Only 40% of People Can Match These Thanksgiving Scenes to The TV Shows. Can you?

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These scenes are not as yummy as the real thing, but at least just as memorable. We bet you've seen all of these holiday specials. Can you match the famous Thanksgiving scene to the popular TV show?

Out of 10 Thanksgiving episodes, the one with the turkey is a quintessential Thanksgiving scene we can watch again and again. Although, other episodes were equally hilarious - remember the iconic football game, the Geller cup, Chandler's in a box, or when Monica dated Richard's son and Chandler lost his toe? Every year, it was a big, busy holiday for "Friends."

The 130th episode of "King of the Hill" is a Thanksgiving special. Just like "Happy Hank's Giving," "Goodbye Normal Jeans" is full of laugh until it hurts moments. Bobby learns how to cook, Peggy is worried, Bobby takes a Home Economics class and disappoints Hank. A lot is going on during the Thanksgiving weekend in this family!

The seventh episode of The Simpsons' second season is a Thanksgiving special, and if you haven't seen it already, you missed a lot! "Bart vs. Thanksgiving" is a hilarious episode where Lisa makes an awful table centerpiece, which Bart accidentally destroys. To avoid punishment, he runs away and hides at a soup kitchen for the homeless.

In this Thanksgiving episode, the famous housewitch uses her magic to send her family to the time of the pilgrims, so the Stevens family and Mrs. Kravetz spend their Thanksgivings with the pilgrims in 1620.

In this special episode, Greg involves all his family in making a movie about the pilgrims for his American history class. A movie, proudly called "The Un-underground Movie," shows the landing on Plymouth Rock, the first winter in Massachusetts, and the first Thanksgiving meal. Of course, the entire Brady clan has to participate and the results are downright hilarious!

The greatest comedy of its era also has a Thanksgiving episode. Called “Over The River And Through The Woods” (season four, episode 11), it originally aired on November 22, 1975. And while it's hard to make drinking funny, almost the entire cast of "The Bob Newhart Show" is smashed in this TV special. And you know what? This scene completely kills!

Season 4's "Pangs" can be easily called the best Thanksgiving episode ever. Iconic and basically flawless, this Thanksgiving special starts with Buffy punching a basic white guy in a face, but then things get even more interesting - she encounters the spirit of a Native American warrior, whose people were wiped out by white settlers centuries ago.

This cutest TV special ever is full of delicious holiday food - from Turkey to cranberries and classic pumpkin pie. Based on the popular comic strip, Peanuts, it's a must-watch for the entire family, because, well, what can be more heartwarming than the entire Peanuts gang celebrating Thanksgiving?

A former relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and now a bar owner, Sam Malone built a place where everybody feels welcome and at home. His bar, Cheers, is opened almost every day, but not on Thanksgiving. "Thanksgiving Orphans" (episode 9, season 5), originally aired on November 27, 1986. It united all the characters who did not have families or friends with which to spend Thanksgiving, to spend the holiday at Carla's new house. Their awkward Thanksgiving dinner soon turns into a messy food fight.

There is not one but three Thanksgiving episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond" that you should watch with your family on this holiday. In "No Fat," Marie plans a healthy Thanksgiving dinner, in "The Bird," the family spends Thanksgiving with Amy's parents, while in "Turkey or Fish," Debra unsuccessfully tries to start her own tradition by cooking fish dinner instead of turkey.

The story of ex-hippies, Steven and Elyse Keaton, who are trying to have a typical American family and raise their kids just like everyone else, will make you laugh non-stop. However, their Thanksgiving special is a serious one. Called "No Nukes," it begins with Steven and Elyse heading to an anti-nuclear weapons rally and getting arrested. Obviously, the turkey dinner has to wait.

Season 1, episode 9 of "Full House" is a Thanksgiving special (The Miracle of Thanksgiving) that shows the entire family teaming up to prepare the Thanksgiving feast. Since everybody is trying to work together, Joey says that this Thanksgiving will be a miracle, hence the title of this episode.

"A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving" (season 3, episode 9) is so far the best Thanksgiving special. While all "Gilmore Girls" Thanksgiving dinners are extremely cozy and downright magical, that one was special. Lorelai and Rory were invited to four different places, while Kirk got a cat with an attitude, and that was just the beginning.

