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Think you are a master of trivia and have a broad understanding of general knowledge? There's so much to know out there. From math to sciences to history to the arts, there is almost endless knowledge to grasp. You can even have a global take on topics, a regional one, or even more local. Regardless of the approach you take to knowledge, there are numerous different kinds of expertise that one can have, learn and utilize.  

While some people take an interest in only one topic and take on the challenging task of learning it inside and out, that's not always for everyone. There's a lot to be said for knowing a little about a lot of things. You can get far on a wide breadth of knowledge that covers many many topics. There is also so much to learn about in general that it can make it hard for true lovers of knowledge to focus on just one niche or topic forever. Having diverse knowledge and a diverse skill set is a lot of fun and very very useful. 

If you are a knowledge lover who has a fun fact for every situation, give your mind a stretch with this quiz! 

Roughly how much of the world's population is left-handed?

Only about 10% of the people on earth are left-handed. While many people believe that left-handed people are often more intelligent and more likely to be sickly, these things have not been proven scientifically.


Under Hammurabi's Code, bartenders who _____________ should be punished by execution.

According to this ancient code of law, watering down beer is an offense punishable by death. This may have been because not all water was safe to drink, making it potentially dangerous.


Who were T-shirts originally marketed to?

T-shirts were originally marketed to unmarried men. It was assumed they would be ideal shirts for unattached men who could not sew buttons back on collared shirts alone.


German chocolate cake is named after:

It is a misconception that German chocolate cake is named after the country. It's actually named after a man called Sam German.


How long can a cockroach live after its head is cut off?

Cockroach brains are located in their bodies, so they can live for awhile without heads. Over the course of weeks, they starve to death because they cannot eat.


Which animal kills the most people per year?

Mosquitos can be very deadly to humans. This is largely because of the diseases they carry.


People in the 18th century wore fake _________ for beauty reasons.

In the 1700s, people wore fake moles on their faces for beauty reasons. They were often made of velvet, silk or mouse skin.


Which fake disease did 19th century experts warn women about?

19th century experts warned women about bicycle face. They were afraid the weird faces they made while biking would become permanently stuck expressions.


What covered the earth before trees?

The world was once covered in large mushrooms. They were over 20 feet tall.


Cows form what kind of relationships?

Cows form best friend type relationships with other cows. The pairs will become stressed out when they are separated.


What was ketchup once sold as?

In the past, ketchup was sold as medicine. This was in the 1830s.


Which celebrity has donated more than 100 million books to kids?

Dolly Parton founded the Imagination Library in 1995. Since then, she has donated 100 million books to children.


People not only have finger prints but also _______ prints.

People have both finger and tongue prints. Like finger prints, tongue prints are unique.


A chef's hat is called a:

A chef's hat is called a toque. It's 100 folds are said to represent the 100 ways to cook an egg.


Queen Elizabeth II is a trained:

Queen Elizabeth II is the reigning monarch of England. She is also a trained mechanic.


About what percentage of adults believe that aliens are in human disguise on earth?

Roughly 1 in 5 adults believe in an alien conspiracy on earth. They think that the aliens are in disguise as humans living among us.


Which US president bought slaves regularly with his own money just to free them?

James Buchanan was America's 15th president and served right before the Civil War. He bought slaves from the south with own money often just to free them.


Men are more likely to be struck by lightning than women: True or false?

Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women and account for nearly 80% of lightning-related deaths. It's thought that this is because men are more likely to have outdoor jobs and less likely to take safety precautions when they hear thunder.


Is dried fruit better or worse for you than fresh fruit?

Drying fruit depletes a large amount of its original nutritional value. It can remove up to %80 of its original vitamin and antioxidant content.


Which of these foods never go bad?

Honey has been mythologically connected with mortality. Honey itself never goes bad.


On any given day, how many Americans are on a diet?

The diet industry is one of the biggest industries in America. On any given day, roughly half of Americans are on a diet.


Which country was nearly sold on eBay?

In 2006, someone attempted to sell New Zealand on eBay. Thousands of dollars were bid before eBay shut the auction down.


In which country are crooked teeth considered cute?

Japanese beauty standards are unique. They favor things like crooked teeth and puffy under eyes.


About ____________ of the world's people have never made or received a telephone call.

More than half of the people on earth have never received or made a telephone call. The spread of technology is not as complete as many people think.


Butterflies taste food with their:

Butterflies ingest nutrients through their feet. They land on flowers and plants to absorb nutrients.


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