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It's definitely not broccoli. Meat, glorious, charred and delicious meat, is one of humankind's oldest and most basic foods. In earlier times, people set traps and used spears, or whatever other tools were handy, in order to bring down wild game. Then, they'd cook that meat over a fire or preserve it. These days, the meat industry is booming all around the world, feeding the billions of hungry folks each year. But what do you really know about meat?

For starters, there are many types of meat. Humans have been known to devour almost any animal that crawls, flies or swims too slowly to escape our clutches, but we've developed a preference for the domesticated kinds. Beef, pork and chicken all rule the meat department. Do you know which animals produce which cuts?

Meats come and go in popularity. Where one generation prefers beef, a new age wants something else. Can you name some of the most famous types of meats?

Not all meats are created equal. Some are better in terms of nutritional value and others are linked to potential health issues. 

Grab a knife and dig into this meaty quiz! We'll find out if you're a true carnivore or just a walking vegetable.

Beef is a type of _____ meat.

Beef -- from cattle -- is a type of red meat. Packed with iron and a good source of protein, many researchers say you probably shouldn't eat red meat every day.


What's an example of poultry?

Poultry is domestic fowl. That means chicken, turkey, duck and the like.


What's a term for meat with low fat content?

Meats that have low fat content are "lean" meats. They generally have a fat content of between 5 and 10%.


Meat is often regarded as very important if you have what sort of lifestyle?

Athletes need a lot of protein in order to keep their muscles running at optimum levels, and to build new muscle. Meat is a fast way to get a lot of protein.


A rib eye is a popular cut of meat from which kind of meat?

Rib eye steaks are cut from the rib section of beef. Well-marbled, these are prized for their rich taste and texture.


In general, nutritionists often value mean because it's high in what?

Protein is vital human bodies, helping us build and repair muscle tissue. It is important in maintaining skin, blood, hair and other body parts, too.


Bacon is a type of meat that's most popular from which animal?

You know bacon. It's the salty strips of pork that you fry up in a skillet for a thirsty-inducing breakfast.


Buffalo wings are incredibly popular dish in America. They come from which animal?

Before the 1970s, chicken wings were waste parts. Then a Buffalo, New York fried them up and served them with a tangy sauce … and the buffalo wings crazy was born.


What is tripe?

It's a common meat in some cultures. Tripe is taken from the muscle wall of a cow.


What's one great thing about elk meat?

Elk meat is a protein powerhouse. A four-ounce serving contains 24 grams of protein, more than beef or bison.


What's a quick and easy way to make a chicken dish much healthier?

Chicken skin is high fat. Skinless chicken is a quick way to quickly cut calories and fat in any chicken dish.


Which type of animal yields a porterhouse?

Porterhouse steaks are cut from the short loin in beef. They are basically the same thing as a T-bone steak.


If you're chomping on a loin chop, what are you eating?

Loin chops are taken from the rear of pigs. With their distinctive T-bones, they look a lot like classic beef T-bone cuts.


Which of the following meats has the lowest number of calories?

In the world of meats, chicken is regarded as a lighter choice. In 100 grams of chicken there about 119 calories. In beef? About 189 calories.


Which parts of meat contain the most saturated fats?

Still sucking down the fat from your ribeye steak? You already know this, but that fat is obviously the part that contains the most saturated fats … and it's not good for you.


Veal is meat taken from young ____.

Veal is the meat of young cattle. In some places, veal is very controversial because of concerns regarding animal welfare.


Which meat is highest in saturated fats?

It's one reason that health researcher say you should keep your intake of beef on the low side. Beef has a lot more saturated fats, particularly compared to poultry.


Some meats are particularly high in Vitamin B6. It's important for which purpose?

Vitamin B6 is found in good amounts in many meats. And it's important -- it helps boost blood formation in your body.


Very high levels of meat consumption are often linked to which problem?

Some studies point to very high meat consumption as a culprit in colon cancer. That's especially true for meats that are made with high temperature cooking styles, like grilling or frying.


Brisket is a type of dish made from which animal?

Brisket is a cut of beef that comes from the hefty muscles at the front of the animal. It's full of connective tissue, and thus, benefits from long, slow cooking.


Overconsumption of beef is often linked to which rampant health issue?

Cardiovascular disease -- heart disease -- is the world's top cause of premature death. Researchers suspect that red meats like beef play a role in the development of heart disease.


Which type of meat requires the most resources to produce?

In terms of inputs, beef is very demanding, requiring ungody amounts of water and feed to create protein for humans. Other types of meat, like chicken, yield much more protein with fewer resources.


Which of the following meats has the lowest fat content?

Bison is renowned for its low fat content. Per 100 grams, it has just 1.35 grams of fat, compared to 11 for beef.


Duck and lamb are both very high in what?

When it comes to saturated fats, both lamb and duck are primary culprits. Compared with other meats, like chicken, they're very in in saturated fats.


True or false, are meats are more diverse in nutrients than vegetables?

Meats are great for proteins and fats … and not much more. In terms of nutrient diversity, vegetables are much, much richer than meat.


Compared to other meats, chicken naturally has higher levels of which substance?

Chicken has higher-than-average levels of sodium -- nearly twice the amounts that pork and bison contain, but significantly less than turkey.


What's the protein content of cooked lean beef?

After it's cooked, lean beef is a very good source of protein. It's about 25% protein.


How much cattle feed is required to create a single quarter-pound hamburger?

Meat production is an energy-intensive practice. To get a single quarter-pound hamburger, farmers need to procure nearly 7 pounds of feed.


Which type of meats is the best source of iron?

Red meats like beef are renowned for their high iron content. They're great for combating anemia.


Which meat gets about half of its calories from fat?

Bison is a very lean meat. In a four-ounce serving (200 calories) about half of those calories come from fat.


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