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Think you're a genius? Everyone knows that IQ tests relate to intelligence, but what do those numbers stand for an what do they really mean? IQ actually stands for intelligence quotient, and understanding the difference between having a low and high IQ according to these tests is not complicated at all. IQ is simply a person's reasoning ability, or ability to solve problems. IQ tests are just problem-solving tests. The results of these tests are then compared to the statistical average amongst test takers of the same age. Some people have above average IQs according to these tests and some fall below, but many people will be just about average.

These tests are not about how much you have read or how much knowledge you have obtained over your life, and it is somewhat impossible to study for them. While education largely relies on memorization, even the strongest memorization skills will not have much to do with how a person scores on an IQ test. In fact, they are often given to young children as a tool to help inform their education, before they have had a chance to absorb much of the acquired knowledge adults have. 

If you are ready to put your problem-solving skills to the test, test your IQ with this quiz!

13 is to 10 as 3 is to:

3 is subtracted from both numbers to get the resulting number. That is what makes them similar.

Choose the word most similar to "calm":

If something or someone is calm, it can generally also be described as soothing. None of the other options make sense.

If you rearrange the letters "GOENAR" you have the name of a:

"GOENAR" unscrambled spells "ORANGE." This is a citrus fruit.

Which of these is least like the others?

The snake has no legs and slithers. All the other animals have 4 legs and walk.

Which number comes next in this series: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13

The previous 2 numbers are added to make the next in the series. 8+13=21.

At 16 years old, Jamal is 4 times as old as his sister. How old will Jamal be when he is twice his brother's age?

If Jamal is 16 when his sister is 4, it follows that Jamal would be 24 when his sister is 12. At 24, he would be twice his sister's age.

Finger is to hand as leaf is to:

This comparison lies in placement. Leaves extend from twigs as fingers extend from hands.

If you rearrange the letters "EADVOBULR" you have something you:

When unscrambled, "EADVOBULR" spells "BOULEVARD." There are many boulevards across the nation where cars drive.

DAWN is to 1546 as NWAD is to:

DAWN backwards is NWAD and 1546 backwards is 6451. The answer lies in the fact that both are backwards.

Pick the number that is 1/4 of 1/2 of 1/5 of 400.

1/5 of 400 is 80. 1/2 of 80 is 40. 1/4 of 40 is 10.

Which can be arranged into a 4 letter English word?

"MREO" rearranged spells "MORE." This is the only option that spells a correct 4 letter English word.

Cameron needs 17 bottles of soda at the store, but can only carry 4 at a time. How many trips will he need to make to the store?

If the most Cameron can carry is 4, he will make 4 trips, but still will have 1 bottle left. He will have to make a total of 5 trips to get that last bottle.

If all Bings are Tings and all Tings are Dings, all Bings have to be Dings?

This sentence implies that all of these things are the same. If all Bings are Tings and all Tings are Dings, than Bings are Dings and all of these things are the same.

Which word is most similar to "sick"?

"Ill" is a synonym of "sick." Both are adjectives.

Which word is the odd one out?

A statement is made to other people with words. The rest of the words do not necessarily imply active expression.

If you unscramble the letters "CNAATICATR" you spell a:

"CNAATICATR" unscrambled spells "ANTARCTICA." This is a large mostly uninhabited continent.

Which of these numbers does not belong in this series? 45-42-39-36-35-33-30-27

35 does not belong. That's because in this pattern, each number decreases by 3.

A book is to reading as a glass is to:

This is an analogy. It relates to the function of both objects.

Which word best completes the analogy: people; democracy. wealthy; _____________.

In a democracy, all the citizens have a say in the government. In a plutocracy, the government is controlled by only the wealthy.

Which spells a 5 letter English word when unscrambled?

"AISLR" spells "RAILS" when unscrambled. This is a grammatically correct English word.

Which number completes the analogy: 8:4 as 20: ____.

This is the correct answer because half of 8 is 4 and half of 20 is 10. They are both halves.

If you rearrange the letters "ISDENRTPE" you have a:

"ISDENRTPE" spells "PRESIDENT" when unscrambled. This is a job title.

What number comes next? 1-2-5-14-41-

In this sequence, numbers are multiplied by 3. After that 1 is subtracted. 41 multiplied by 3 is 123 and 123-1=122.

There are 9 red rocks, 15 blue rocks, and 21 black rocks in 5 bags. If you take away 2 bags, how many rocks are there?

9+15+21=45, meaning that there are 45 rocks per bag. 5-2=3, meaning that there are 3 bags. 45x3=135 rocks total.

Which thing is the least like the others?

All of these other things were created strictly by people and would not appear in the natural world otherwise. While people can choose to grow flowers, they also pop up all over the world without our influence.

Unscramble the following letters to make a word, and choose the category that word belongs to: "HCCOAGI"

The unscrambled word is "CHICAGO." This is a city in Illinois in the US.

Which word is the odd one out?

In lakes, oceans, and rivers, water moves freely. In a dam, water is held back by man-made walls.

Which of these words makes a 6 letter English word?

When unscrambled, "ROINGI" spells "ORIGIN." This is the only proper English word in the bunch.

Rearrange these letters and make a word and then choose the category it belongs to: "HILHAE PLAPDI"

When unscrambled,"HILHAE PLAPDI" becomes "PHILADELPHIA." This is a city in Pennsylvania, USA.

Which of the following words can be defined as both a noun and adjective?

Orange is both a color and a fruit. This makes it both an adjective and a noun.

Which of the following words means dry and/or withered?

Sere is usually used to describe unhealthy vegetation. It means dry and/or withered.

A vendor has 500 apples. At the end of the day he divides his remaining fruits into 7 piles of 11 apples each. How many apples did the vendor sell?

At the end of the day the vendor had 7 piles of 11 apples each, which is 77 apples total. If the vendor started with 500 and now has 77 apples left, they sold 423 apples.

The day before the day before yesterday is three days after Saturday. What day is it today?

This is a tricky one. Today would have to be Friday for it to be logical.

Greens are to a salad as a _____ is to a house.

Homes are built on a foundation. Salads are built on top of a bed of greens, usually.

Anna was both the 16th highest and 16th lowest scorer on her finals exam. How many people are in her class?

There are 31 people in her class. Anna scored right in the middle.

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