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Biology is, most definitely, a much-needed subject within the realm of our existence. Why? Because it's all about us and our existence, that's why! Biology encompasses everything from our molecules to our behavior - and even the Theory of Evolution.

Early in our educational life, we get to learn many things about our own selves, about the existence of others like us, as well as others not like us. There are many different fields of study developed throughout time and history to help us focus more on certain specifics of knowledge. And of course, biology is one of those specifics.

This is why it is important for every human being on earth to learn biology. To study it in high school is already a bit late, some experts actually say. That's because they think the formal aspect of our existence should be introduced and taught to us at a very early age. Academics and scholars could argue about this further, but for us folks, we do the best we can to study whatever it is we need to study.

And yes, we need to study biology. Can you recall the lessons you learned back in high school? Test your skills with this quiz, then! Let's go!

Biology is the study of what?

Biology is classified as a natural science. It's the study of life, basically.


What is considered as life's basic unit?

All kinds of living beings have a cell or cells. Biology lets us study the basic cellular structure and how it functions.


When it comes to heredity, what is the basic unit involved?

Genes determine what you will or won't inherit from your parents - other than money. It's about what dominant and recessive traits you get.


When we discuss how living organisms are created or eradicated from existence, what is this concept known as?

Evolution is about how organisms change and develop. It could be through mutation or natural selection, or also of other combined forms.


What process converts light energy received by plants into chemical energy?

Plants can convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis so they can function well. The basic source of that light energy is the sun.


Which subfield of biology studies material substances involved in life?

Biochemistry is also important to study, as it involves chemical reactions and how they affect our biology and stuff. Since there are many cells in a given living organism, analyzing chemical reactions is important to intersect with analyzing cellular functions.


Biological study points to the existence of this, which living beings must have to function.

Energy of all kinds is found everywhere, in all living beings. We, too, have energy, and we need it to function well.


Where is the genetic information of living beings stored?

Our genetic code is inside the DNA. Several scientists worked on discovering different aspects of its existence.


What does homeostasis pertain to?

Homeostasis should be maintained by all kinds of living beings. It's all about equilibrium.


What does prokaryotic mean?

Prokaryotic cells are those without a nucleus. Prokaryotic organisms are one-celled organisms.


Many plants and animals have many cells. Therefore, what is their category, cell-wise?

Eukaryotic cells are those organisms that have more than one cell usually. They can also be called multicellular beings. All of those cells have a nucleus.


Which scientist contributed a lot in the study of the evolution of species?

Charles Darwin's publication called "On The Origin of Species" shed a lot of light on evolution. He formulated his theory by observing different living organisms in the Galapagos Island.


Which subfield of biology is all about plants?

Botany is a specialization that focuses on studying plants. It's actually a great college course, with a lot of fieldwork and traveling to do experiments and make discoveries.


Which of these scientists discovered the cell?

It was in 1665 when Robert Hooke published his discovery of cells. He was looking closely at corks when he made the discovery.


What does DNA mean?

DNA literally means deoxyribonucleic acid. All living beings have DNA, from humans to bacteria.


Which scientific tool’s invention helped in the study of biology, specifically cellular biology?

The microscope is a wonderful invention to help us look closely at minuscule things nearby. You could say that it's the exact opposite of the telescope, which was invented by Galileo, to look at large objects far from us.


Which subfield of biology studies heredity and everything connected to it?

Genetics is the formal study of how genes function and carry information. The scientific people who practice this profession are called geneticists.


What is the structure of the human DNA?

DNA has a double helix shape. It looks sort of like a spiral staircase.


Which subfield of biology is all about animals?

Zoology focuses on all kinds of animals, at all of their stages. The people who practice this profession are sometimes referred to as animal scientists.


Which person is hailed as a pioneer of studying genes and inheritance traits?

Gregor Mendel was a botanist whose intensive studies on genetic traits are very useful up to now. He was also a monk under the Augustinian order.


Which two scientists are often credited in discovering the structure of DNA?

James Watson and Francis Crick were the ones who suggested the double helix model of DNA. But they built upon earlier DNA studies made by Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins, so credit should be given to them as well.


What permits plants to actually absorb light energy, which gets converted to chemical energy?

Chlorophyll is found in green parts of plants. That's what makes photosynthesis happen.


Which subfield of biology involves the ways in which organisms and their environments interact and are affected by each other?

Ecology deals with how we all live within our environments. It's the study of the populations of living organisms in relation to how natural resources are affected by their existence.


What are the two major classifications of animals?

The animal kingdom actually has many subcategories. But the two main classifications are vertebrates and invertebrates.


What is the major factor of classifying animals into either vertebrates or invertebrates?

Animals are generally classified according to the existence of a spine, or what we humans refer to as the backbone. Those without one are called invertebrates, while those with spines are vertebrates.


To study the specific functions of living organisms and their parts, which field of biology should you focus on?

Physiology is about how living organisms function. It also concerns functions of bodily parts.


How do you classify animals that can maintain their internal body temperature?

Warm-blooded animals don't change their body temperature according to the temperature outside their body. So they need to keep warm if it's cold out there.


What do you call those animals whose body temperature changes according to the temperature outside their bodies?

Cold-blooded animals change their temperature according to the temperature outside of their bodies. Amphibians and reptiles generally belong to this category.


What particular plant did Mendel observe, which led to his hereditary discoveries?

Mendel conducted his experiments using peas. This was his main choice, since the plant has very observable traits, making it easier to study, experiment on and manipulate.


Which subfield of biology is concerned with deconstructing molecules and discovering everything about them?

Molecular biologists deal with studying the genetic levels of our existence. This subfield has relevant real-world applications today that help with biological resource conservation efforts.


DNA is basically classified as what?

Atoms join together to form molecules. That is essentially what DNA is - molecules called nucleotides.


Which human bodily system covers food processing and breaking down?

The digestive system involves the inner workings of our internal organs, to process the food we eat. It's also covered in biological studies.


Which human bodily system is concerned with protecting against diseases?

The immune system deals with how our human body protects itself from outside harm. Disease prevention is also highlighted in studying anatomy.


The term used to describe the classification of organisms is what?

Taxonomy is actually about having a formal method of classification. This term applies to labeling and naming all kinds of living organisms, basically.


What are the two general categories of ecosystems?

Ecosystems are either terrestrial or aquatic. But it's interesting to note how some living organisms could survive on either kind of system.


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