Only 1 in 62 People Can Recognize All of These '90s Tech Gadgets! Can You?

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With the invention of the World-Wide-Web, the 1990s ushered an era of connectivity and portability, making the 90’s a decade filled with cool and innovative gadgets. One of those gadgets was the Sony Discman portable CD player, also known as the CD Walkman. Before this, music was played through cassettes. Another invention, or rather modification, was the mobile phone which from looking like a milk carton to the classic flip phone.

Tech gadgets of the 90’s had its most predominate boom in gaming systems and handheld games, like the Tamagotchi, which involved taking care of a digital pet and the Nintendo 64, which allowed users to play games like Super Mario. Hours were spent playing on these gaming systems and handheld devices. 

Technological advances of the 90’s also allowed Nintendo to release the GameBoy color and change the way handheld video games were played. It offered a colored screen for users to play games like Tetris DX, Wario Land II, and Pocket Bomberman.

How well do you know your ‘90s tech gadgets? If you were given an image of some of the most popular ones, would you be able to identify them? The only way to find out is to take this quiz!

Mercedes Benz made a technological boom in the auto world with its Smart Key. With the simple click of a button, your doors and truck open!

No, Tiger Woods did not make these fun game gadgets. Like a mini walking Nintendo, these handheld devices gave gamers access to Sonic, G.I. Joe and more at their fingertips!

In the '90s, printers were a sought after tool for people with all sorts of printing needs. The HP LaserJet was especially sought after, with its new technology that allowed for clearer printing.

Tiger also made this groovy gadget, a hit for those wanting to listen and be listened to! The TalkBoy had a cassette player for listening to your favorite tapes, and the ability to record whatever you had to say...or sing!

The Bopit was a fun, social way to increase your reflexes. This interactive toy tells its user to 'bop it,' 'pull it,' or 'twist it' and counts your score. Watch out, the more you go without making a mistake, the faster it goes!

What could be more fun than the Game Boy? The Game Boy Color of course! This handheld gaming device upped its game to give kids (and adults) the option to play beloved games like Sonic and Mario in color.

What is the Trek Thumbdrive useful for? Storing files, music and pictures. This device may seem common now, but when it was released in the '90s, it was a huge help to many people.

In 1993, Apple and Newton released the MessagePad. Did you know it had handwriting recognition?

If you didn't live in the '90s, this device probably looks rather foreign to you. This prehistoric cell phone is definitely not a touch screen, or a smart phone for that matter. But it got the job done.

This gun was a must-have for kids who enjoyed combat. Why? Because it shot nerf balls, which are too soft to hurt.

For those who weren't able to have a real dog, the Sony Aibo was a great substitute. Or maybe even a great first choice for the lack of potty training needed. This robot dog could even recognize and kick balls.

Finally, a keyboard that conforms to humans. Microsoft came up with the idea to stop humans from having to contort their fingers and arms to the regular keyboard. Try this out if you tend to get sore fingers or stiff wrists while typing.

For the few that knew about the internet in the 90s, the Connectix QuickCam was a very big deal. This device allowed those who owned desktop computers to visually communicate with each other. It was released in 1994.

Watch out '90s kids with helicopter parents! This device will encourage your parents to follow you around even more. Sony's camcorder made videotaping more accessible for the everyday Joe. This gave eager parents the option to have embarrassing footage of their kids forever.

Did you know that this graphing calculator was one of the first of its kind (for every-day people) when it came out in 1996? Middle and high school math teachers were given a new topic to teach- working the TI-83.

Hope that your annoying little brother uses this on you on a hot, summer day, rather than a cold one. The Super Soaker brought a whole new level of squirt gun action to the table; it could shoot more water further than the water guns before it.

Who doesn't smile when they see Mario Kart being played? The Super Nintendo made Mario even more of a hit. Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Luigi, no wonder this game and its council have such a cult following.

The Tamagotchi was created by Japan, and is a digital pet in the form of a small keychain. This made a great gift for kids who liked to have a game on the go.

Here we have another prehistoric-looking cell phone. The Nokia 5110 was released in 1998 for the everyday consumer. Did you know that it had a business version, the Nokia 6110?