While it's been years since the series finale of the CW classic aired, Thanksgiving is the best excuse to re-watch all the holiday episodes of "Gossip Girl." Among their best Thanksgiving specials are "Gaslit" (Season 4, Episode 10), "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!" (Season 1, Episode 9), and "It's Really Complicated" (Season 6, Episode 8), where Dan and Serena celebrate their first Thanksgiving together as a couple.

"The First Thanksgiving" (season 6, episode 12) is the hilarious story told by Marion to remind her family why the Pilgrims gathered around the table centuries ago. Upset that her family gathered around the TV to watch a football game, she reminds them of the meaning of the holiday.

While "Friends" are undoubtedly the champions of celebrating Thanksgiving, "How I Met Your Mother" is the close second. Five of its episodes were dedicated to Thanksgiving -- from the one where Ted created "turturkeykey" — a turkey with another turkey inside of it - to the one where Robin thought she was pregnant. Which one is your favorite?

When it comes to "Mad About You," there are two Thanksgiving episodes we adore - "The Thanksgiving Show" and “Giblets for Murray.” Both of them became iconic holiday specials, but the last one is still a little bit better. In this particular Thanksgiving special, Jamie and Paul are hosting Thanksgiving – and, of course, nothing goes as planned.

Thanksgiving is always a big holiday for the Conner family. It's hard to pick the best one among the four Thanksgiving specials of "Roseanne," because all of them were cozy, hilarious, and insightful at the same time.

Good news - "South Park" has a Thanksgiving special as well. "A History Channel Thanksgiving," which first aired in 2011, shows "the true origins" of Thanksgiving. No spoilers, but it does involve aliens, Natalie Portman, and a few great parodies.

Great Thanksgiving moments can be found even in a political drama. "The West Wing," the TV show that won more than 25 Emmys, produced two of the best Thanksgiving specials that ever aired. In fact, some of the show's most memorable comedy bits come from those two Thanksgiving episodes.

Even though Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen planned to celebrate this Thanksgiving together, they each had to go to different dinners and meet with different people. "Moveable Feast," both part 1 and 2, showed their hilarious struggle to meet on this beautiful holiday.

Do you remember this sitcom about a struggling Ohio radio station and its eccentric stuff? Even if you don't, you've probably seen its Thanksgiving-themed episode that became a huge part of TV holiday history.

For Dexter, Thanksgiving is just another opportunity to solve crimes. In Episode 409: Hungry Man, Dexter tries to spend Thanksgiving Day with his own family. Of course, it won't be a regular Thanksgiving dinner.

When it comes to "Mad Men," each of four Thanksgiving specials - "The Wheel," "Public Relations," "Dark Shadows," and "In Care Of" - is a piece of art. The "Wheel," though, is a viewer favorite. In this episode, Peggy gets promoted, Betty discovers a dark secret, and Don doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving with Betty's family.

"Beverly Hills 90210" aired for ten seasons, inspired a seven-season spin-off, and a boring five-season reboot. Out of six of the original series’ Thanksgiving episodes, two became especially popular - The first Thanksgiving episode (season 3), the craziest one, and "Radar Love" (season 4), the most romantic one.

Young Arnold, his grandparents, Helga - who doesn't remember those iconic characters? On Thanksgiving (a special half-hour episode that aired in 1998), Arnold, a fun guy with a football-shaped head, decides to find the true meaning of the holiday.

"Boy Meets World" was a popular Friday TV show that air on ABC for seven years. Even though the last episode aired in 2000, many people still remember this coming-of-age TV series about Cory, his friends, and family. In the Thanksgiving special (season 4, episode 10), Cory and Shawn wanted their families to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

For many kids who grew up in the '90s, watching "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" after school became a serious tradition. "Talking Turkey" or "There's The Rub: Parts 1 and 2” - these Thanksgiving specials are honestly the best way to spend the holiday.

The perfect TV show for everyone who misses the crazy '70s, also has a Thanksgiving special. That episode was all over the place in the best possible way - Laurie brought a friend home for Thanksgiving, Red got a job offer, and Eric couldn't control himself.

