Can You Pass This Fill-in-the-Blank Grammar Quiz?

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About This Quiz

Do you stand at the top of the word nerd pile? Are you the type that cannot let a grammatical error on social media slide without saying something? If these questions sound like you, there's a good chance that you will be in the top 4% of the population that can pass this fill-in-the-blank quiz! 

While not everyone is a total grammar expert, we are betting that you will do better than you think! During this quiz, we will ask you to fill in the blank we have left in a sentence. There are four answers to choose from, and it's your duty to pick the correct one. After you've completed, we'll let you know if you are in the top 4% or if you've managed to knock it out of the park and score even higher! 

Think back to your high school English classes, and channel everything you learned from you hours of writing tedious papers. By the time you've finished, we will be able to score you based upon the number of correct answers you've provided. Will you be able to up the curve for everyone else, or will you need to go back to the books? There's only ____ way to find out!

I really hope _________ happy together!

________ never going to believe this story.

My grocery list includes _ milk, eggs, and bread.

______ not all that uncommon.

The cat grabbed the __________ tail.

All medications have side ________.

I ______ care less.

Kevin is a ______ for the position!

Men should always be screened for _________ cancer.

I'm waiting with ________ breath.

I want to give my neighbor a _______ of my mind.

The smell of mac and cheese baking really _____ my appetite.

His TED Talk really ______ my interest.

If worse comes to ________, we'll get another couch.

I'll just _______ it up to a bad day.

My favorite sweater has been through the _________.

You have free ________ in the my home.

I will be sure to nip this problem in the _________.

I could use a donut to _____ me over this morning.

I really wish my coworker would ____ the line.

I caught my parents in the ________ of passion.

That's a ______ point!

I need a shot of ________ this morning.

I tend to _______ with the facts.

Being quiet in meetings is not my _______.

I have a deep-_________ fear of going to work naked.

One day, I will ______ my revenge on the bird that keeps terrorizing my car.

I can wait for the sneak _____ of next week's episode.

We can make ____ with what we have.

Lisa ______ to the Bahamas.

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