair, or an old-fashioned and a raised donut? Know how to distinguish a Boston cream from a Bavarian cream, or what sweet substance should top a beignet? If you think you know everything about the mighty donut, prove it with our delicious donuts quiz!

Let's face it -- there are some mornings where only a healthy serving of sugar and carbs will get you out of bed and on with your day. When that happens, many people turn to donuts as a sweet pick-me-up. This doughy delight is so popular that Americans buy around 400 million donuts a year just from convenience stores, which adds up to well over half a billion dollars worth of donuts sold each year.

Ever wonder how the donut became such a hit? It began way back in WWI when American troops in France feasted on the pastries out on the battlefields. They brought their love for this treat home, and the donut craze began to grow. In 1920, a baker named Adolph Levitt invented the first automatic donut machine to keep up with demand at his NYC donut shop. Within a decade, he was a multi-millionaire. 

In 1937, a group of friends in North Carolina started a shop called Krispy Kreme. Dunkin' Donuts began in New England in 1950, and Canadian icon Tim Horton's opened its doors in 1964. These chains and small bakeries spread around the country, delivering donuts to hungry customers. But do you know the different kinds they make?

Think you can tell one variety of donut from another? Take our quiz to find out!

Donut purists know there's nothing quite like the classic old-fashioned. This round cake donut has been around since the early 1800s and can be identified by its tapered edges, which are often filled with cracks and other imperfections. Enjoy it plain or pick up one that's been coated in a yummy glaze.

If you prefer your donuts light and fluffy, skip the cake and go for a classic yeast-raised ring. They're typically coated in a sugary glaze, so each bite of chewy dough comes with just enough extra sweetness.

When the sugar and carb-packed combo of a regular donut just isn't enough to wake you up, a frosted chocolate concoction just might do the trick. Available on both cake and raised rings, this sweet treat is as close as you can get to eating a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast.

Whether you call them sprinkles, jimmies or hundreds-and-thousands, these miniature candies are the perfect way to dress up a donut. Not only do they add a pop of cheer and color to your favorite breakfast treat, they also bring a little extra sweetness to whichever flavor donut you choose.

Cream-filled donuts can be packed with anything from vanilla pudding to whipped cream, which is piped in after the donut has finished frying. No matter what's inside, all cream filled donuts pack an extra punch of sweetness hidden by delicious, chewy dough.

Tired of the same old round donut profile? Skip the ring while enjoying the same glazed doughy goodness with a glazed twist. This treat features strands of dough wound together to create a concoction that's perfect for dunking.

When you are craving a blueberry muffin, but donuts are your only option, a blueberry cake donut just might be enough to satisfy your appetite. This dense cake donut is packed with blueberries, then drizzled with glaze for extra sweetness.

Who doesn't love a pop of pink with their morning donut? A strawberry frosted pastry not only offers a bright, cheery color, but also comes with a fruity frosting, topped with brightly-colored sprinkles as a finishing touch.

The beloved chocolate cake donut is a wonder of dense fudgy goodness. Many are also glazed with delicious frosting to make sure your sweet tooth is satisfied.

A double chocolate donut packs a one-two punch for chocolate fiends. Not only is cocoa built directly into the batter, but the donut is then slathered with chocolate frosting to create a treat that's pure decadence.

Like your donuts with a pop of cool fruit filling? Try a jelly filled donut; it is round with no hole, and packed with jam or jelly in various flavors.

When Dunkin' Donuts made its debut, they make a plain cake donut with a little handle to make it easier to dip into a cup of coffee. While that donut is long gone, folks can get the same effect with the classic cake stick donut.

Vanilla frosting provides a perfect canvas for a sprinkling of sprinkles. When chocolate is just too much, vanilla frosted donuts give you an extra sugar boost compared to plain or glazed donuts.

Powdered sugar is one of those classic donut flavors that has endured over the decades. It offers plenty of delicate sweetness, but be prepared to brush powder off your clothes for the rest of the day.

Dreaming of a tropical vacation during your morning commute? A toasted coconut donut can give you a small dose of the islands. Choose from cake donuts rolled in the toasted flakes, or frosted cake donuts dunked in fresh coconut shreds.