On Thanksgiving, Tim "The Toolman" Taylor and his family decide to watch the Detroit Lions play a Thanksgiving Day game in a luxurious suite. However, Tim takes a tour, blacks out, and nothing goes as planned.

A hilarious sitcom, "Martin" focuses on radio and TV personality Martin Payne, his romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina, and his friendship with Pam, Tommy, and Cole. On Thanksgiving, this gang always has fun - from cooking competitions to dealing with unruly relatives. Bonus points for guest stars!

A friendly delivery man, Doug lives with his lovely wife, Carrie, but also with his troubled father-in-law, Arthur. The Thanksgiving weekend for this family is always full of surprises!

"Rugrats" Thanksgiving is anything but boring. The babies befriend and protect a turkey, the turkey falls in love with Spike, and nobody really knows what's going on.

George, Manny, and their families spend Thanksgiving together; during dinner, George gets some unexpected news and now, he has to make an important choice.

For nine seasons, we were watching four single friends dealing with everyday problems in New York City. Thanksgiving brought out the best in "Seinfeld." "The Mom and Pop Store" is a perfect holiday episode to rewatch while the turkey's cooking.

Kenan and Kel, the original cast members of the popular comedy TV series "All That," received their own sitcom in 1996. In their Thanksgiving special, they had an important mission - to replace a terrific turkey that Roger made and Kel ate.

The classic family sitcom from the '80s, "Married...with Children" first aired on Fox in 1987. On Thanksgiving, Al, along with Griff, go to see aunt Maddie to get her potato pie. Unfortunately, Maddie has recently died. It won't be an easy day for the Bundy family!

Before you slip into a turkey-induced coma, it's always a good idea to watch a few holiday specials. "Chuck Versus the Nemesis," the tenth episode of Chuck's first season, is among the top choices if you are looking for some action and great jokes.

Some people prefer watching "Thanksgiving Jamboree" while cooking the Thanksgiving dinner; others can't stop laughing while watching "Three Turkeys." We recommend you watch them both!

When her father moves to Japan, wild Holly has to live with her conservative older sister, Valerie. While the younger sister gets into trouble regularly, Valerie has everything under control. Together they will have a lot of fun (most of the time).

Based on best-selling memoir of the same name, "Fresh Off the Boat" shows a Taiwanese family that recently immigrated to America. They are not like other families and their Thanksgiving dinner is not a standard sitcom Thanksgiving!

A Golden Globe-winning comedy show, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is the story of Jake, an immature but smart police officer who doesn't follow the rules or work too hard to solve crimes. Nevertheless, he has a great arrest record and is well-known as one of the best NYPD detectives in Brooklyn's 99th Precinct.

Set at a paper company in Scranton, "The Office" is a documentary-style TV series that shows the world of 9-to-5. The series aired from 2005 to 2013. It shows the typical life in any small office, where the workday consists of stupid jokes, boredom, and inappropriate behavior. Thanksgiving was no exception.

A stand up comedian and his wife, Wanda, suddenly become parents when they have to take custody of Bernie's sister's three children. They have no idea what to do and how to raise them; moreover, naive Bryanna, nerdy Jordan, and beautiful Vanessa are not like other kids.

The show about a few friends who run Paddy's Pub in Philadelphia together became a must-watch for people who love dark humor. In "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs," the friends celebrate Thanksgiving, to awkwardly disastrous results.

A successful doctor, Mindy leaves her job to become a different person. In an attempt to balance her personal and professional life, she forgets what kind of person she always wanted to be - more well-read, confident, and punctual. Now, it's time to reach all those goals.

This TV show honored pretty much every holiday, except Halloween (nobody actually knows why). Among all "The O.C." holiday episodes, the Thanksgiving special, “The Cold Turkey,” is the most memorable.

Overall, this holiday special was jam-packed with unforgettable moments which had viewers sitting at the edge of their seat.

Bob and his family love their restaurant, but the business is not that great. While Bob loves to experiment, his wife, Linda, is getting sick of an empty restaurant and is trying to attract more customers. Once you watch their Thanksgiving special, "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal," you'll be hooked!

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