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We want ALL the food! When we're eating our favorite meal or snacking on a sweet treat, we'd all like to consider ourselves a "foodie." Sure, you might love food, but so do a lot of people! With all of the delicious foods from around the world, only a culinary genius could master their spelling. Can you?

When you think about all the delicious meals you've had and have yet to have, the last thing on your mind is how to spell them, but not today! This quiz is for the culinary geniuses out there. While you're enjoying pastas, cheeses, and liquors, we want to know if you can actually spell them!

Thinking of the culinary world, you won't only be stuck trying to master the correct English spelling. The amazing thing about cuisine is that ingredients and dishes are adopted from all over the world. Although originating in France, you've probably enjoyed a quiche or, if your palette is a bit more refined, duck confit. While you may never set foot in Italy, we're sure you've either had a macchiato or the sweet-tasting tiramisu. 

With all these delicious domestic and international treats, can you master the spelling of them all? While you've been too busy eating them, the culinary geniuses have also been paying attention to the spelling. Are you one of them?

Can you stop eating biscotti long enough to spell it? Forks and knives at the ready!

Dig in!

After enjoying your appetizer and entree, you might enjoy this sweet treat at the end of your meal.

When it comes to the final portion of your meal, you're eating deSSert. Many often confuse it with the spelling of the dry area of land, desert.


In the middle of the summer, you might fire up the grill for this kind of meal.

Since barbecue is often shortened to BBQ, many believe the word has a 'q' in it. In fact, there is no 'q' in barbecue. It is simply the "cue" sound.


You might enjoy spreading this Italian cream cheese on your bagels.

With the sweet treat, mascarpone, many often spell it wrong because they're SAYING it wrong. People often pronounce is MARScapone, which is wrong.


A healthy appetizer, you might enjoy this kind of salad that comes with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and croutons.

Often served as an appetizer, you might find yourself enjoying a Caesar salad. The spelling of this word is often difficult because many don't realize that the A appears before the E.


Many coffee lovers enjoy this strong, caffeinated beverage.

Many often misspell 'espresso' because they're pronouncing it wrong! Oftentimes, people want to say "express"o, but this Italian drink is definitely an ESpresso.


This Italian pasta comes shaped like a ribbon.

While many people try to add an "I" at the end of this pasta, they'd be wrong! There is ONE I in fettuccine, and it comes before the N.


In this caffeinated coffee drink, you'll find a mix of espresso and milk.

People often spell cappuccino wrong for two reasons. One, they forget to add two P's. Two, rather than remembering the two CC's make a CH sound, they instead add an H to the word.


These small Italian dumplings are made from potato and flour.

When dealing with this Italian dumpling, you'll often find the wrong spelling. People often forget the silent G and the double C.


Made from a combination of soy sauce and vinegar, this sauce originated in England.

Many times people will misspell Worcestershire sauce because of the many syllables. This sauce is named after the town in England, Worcester.


Also a cherry liqueur, this word is used to describe sweet cherries.

Maraschino is a popular liqueur made from sweet cherries, but it also describes the type of cherries used on a sundae. Many misspell this word because they forget the S.


A popular French dish, this is the word for snail.

Escargot is a popular French delicacy of snails. Many misspell this word because of the silent T at the end of the word.


This is a large Spanish dish that includes rice, seafood, and chicken.

Many misspell this popular Spanish dish because of the pronunciation. In order to spell it properly, one must remember that two L's in the Spanish language is pronounced like a Y!


This grain-like seed is now a common, healthy alternative to rice.

Quinoa is a grain-like seed that has become super popular in the health department. Many people are swapping out rice in their diet for this seed.


A common green herb, this is often referred to as the developed stage of cilantro.

Coriander might trip some people up because of the many vowels within the word. Just remember the use of the first four vowels!


This spicy red sauce is made from chili and garlic.

Many misspell sriracha because they're pronouncing it wrong! Rather than it being SIRacha, they're forgetting an R comes after the S.


For this sandwich, you'd need rye bread, corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut.

When it comes to the Reuben sandwich, many spell it wrong because while Ruben is an actual name, the sandwich throws in an E.


Popularly served with strawberries, this cocktail is a mixture of rum and lime juice.

A daiquiri is a popular cocktail of rum and lime juice that is often served with a fruit mix. This spelling of this word is often difficult because of the three "I"s placed throughout the word.


A popular French stew, this meal is made from a variety of fish.

Because of its pronunciation and double letters, Bouillabaisse is often difficult to spell. Throughout the word, there are six letters that appear twice!


Rather than plain mayonnaise, you might enjoy the added mixture of garlic and olive oil in this sauce.

Aioli is a revamped style of mayonnaise. With such a short word, its difficult to remember the spelling with the placement of the three vowels.


In this kind of salad or pizza, you'd find mozzarella, tomato, and basil.

Caprese is a popular Italian style where they add mozzarella, tomato, and basil. This spelling can be difficult with the hard C/K sound and the vowel usage.


This is a popular South American dish of marinated fish served with onions and peppers.

Ceviche is a popular South American dish. Its spelling can often be mistaken. The soft C/S sound can be interchanged.


This is a process of sterilizing a food product, usually done to milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Pasteurize is another difficult word because many forget that it is an 'eur' making the common 'er' sound.


A liqueur from France, this is a popular type of brand.

Many misspell this popular Brandy because of the silent G! Although it's pronounced (CONE-YAK), it definitely isn't spelled that way!


This is a white Italian cheese.

While it might not seem too difficult, many misspell mozzarella because off the two double letters.


This is a fluffy French pastry often served for breakfast.

Another popular French pastry/term, croissant is often misspelled because of the difficulty matching up the pronunciation with the letters.


A Japanese dish made from soybeans that have been boiled while still in their pods.

Another international dish, edamame is often misspelled because it SOUNDS like there could be multiple spellings of the word, but there's only one!


This glass or ceramic container is often used to serve drinks like water or wine.

Many misspell carafe because of the hard c sound at the beginning of the word. They also flub the spelling of the pronunciation "rafe."


A French term, this is the name for a piece of steak cut from beef tenderloin.

Filet Mignon is a popular steak dish. It is often misspelled because since it is a French term, many can't nail down the spelling from the pronunciation.


Served at the beginning of a meal, this is the French term for appetizers.

Hors D'oeuvre is just a word that you either know or don't know! This French word is hard for most to spell with the silent letters and the intricate spelling.


This sweet topping is made from egg whites and sugar before being baked.

Many misspell the sweet treat, meringue. Some might get it confused with the Latin dance, but we're sure the 'ue' at the end trips many people up!


A German dish, this is the name for cabbage that has been soaked in brine, a salty mixture.

While you might want to use the English spelling of "sour," this word is a German dish with the spelling, 'sauer.'


A type of summer squash, this long green vegetable is often mistaken for a cucumber.

Zucchini might be a difficult word for some because many are left to interpret the vowel sounds on their own. There is no O in this word and one might get tripped up on the double C!


A popular Polish dish, this dumpling comes stuffed with potatoes and cheese.

Pierogi is another word that is often misspelled because of the vowel sounds. While it is often pronounced like "peer," it is spelled "pier."


This is a dry, Italian ham that comes in thin slices.

Prosciutto can be a very difficult Italian food to spell. The 'sci' make a soft 'g' sound and we can't forget about the double T at the end of the word.


Not quite a vegan, this is a person who has removed meat from their diet.

While it seems simple enough, people often misspell vegetarian. It seems that the vowels sounds trick people into replacing e's with a's and vice versa.


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