Only 2% of the Population Can Pass a Basic Spanish Drill. Can you?


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¿Hablas español? Spanish is spoken around the world on almost every continent, from Brazil to Spain to the Philippines to Equatorial Guinea. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries around the world. It has more than 540 million native speakers, making it one of the most spoken languages on the planet. The only language with more native speakers on earth is Chinese. Due to this, whether it is a native language or not, Spanish can be heard in many countries, cities, and places around the world. 

Spanish is a Romance language, meaning that it has roots in Latin, which was spoken, written, and spread by the Ancient Romans. Other Romance languages include Italian, French, Portuguese, and Romanian. Spanish makes the use of accents to denote pronunciation of vowels and is phonetic, which means that it sounds the way it is spelled. This makes it quite different from English. Despite having a French-speaking country to the north and many Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries to the south, many Americans don't know much of either of those languages. 

If you are a Spanish-speaking whiz with a love of language, put your skills to the test with this basic Spanish drill quiz! 

What does Hola mean in Spanish?

Hola is a common Spanish greeting. It means hello.


What is a gato?

El gato is Spanish for cat. This is a common pet around the world.


Leche goes well with cookies. What is it?

La leche means milk in Spanish. The verb to milk is ordeñar.


¿Como te llamas? is something you would ask someone you're meeting for the first time.

Literally, this translates to "How do you call yourself?" It is how you ask for someone's name in Spanish.


Rosa is what color in Spanish?

Rosa is one word for pink in Spanish. Rosado is another.


Estoy cansado means you _____.

This is a simple Spanish phrase. It means I'm tired.


At a dance, someone might ask you ¿Puedes bailar? What do they want to know?

This phrase means Can you dance? Puedes is the conjugated form of the verb, poder.


If someone tells you, No comí la cena, they might be hungry. What did they mean?

This phrase involves both negation and verb conjugation. No comí la cena means I did not eat dinner.


Su esposa es hermosa means _____.

Su is a pronoun which means him in this context. His wife is beautiful is Su esposa es hermosa.


If you tell someone Ella es una doctora, what are you telling them?

Ella means she. Es means is. Una doctora is a female doctor.


El pollo can make a very tasty meal. What is pollo?

El pollo is chicken in Spanish. Hen is la gallina.


The English translation of te amo is ______.

This means I love you. Literally it translates to "you i love."


Los zapatos son azules means _______.

This sentence makes use of the plural. The adjective, verb, and subject are all plural.


Adiós is a very common word that means _____.

Adiós is Spanish for goodbye. Be sure to stress the accented "o."


¡Feliz cumpleaños! is something you say when someone is another year older.

This is how to wish someone a happy birthday in Spanish. The double exclamation marks are a unique part of Spanish grammar.


El pastel es dulce is something someone at a bakery might say. And there's nothing salty about it.

El pastel is Spanish for the cake. Dulce means sweet.


Miércoles is hump day.

This is Spanish for Wednesday. It is the third day of the week.


¿Cómo estás? is a common greeting. What does it mean?

¿Cómo estás? is how are you or how do you do? The Spanish version of What's up? is ¿Qué tal?


Amo mi carro is something an automobile lover might say.

This means I love my car. The I pronoun has been dropped from the front. It is included in the conjugated verb.


Ella tiene dos hermanos lets you know the number of male siblings someone has.

Tener is an irregular verb, meaning to have. When conjugated with singular pronouns like he, she, and it, it becomes tiene.


Verde is what you get when you mix blue and yellow.

Verde means green in Spanish. Mesa Verde National Park has a name which means green table.


If your veterinarian tells you El perro es gordo, it's time to put Fido on a diet.

This phrase involves gender agreement. Both perro and gordo are masculine.


Es verano would explain why it's so very hot outside!

El verano is the summer. This season is also known as el estío in Spanish.


If a friend tells you, Me siento enfermo, what is he telling you?

Me siento enfermo is I feel sick. Once could also say Me siento mal.


When the music starts, someone might say to you, ¿Quieres bailar conmigo?

Quieres is do you want. Bailar is to dance. Conmigo is with me.


No me gustan los plátanos means _______.

Gustar is a verb meaning to like. This phrase means I do not like bananas.


Ellos son estudiantes is something someone might say to describe people in a school or campus.

This phrase means They are students. Every word is plural.


La canela is something you sprinkle on rice pudding.

La canela is Spanish for cinnamon. It is also referred to as cinnamon in some Spanish-speaking countries.


¿Dónde está el hospital? means _______.

Dónde está is how to ask where something is. Hospital is a cognate across many languages, meaning that it is a word used for the same meaning in different tongues.


Ella usa rojo todos los días means what in Spanish?

Ella usa rojo todos los días means she wears red every day. Usa comes from the verb usar. Usar means to wear or use.


Él viaja a Japón means someone might be eating a lot of sushi soon.

This is how to say He is traveling to Japan. Japón is Spanish for Japan.


Me gustan más las frutas que las verduras means _________.

Me gustan más las frutas que las verduras translates to I like fruits more than vegetables. Más....que is used to express more than.


Mi hijo es feliz is something a parent might say.

This phrase means my son is happy. Feliz is Spanish for happy.


Mi guitarra esta perdida might make a musician cry.

Mi guitarra esta perdida means My guitar is lost. Guitarra is a cognate.


El helado is _____.

El helado is Spanish for ice cream. This can also be water ice.


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