Which is better: Apple's iPhone or a BlackBerry? The debate will go on for as long as we have cell phones. However, the BlackBerry was considered a new, cool machine when it was released in the '90s, as there was no iPhone yet.

These funky desktop computers were a true symbol of technology in the '90s. The option for bright colors on the exterior, such as orange and pink, made them even more fun.

The Game Boy is yet another fun throw-back to the life of a '90s kid. One of the best things about this gadget was that it could be taken anywhere.

Unlike the Game Boy, this gaming device was not portable. Its benefits were that you could get an intense gaming experience by playing on your big screen T.V., rather than the small device.

This laptop computer was sold from 1997 to 2001. It used Mac OS and Mac OS X as its operating system.

The Sony Discman was the '90s version of the Walkman. Why play a cassette tape when you could jam to the new, stylish CD?

The Easy Bake Oven was a toy beloved by young girls, especially those who loved to bake. In addition to the oven, it came with all sorts of baking gadgets, recipes and ingredients.

An electronic board game was groundbreaking news in the '90s, and the boy-crazy girls who played this game couldn't have been more excited. The game is essentially about finding out who has a crush on you through the cute pink phone.

The digital answering machine was an important gadget in the '90s, since cell phones were not often used. Hook this device up to your landline, and play back the messages from your friends (or telemarketers)!

Untrue to its name, this techie gadget does not include the hat visor, or a real hand. But it did give assistants a hand, as it was a digital hand-held organizer.

This cute journal was perfect for girls who wanted a super-secret diary. It was made for girls with lots of prowling siblings or 'big' secrets.

This laptop has a retro, techie look that Apple fans enjoyed. Its classic boxy screen and silver color were true to the '90s.

The George Foreman Grill is a staple for campers and barbecuers alike. Use this when you're on-the-go, when your grill is too full, or when your power goes out!

Use this like your personal, digital secretary; but remember you are still in charge of inputting the data! This organized gadget was first released for sale in 1993.

What can you play on the Nintendo 64? All of your favorite '90s games, of course! Try out Mario Kart, Super Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon!

Need an interesting way to boost your workout? Try a Skip It! This toy is the children's (and more fun) version of a step counter.

The LEGO Mindstorm RIS is a classic tech toy of the '90s. It's a robotics system, giving LEGO lovers and mini-engineers their dream come true!

Did you know this video game console was released in Japan before it was released in the United States? It came out in 1998 in Japan, and almost 10 months later, it came to the U.S.

It cost more when it first came out, but now this T.V. sells online for super cheap! Watch all your favorite '90s movies on this flat screen.

If you wanted the ultimate surround-sound movie theater-like experience of the '90s, the Bose Lifestyle 12 Home Theater System was for you. Bose is well known for their high quality sound systems.

Did you know that this camera was one of the first digital cameras for consumers? It was sold from 1994 to 1997.

What young adventurous girl wouldn't want the Power Wheels Barbie Jeep? Sorry teens and adults; this cute, pink play jeep only fits small children.

Use this nifty gadget when you need to scan a picture or document. It's a stand-alone device, making it even more easy to use.

This tech gadget was a small, laptop-like device with a touchscreen. It was commonly used for children's educational purposes.

This handheld camera was an instant hit for young wanna-be photographers and moms alike. There was even a cute color selection from which to choose.

This toy is essentially a voice-recording device, and multiple versions were made in the mid to late 1990s. The Yak Wakky version could even change the pitch of voice and speed of speech.

The enthralled, excited faces on the ad for the Pocket Locker showed you how great this gadget was. Use it to keep yourself organized, but beware, it's catered to teenage girls.

Who would have thought this small gadget could play movies? Once again, TIGER made a hit '90s kid toy. Put in one of the small discs and watch a show of up to 30 minutes.

This bright pink, undercover style phone for kids was a coveted item for young girls. Why? They could talk to their friends, prank call boys with the morphed voices feature, and it was pink!

These cute techie dogs were made by TIGER. They came in different colors, and could bark and sing. They were discontinued in 2002.

Do you like to hum tunes in your head? If you got the sound bites lollipop, you could have them sung for you! This techie toy played music when you stuck the lollipop in your mouth.

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