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After reading Books 1-4, you're an expert on the Avatar... or are you? How much do you know about the characters and the plot that drives them forward? Show off your knowledge of the Avatar universe by taking this quiz!

What was all the fuss about Sozin's Comet?

Aang and his friends learned that Sozin's Comet would give the Fire Nation enough power to finish conquering the known world, unless the Fire Lord were defeated first. The characters must accomplish their goals before the comet (here, a ticking time bomb) arrives.

Why does Zuko want to capture the Avatar?

Zuko, the banished prince of the Fire Nation, believes that capturing the Avatar will restore his honor. He refuses to return home without being able to say he located and defeated the Avatar personally.

Sokka, the lovable buffoon who journeys with Aang and Katara, hails from where?

Sokka is Katara's brother and is present when Avatar Aang emerges from his protective layer of ice. He's not a bender, but he approaches his position with a sense of humor and a determination to learn fighting skills.

How much time did Aang spend underwater, where the Fire Nation armies couldn't find him, leaving the world without an Avatar to guide it?

After one hundred years of no Avatar, many people had given up hope of ever seeing the Avatar again. When Aang returned, his arrival was met with mixed feelings: some were overjoyed at his return, while others were angry and afraid.

In the introduction to every episode, Katara says, "Everything changed when..."

The phrase "everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked" is not only one of the show's most famous lines, it's also a running joke fans use when engaging new content.

During the first war with the Fire Nation, which group was wiped out?

The Fire Nation launched a coordinated strike against the Air temples, resulting in genocide. Aang blamed himself for not being present to fight, but in reality, his survival was key to the continuation of the airbending line.

Which element did Aang initially refuse to bend?

After accidentally burning Katara while learning firebending, he swore off the practice. Over time, he learned to be more careful and accepted a firebending teacher.

On Kyoshi Island, all the formidable warriors are what?

The Kyoshi Warriors are young women trained in martial arts. They are formidable in battle, wearing armored green kimonos and metal headdresses. Their weapons include metal fans.

Which creature, known as the original firebender, taught Aang and Zuko how to fire bend without using rage?

Two ancient dragons, Ran and Shaw, helped Aang and Zuko master firebending and better understand the source of firebending power. This allowed Zuko and Aang to bend fire without fueling their bending with rage.

What do Aang's tattoos mean?

The arrow tattoos that Aang sports are because of his status as an airbending master. When he received them at the age of twelve, he was the youngest airbender to receive this symbol of accomplishment.

Which character was secretly the renowned Blue Spirit?

Zuko assumed the mask of the Blue Spirit when he rescued Aang from Zhao's prison (so he could recapture him later, of course). As a member of the Fire Nation, he couldn't risk being discovered aiding the Avatar.

How does Aang feel about killing his opponents?

Aang is as much a pacifist as he can be as the Avatar. He will fight, but he does not fight to kill; he disables his opponents and allows other authorities to deal with them later.

Which of the following characters is first to capture Aang?

Prince Zuko captures Aang early in the series, but Aang uses his airbending abilities to escape. He only surrendered in order to protect Sokka and Katara's village, so he has no qualms about fighting over open water.

What does Aang use to fly?

Aang uses a glider disguised as a staff to glide through the air, propelling it forward with bending. Appa the sky bison is his other ride of choice, along with being his friend for life.

Which of the following is General Iroh often seen doing?

Iroh voluntarily journeys alongside Zuko to protect him and attempt to form his conscience. In the meantime, he is often seen happily making tea and playing the ancient game of Pai Sho.

What is risky about using the Avatar State?

Using the Avatar State comes with two big risks for Aang: because he didn't undergo proper training, he won't know how to control the Avatar State until he is much older. Secondly, if he should die while in the Avatar State, there could be no new Avatar: the line of Avatars would permanently end.

The rag-tag team of child rebels Jet assembled to wage guerrilla warfare against the Fire Nation soldiers is called what?

The Freedom Fighters frequently made small raids against the soldiers, stealing their supplies and generally annoying them. Katara trusted Jet blindly until she realized that he was happy to sacrifice innocent lives to achieve his goals.

When the team finds a buried library to discover when Sozin's Comet would return, they are confronted by a spirit in the form of what?

The Spirit Library, guarded by an owl-like spirit named Wan Shi Tong, houses the information Aang needs to time his attack against the Fire Nation. Wan Shi Tong chases them out, angry that the knowledge they sought would be used for war.

