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English is spoken natively around the world, from North America to the UK to Oceania, but it is also an international language used by millions and millions for business, science, tech and more. It all started in Britain, where the slang is unique from all the rest. While Brits are often cast as villains in Hollywood films and many people are fond of many of the UK's accents, British slang can be a little hard to grasp for someone who is not used to it. Do you know a bloke from a bog roll? The Brits do.   

With the popularity of BBC shows and Harry Potter, certain British words have become more commonplace on a larger scale, but some of that posh slang might seem downright silly or confusing to outsiders. After all, there are a lot of words that were not included in "Sherlock" or "Doctor Who." The accents that many Americans and people in other countries consider whimsical or attractive definitely come with their interesting ways of using language. This makes them incredibly unique. 

If you are an anglophile with a love for language and all of its slang quirks, then see if you can take on this quiz!   

A bloke is a:

A bloke is a general term used to apply to a man. He can be of any age.


"Crisps" are what kind of a snack?

In the UK, you will not hear of someone eating a bag of chips. It's always crisps.


What do Brits call the television?

In different places there are different nicknames for the TV. In the UK, it's the telly.


Bog roll is:

In British slang there are a few words for bathroom, including bog. This is why toilet paper can be called bog roll.


If someone asks you to "budge up," what are they asking you to do?

If a British person asks you to budge up they are asking you to move over slightly. You might hear this on the tube, for example.


If someone is "cheesed off," how do they feel?

You don't want to make someone feel cheesed off. It is used as a synonym for displeased or annoyed.


When ordering "chips" at a UK restaurant, what will you get?

In the UK, french fries are known as chips. What are considered chips in America, however, are known as crisps.


Someone who is "dishy" is:

You might have heard people say things along the lines of "She's a dish!" or "He's a snack!" when talking about someone they find attractive. Dishy works in the same way.


If you have "dosh" what do you have?

In the US, dollars are called dough. In the UK, pounds are called dosh.


What does it mean to be "jammy"?

Brits describe other people as jammy when they are lucky. They might say "It was very jammy of him to find his lost phone."


Someone who is "knackered" is:

Knackered is a common British slang word. It means exhausted.


If someone says that you "know your onions" is it a compliment?

If someone tells you that you "know your onions" it means that they think you know what you're talking about. It's a good thing.


Someone who is "legless" is:

Someone who is legless is not literally missing their legs. It means that they are very drunk.


If something is "scrummy" it is:

A Brit might consider shepherd's pies, puddings, or fish and chips scrummy. It is a shortened form of the word scrumptious.


What does it mean to "skive off"?

Skiving off means to shirk one's responsibilities or play hooky. Everyone does this sometimes.


To "snog" means to:

To snog means to kiss or make out. This one became popular thanks to the "Harry Potter" films.


If someone calls you a "tosser" are they insulting you?

This is a classic insult of British slang. A tosser is a stupid person.


What is "uni"?

Uni is short for university. Much of the world refers to college as university or uni.


Is "wazzock" a compliment?

There are many ways to insult someone in the UK. You can opt for twit, wazzock, pillock, wanker and git.


What does it mean to "give someone a bell"?

This phrase is similar to the American phrase "give them a ring." It means to give someone a call.


If someone has "lost the plot" what have they done?

This phrase means to have gone crazy. After all, plots are what make stories make sense.


What does it mean to "kip"?

To kip means to have a nap. It can be used as both a noun and a verb.


Something "wicked" is:

While Brits love their insults, there are also many ways to compliment people or things. Wicked is another way of saying cool.


What is a "scouser"?

Scousers are what people from Liverpool are called. Liverpool is a city in England.


Someone who is wearing "pants" is wearing:

In the UK you wear your pants under the American definition of pants. Think twice before mentioning your pants across the pond.


What is "zed"?

In America they say "Z." In Britain "Z" is zed.


If someone has been "made redundant" they have been:

If someone has been "made redundant" they have been let go or fired. They no longer have a job.


Where is someone who is "going off to Bedforshire" going?

If someone tells you they are going off to Bedforshire they are not literally going to Bedfordshire. They are going to sleep in their bed.


If it's "monkeys outside" then what is the weather like?

This is a uniquely British slang phrase. It means that it is very cold outside.


What is a "stag night"?

Bachelor parties are called stag nights in the UK. They are also called stag dos and stag weekends.


If something is "ace" it's:

Cool is more of an American expression, but it is used more universally. Ace is British version of it.


Someone who is "gutted" is:

Someone who is gutted is unhappy. They are specifically unhappy because something didn't work out the way they wanted it to .


If someone is "skint," what don't they have?

To be skint is to be totally out of money. You don't want to be skint.


If he "has the bottle" what does he have?

This is slang for courage. A Brit might say "He doesn't have the bottle to go first."


If someone is "chuffed," is that a good thing?

Someone who is chuffed is incredibly pleased. Usually it is with a situation.


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