Yummy cinnamon is a classic donut finish. Both cake and yeast rings can be dunked in the sweet spice, or in a mix of cinnamon and sugar.

True Bavarian cream is made from milk, eggs, gelatin and whipped cream formed in a mold. Donuts labeled 'Bavarian cream' often don't stick to this formula, but most are filled with some variety of cream and topped with powdered sugar.

When you're staring into a case full of donuts, it can be hard to choose just one. If you're torn between chocolate and vanilla frosted, a swirling marble frosted might be just the ticket.

Craving a donut, but feeling guilty? Pick an apple crumb donut, which is topped with bits of apple and crumbles made from cinnamon and sugar. Sure, it's a pastry, but it has fruit in it!

A sour cream donut is a variety of the old fashioned cake donut that is made using a touch of sour cream, which gives it a totally unique texture. This sweet treat can be served plain, frosted or glazed.

The glazed cake donut is a dense cakey donut drizzled with a sweet glaze. It's the perfect sweet balance between a plain donut and one coated with a full layer of thick frosting.

Maple service has long been an important part of breakfast, serving as a topping on pancakes and waffles. A good maple donut is frosted with icing flavored with real maple goodness, and can include either a yeast or cake base.

If you're going to eat a donut for breakfast, you might as well make it even more decadent by rolling it in sugar before chowing down. This sugary finish is also a great way to decorate homemade donuts as it requires minimal effort but packs a big flavor punch.

A cruller is a donut made using choux pastry, which means steam -- rather than yeast -- is used to raise the dough. Traditional crullers are stick donuts, but ring versions of this treat are typically known as French crullers.

The classic Boston cream is a cream-filled donut with one delicious twist -- it's slathered with a thick layer of chocolate frosting for the ultimate in deliciousness.

A custard donut is similar to a cream-filled or Bavarian cream with one key difference; instead of powdered sugar, sugar crystals or glaze, it's typically plain on the outside and stuffed with gooey custard or cream on the inside.

A bear claw is a super-sized pastry that often sits alongside donuts in the bakery case. Made from a folded yeast dough circle, it's typically stuffed with apples, raisins or almond paste.

Made from puff pastry, the Danish is made from many layers of dough laminated together with butter. The finished product can be topped with fruit, jelly or chocolate frosting, depending on what type of treat you're craving.

The official state donut of Louisiana since the '80s, the beignet is a deep fried pastry topped with a generous amount of powdered sugar. Eaten hot, this pastry has French origins, and is a favorite dish for New Orleans tourists and natives alike.

Creme brulee is a classic dessert technique that involves using a flame to caramelize sugar. When you combine creme brulee with a yummy donut, you get a pastry match made in heaven.

A buttercrunch donut is topped with crunchy bits of sweetness. They can be made using toasted coconut bits or butterscotch or caramel, and also go by the name of butterscotch or coconut crunch donuts.

The Dutchie is a square yeast donut filled with raisins and dripping with sweet glaze. While it's not very common in the U.S., it's a huge hit in Canada.

Looking for a refreshing burst of citrus with your donut? Look no further than a lemon cream. This raised pastry is filled with lemon-flavored cream and may be glazed or coated with powdered sugar.

The classic eclair is a stick donut topped with chocolate frosting. Inside, it's packed with delicious cream filling.

Bacon can make any dish better -- even dessert! The maple bacon donut is topped with maple frosting and bits of crumbled bacon to recreate a syrup-soaked breakfast plate.

The beavertail is a traditional Canadian pastry treat. This large, flat fried dough is served hot and topped with cinnamon and sugar, chocolate or fruit.

A Long John is a stick donut topped with sweet frosting. It's unfilled -- making it very similar to an eclair minus the cream filling.

What do you get when you mix chopped up bits of apple with raised donut dough? A pastry known as an apple fritter. It has a jagged, irregular shape and is often coated in glaze or powdered sugar for extra sweetness.

The Berliner is a traditional donut with German origins. It's filled with jam or jelly and topped with powdered sugar or some form of icing or frosting.

People waited in line for hours to pick up the Cronut. Arguably the most famous donut ever made, this treat is made using layers of dough, combining a croissant and donut into a single delicious treat.

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