General Iroh seems happiest when he's doing what?

Iroh delights in sharing his love for a good cup of tea and happily soaks up the praise his little tea shop receives during his time in Ba Sing Se. He does enjoy a good fight, but only when it's fair or when he can beat up some bad guys.

While visiting the Northern Water Tribe, Aang and friends save it from what?

Joining forces with Princess Yue, Aang and his friends manage to save the Northern Water Tribe from an invasion led by Admiral Zhao. Zhao intended to permanently destroy waterbending by killing the Moon Spirit, but was narrowly foiled by Yue sacrificing her life to save the Spirit.

Who teaches Aang to earthbend?

Toph, or the "Blind Bandit" as she's known in the ring, is one of the most powerful earthbenders known. Her blindness forced her to explore bending as a way of seeing, and it became an integral part of her life.

What lies at the bottom of Lake Laogai, the lake just outside Ba Sing Se?

Lake Laogai houses the brainwashing facility run by the Dai Li, Ba Sing Se's secret police. Aang and the gang narrowly escape and proceed to inform the Earth King of Long Feng's treachery.

What great weapon do Azula and the Fire Nation soldiers use in an attempt to break through Ba Sing Se's walls?

Azula attacks Ba Sing Se with a massive drill. It would have worked had not Team Avatar interfered!

After striking Aang with a bolt of lightning, what does Azula tell Fire Lord Ozai?

She claims that giving Zuko the credit was all so that his honor would be restored in Ozai's eyes, but Zuko realizes that she's setting him up. If the Avatar isn't actually dead, Zuko will be the one blamed for failing.

What is the name of the beach where Zuko, Mai, Azula and Ty Lee face themselves?

Ember Island plays an important role in the lives and backstory of many of the show's characters. It brings up memories for Zuko and Azula, and it's where the Ember Island Players perform an extremely biased rendition of Aang and the gang's adventures.

Which of these characters is not an Avatar?

Katara becomes an impressively strong bender, but she's not an Avatar. Aang is the only living Avatar, but he communicates with past Avatars in the spirit world.

The King of Omashu, a city in the Earth Kingdom, is actually who?

King Bumi was friends with Aang when he was a child and happily reveals his true identity after Aang completes various dangerous tasks. Bumi is fun-loving and slightly crazy, but also imparts some wisdom to Aang before they move on.

Ultimately, with whom does Prince Zuko side?

Zuko struggles mightily with his "destiny" and is eventually won over by seeing his beloved Uncle Iroh in prison and learning that his grandfather was Avatar Roku. He teaches Aang firebending and fights against the Fire Nation at the end of the series.

What substance besides pure water does Katara learn how to bend?

Katara can bend anything with water in it, including human bodies. She learns the skill when she's captured by a bloodbender and is horrified when she must use the ability to defend herself.

How does Aang defeat Fire Lord Ozai?

Aang was taught how to block and release chakras by the ancient Lion Turtle. Using his newfound knowledge, Aang is able to subdue and defeat the Fire Lord without taking his life.

Which of the following pairs is officially a couple at the end of the series?

Aang harbors a very obvious crush for Katara throughout much of the series, while Katara takes some time to view Aang as more than just a child. She initially shows feelings for Prince Zuko, but ultimately falls deeply in love with Aang.

What becomes of Fire Lord Ozai and his daughter Azula?

They're too dangerous to let loose, but Zuko, Aang, and the other fire nation officials decide to let them live. Ozai spends his remaining days in prison, his bending gone; Azula is committed to a mental health institution.

Which of the following pairs was NOT a couple in "Avatar: The Last Airbender"?

Toph was the only member of Team Avatar without a significant other by the close of the series. Aang and Katara are known to marry after the series ends, but Mai and Zuko are just dating. Same for Sokka and Suki.

After processing Zuko's choice to leave the Fire Nation, what does his lover, Mai, do?

Mai shocks Azula by choosing her love for Zuko over her loyalty to Azula. Mai's tipping point was when she realized Azula would let Zuko die, something Mai could never be a part of.

Who is the only member of Team Avatar whose parents are both alive?

Katara, Zuko and Sokka all lost their mothers; Aang lost both his parents in the Fire Nation attack. Toph is not an orphan: both her parents live comfortably in the Earth Kingdom, but her relationship with them is strained.

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