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The 1990s were a complicated time, particularly in America. A recession defined the economy in the early part of the decade only for business to boom by the time the new millennium came around. The United States went to war in the Middle East. The U.S. government saw a party change from the Republicans who dominated the '80s to a new era of Democrats. The '90s certainly were a changing time for everyone. 

However, even in an era of business and politics, the '90s were a golden time to be a kid. Children's toys reached a new level of fun, candy was becoming much more experimental with various flavors and styles for kids to enjoy, and cartoons reached a height that will be hard to match for any generation of kids. There was just something special about being a '90s kid, and those who lived through it understand why. 

Were you a '90s kid? How well do you remember the decade from your favorite toys to television shows? Do you think you can pass a quiz on what it was like to be a kid during that era? Here's your chance to find out. Jump in and show off your '90s knowledge!

Where did you go to rent movies?

Blockbuster had it all from your favorite movies to video game rentals. All they asked was for you to rewind the tape before returning it.


Which toy allowed you to raise a pet from an egg?

Tamagotchi taught us all to take better care of our pets. After all, this game was quite realistic because ignoring your pet could result in its death.


Which company created a kids' shampoo that said "No Tears"?

No kid wants to cry, especially from shampoo. L'Oreal made that promise with their kid's shampoo, or so many people thought. On the other hand, it could be talking about tears in your hair.


Which online service provider made you wait while it dialed up?

It's hard to believe that AOL was the largest internet provider for a while in the United States unless you grew up in the '90s. The company was so big that it purchased Time Warner, though the merger ended up hurting the company.


Which robotic toy was released by Tiger Electronics in 1998?

Furby didn't go over well with the NSA. They banned the doll from their facilities, fearing that it would record and repeat private information.


What was the popular dance song originally released in Spanish that had everyone dancing along?

"Macarena" is actually a song about a woman cheating on her lover who is going off to war. Luckily, kids never understood the words.


Which '90s sitcom did Will Smith star in?

Will Smith was an inexperienced actor when he started "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." He's gone on record since the show ended to criticize his earliest performances.


Tommy Pickles was the leader of a group of babies in which cartoon?

"Rugrats" taught us all to use our imaginations. After all, these babies knew how to play, and if you were a '90s kid, you were there playing right beside them.


Which video game on the Gameboy allowed you to catch creatures and train them to fight?

"Pokemon" started in Japan where its popularity quickly soared. The creators thought about changing the look of the Pokemon for Western audiences, but that decision was abandoned, leaving us with the incredible franchise we have today.


What game did you twist, pull, and bop?

There have been various versions of Bop It released over the years, but the original one was released in 1996. It was created by Dan Klistner of Hasbro.


Which set of twins took over the movie industry?

The Olsen twins are actually fraternal. This is a surprise to many because they look so much alike.


On which channel did people get slimed?

All '90s kids wanted to be slimed, but do you know what the slime was made of? It was a mixture of pudding, applesauce, oatmeal and of course green food coloring.


What toy allowed kids to cook?

For years, light bulbs powered Easy-Bake Ovens, but a ban on those lightbulbs forced the company to look for other options. They chose to go with a heating source similar to a conventional oven.


What candy made kids feel like adults?

Candy cigarettes were around long before the '90s, but they sure were popular among '90s kids. However, the candy has since come under criticism for encouraging kids to smoke cigarettes later in life.


What year was the PlayStation released?

Sony originally worked with Nintendo on the original PlayStation console. However, Nintendo pulled out of the project and left Sony to produce the console themselves​.


What cartoon followed Yakko, Wakko and Dot?

Pinky and the Brain originated in the world of "Animaniacs." The characters were based on two of creator Tom Rugger's co-workers who always seemed like they were attempting to take over the world.


In which cartoon did the main character have a crush on Patti Mayonnaise?

"Doug" premiered on Nickelodeon in 1991. It was one of the first original cartoons on the network, launching what would be a golden age for cartoons.


Which series was popular on Nintendo 64?

Most '90s kids remember the dull, gray console that was originally released. However, Nintendo eventually released the N64 in various other colors from blue to black to pink.


Which superhero had an animated series from 1992 until 1995?

"Batman: The Animated Series" took a more mature tone from previous versions of the character. Throughout the series, Batman was much moodier, and the characters had more depth in their backstories.


Which cartoon took us to the only school we wanted to go to?

"The Magic School Bus" was a book series before it was produced as a show on PBS Kids. The book series was written by Joanne Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen.


What was the name of the ball of chocolate with cartoon characters inside?

'90s kids loved breaking into a tasty Wonder Balls, but they were short-lived​. The candy was taken off of shelves in 1997 after parents complained it caused choking.


Which boy band broke hearts throughout the '90s?

Justin Timberlake went on to have the most successful career of any of the members from NSYNC. He's released numerous albums, which have garnered various awards.


What allowed kids to listen to their favorite songs on the bus before school?

The first commercially sold CD player went on the market in 1982. However, the popularity of the device peaked in the '90s when they could be made cheaper and came with more accessories​.


What game was popular on Sega Genesis?

Sonic was originally designed as a rabbit instead of a hedgehog. Sony eventually decided on a hedgehog because the body of the animal could be used as a weapon.


What channel made "Dexter's Laboratory" popular?

A channel from Turner Broadcasting System, Cartoon Networked launched in 1992. "The Moxy Show" was the first original cartoon from the network.


Who was the dad on "King of the Hill"?

Hank Hill is portrayed as the typical American, hard-working man with a love for his country. He is capable of performing many jobs but loves selling propane and propane accessories.


What year was "SpongeBob SquarePants" released?

In 2011, a new species of fungus was named after SpongeBob SquarePants. It is called Spongiforma squarepantsii.


Which sweet snack was filled with fluid?

Fruit Gushers were produced beginning in 1991 under the Betty Crocker brand name. Betty Crocker is a fictional character created for advertising​ campaigns.


What color were VHS tapes from Nickelodeon?

Launched in 1977, Nickelodeon was the first television channel for children. The channel started off without commercials, but it eventually caught up with the times in 1984.


What candy were '90s kids afraid to put in their mouth?

Warheads were invented in Taiwan in the '70s but didn't make their way to America until the '90s. This candy was so scary​ that it became part of the game "truth or dare."


Who was the science guy?

Bill Nye wasn't just a scientist on television. Before getting into the world of performing, he was a mechanical engineer for Boeing Corporation.


What video game helped you learn about pioneer life?

The Oregon Trail video game puts you in charge of one family who you lead across the frontier. In reality, pioneers who took to the Oregon Trail usually traveled in groups consisting of multiple families.


What did '90s kids stick on their ceiling that glowed in the dark?

Glow-in-the-dark items contain phosphors which have to be energized to glow properly. They can be energized by holding them up to a light source.


Which hero protected the environment?

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers" was created by Ted Turner, who also founded Turner Broadcasting System. He created the show alongside Barbara Pyle, a producer and environmental​ activist.


Who was Kenan's best friend?

Kenan and Kel helped break down racial​ barriers on both Nickelodeon and television. In 1996, when the show premiered, they were the first black stars of a primetime sitcom on the network.


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