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Everybody truly loved Lucy and her wacky adventures!

The Ricardos were one of the funniest families on television and always found themselves in crazy situations. The world was treated to a comedic glimpse into the life of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball's marriage every week. Fans of the show watched as Lucy Ricardo and Lucille Ball both gave birth on the same night. They also watched as both of the families grew older.

Do you know how Lucy revealed her pregnancy to Ricky? What about which stars made appearances throughout the show? Do you know the names of the Ricardos' best friends and neighbors? Do you know where the Ricardos and their friends went on trips throughout the series? The Ricardos were always up to something, whether it be something as small as a bet or trips around the world!

Do you know where Ricky's family was from? Can you name the superhero that made an appearance? Do you know the history of the Ricardos? 

For a decade, "I Love Lucy" brought laughs to living rooms across the country. It continues to entertain today's fans as well. So if you think you know the life of the Ricardos, take the quiz to see your score! 

What instrument did Little Ricky learn how to play?

Little Ricky learned how to play the drums. Their son's new skill makes them wonder about his future, but it also made everyone's heads hurt!


Where is Ricky's family from?

Ricky's family was from Cuba. Ricky's mother visited in one episode and Ricky and Lucy visited Cuba in one episode as well.


What did Ethel, Fred, and Ricky bet Lucy?

Ethel, Fred, and Ricky bet Lucy that she couldn't go a day without lying. They quickly found that it might be better if Lucy lied instead of being brutally honest with everyone.


Where did Lucy and Ethel work for a day in "Job Switching"?

The girls worked in a candy factory in this episode while Fred and Ricky worked as housewives. This episode was a fan favorite and it is credited for how funny it is.


Why did Lucy go to the hospital in the episode "Lucy Goes to the Hospital"?

Lucy went to the hospital to give birth in this episode. Did you know that during this time, she was also pregnant with her son in real life?


Who makes a cameo in a two-part episode?

In a two-part episode of the show, John Wayne made a cameo. Lucy and Ethel stole John Wayne's footprints from the cement they were left in!


What is the name of the product for which Lucy shoots a commercial in "Lucy Does A TV Commercial"?

Lucy did a commercial for "Vitameatavegamin" which was a combination of the words and ingredients in the product. She did so many takes, the product got her drunk!


Is it true or false that the show was filmed in front of a live audience?

This is true. The show was filmed in front of a live audience but sometimes, shots were taken after the audience had left. This would happen in cases where things might have gone wrong or another take had to be done.


What did Lucy lose during the episode "Building a Bar-B-Q"?

Lucy lost her wedding band in the episode and she had to go to great lengths to find it. It involved taking apart an entire barbeque.


What did Lucy and Ethel make in the episode "Pioneer Women"?

Lucy and Ethel made a huge loaf of bread in this episode. Did you know that after the filming of the episode, the bread was served to the audience?


Is it true or false that Ricky was played by Lucy's real-life husband?

This is true. Ricky Ricardo was played by Desi Arnaz who married Lucille Ball in 1940. They stayed together for 20 years. Their marriage ended in divorce.


What was the spin-off of the show called?

The show's spin-off was called "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour." The show ran for three seasons until Desi and Lucy had troubles in their real marriage.


What song did Lucy request in the episode, "Lucy Is Enceinte"?

Lucy requested the song "We're Having A Baby" for Ricky to sing. This was her way of sharing the important news with her husband.


After the birth of Little Ricky, what did Ricky hire?

In the episode "Lucy Hires A Maid," Ricky did just that. He wanted to help Lucy out since the birth of the baby was affecting her sleep patterns.


Who was sat next to Lucy in a restaurant in Los Angeles?

William Holden sat next to Lucy in a restaurant in the episode, "L.A., At Last." Lucy was excited to see him. Eve Arden also made an appearance in this episode.


What superhero made a cameo on the show?

Superman made a cameo on the show on the day of Little Ricky's birthday. He was Little Ricky's favorite superhero and his biggest birthday wish.


When Ricky decided to leave performing, what did he decide to do with Lucy, Ethel, and Fred?

After Ricky decided to leave show business, he decided to open a restaurant with Lucy and their friends. Their diner did not turn out to be the success they thought it would be.


Which of the following actors never guest starred on the show?

Natalie Wood did not guest star on the show. The show had a star-studded list of guest stars throughout its long run, including Cornel Wilde.


What did Lucy try to sell in the episode, "The Million-Dollar Idea"?

Lucy tried to sell her homemade salad dressing in this episode. It truly was a million dollar idea, as Lucy could not keep up with the demand!


Which of the following stars made a cameo in the show?

Harpo Marx made a cameo in the show while Lucy was dressing up to pretend to be him. Lucy's friend wanted to meet some famous friends of Lucy's while she was in town!


What did Lucy get stuck on her head in one episode?

Lucy got a trophy stuck on her head in the episode, "Lucy and the Loving Cup." Ricky was supposed to present the trophy, but Lucy had to find a way to get it off her head first!


Where were Lucy and Ethel heading when they hitchhiked?

The girls were going to Florida in the episode titled, "Off to Florida." They were going to visit their husbands who were working in the state.


How did Lucy try to get to Europe in "The Passports"?

Lucy tried to get to Europe by hiding inside of a trunk. She found herself in yet another bad situation when she was locked inside of the trunk with no way out.


What was the name of the movie for which Lucy was chosen in "Lucy's Italian Movie"?

"Bitter Grapes" was the name of the movie Lucy was filming in this episode. Lucy had to do some grape stomping to play her role in the film.


What hobby did Lucy take up in the episode, "The Séance"?

Lucy got into astrology in this episode. Her hobby caused some trouble for Ricky and as the title suggests, she found herself in a séance.


Where is Ethel's hometown?

Ethel was from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She visited her hometown along with her husband and friends in the episode titled, "Ethel's Home Town."


What pet did Little Ricky get in the show?

Little Ricky got a pet dog in the show. It was a Cairn Terrier named Fred that the family almost didn't keep, until he grew on everyone.


What mountain range did Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel climb?

The friends climbed the Swiss Alps. They experienced an avalanche that forced them to stay in a cabin on the mountain range.


What was Madame X wanted for?

Madame X was wanted for cat burglary in the show. She was a lady from the neighborhood, but although they had ideas, nobody knew for sure who she was.


True or false: Lucy and Desi's real son appeared in the show.

This is true. He appeared once in the episode titled, "The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue." His appearance was extremely brief, but he also appear in his mother's other television shows.


In which famous person's house do Lucy and Ethel find themselves?

Lucy and Ethel found themselves in Richard Widmark's house. They were on a tour of famous Hollywood homes, and got stuck in the house after picking fruit from his yard.


After moving to the country, what did Lucy and Ricky try to raise?

Lucy and Ricky tried to raise chickens after moving to their new home in the countryside. They ended up with a few too many of them to handle after some chicks were born!


Is it true or false that the show never had a Christmas episode?

This is false. The show had an episode titled, "I Love Lucy Christmas Show." It followed the family through Christmas festivities and recalling the best memories from the past.


Where in Europe was Lucy on Little Ricky's birthday?

Lucy was in Florence, Italy, at the time. She was upset that she was missing her sons big day, but she tried to make it as special as she could from overseas.


What did Lucy do when Ricky grew a moustache?

Lucy grew her own beard in the episode "The Moustache." It resembled Santa Claus' beard and she had a hard time getting rid of it.


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