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According to the dictionary, an expert is described as someone who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of, or skill in, a particular area. Being an expert is an industry so ever-changing as skin-care is not an easy task, as new products are popping up on the shelves everyday, new safety laws are passed, and new trends pop up on social media and in magazines, especially given that skin is the largest organ of the human body! 

Anti-aging, skin-brightening, acne control and toning are just a few examples of the types of products you can find on the market these days. Not to mention how different seasons impact the market. Summer sees sunscreen for healthy skin and tinted moisturizers for that after-sun glow without the sun, while winter sees deep skin moisturizers for dry, winter skin. It's hard to keep up! If you find yourself testing more products than you can count, recommending the best products to your friends and family and researching the new trends and products, you might be a skincare expert. Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

Which competition show heavily features popular makeup and skincare brands?

This Tyra Banks hosted show produces top models who have gone on to gain modeling contracts with top agencies, as well as contracts with hugely popular cosmetic brands, even appearing in commercials.

Why is raw honey good for the skin?

Raw, organic honey has so many health properties for the skin. It can help combat acne because of its antibacterial properties, soothe skin due to its moisturizing nature, and slow down the effects of aging because of the antioxidants.

What's the highest SPF one really needs for proper sun protection?

The SPF rating is a measure of the time it would take you to sunburn if you were not wearing sunscreen as opposed to the time it would take with sunscreen on. SPF 15 blocks about 94% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks about 96%, and SPF 45 blocks about 98%. After that, the increase in SPF does not necessarily increase protection against the sun's rays, according to experts. No SPF offers 100% sun protection.

What is the benefit of topical Vitamin C?

Due to its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C naturally protects against things that could potentially damage it, and also helps repair any damage that may exist. Ascorbic Acid is the most popular when it comes to skincare, but there is also Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Ester-C.

Is exfoliating really necessary?

Exfoliating feels good, and is a key part of any self-care routine. It can help prevent breakouts by preventing dead skin cells and debris from clogging pores, brighten and tighten skin, and make skin appear younger and more supple.

What's better: pure serums or moisturizers?

It doesn't hurt to pair serums with a moisturizer, but if you are looking to boost Vitamin C, go with a serum. Same goes for HA, Retinol products, and much more. Moisturizer has larger molecules in it, which prevents it from getting as deep into the layers of your skin as a serum would.

Where is the thinnest skin located that people may neglect?

Compared to the skin on your feet (at 1.4 mm thick) the skin on your eye lid is just .02 mm thick! It can be subject to irritation and dryness just like any other part of your skin, which could also get in your eyes if bad enough. If you moisturize your eye lids, make sure to do so with a cream that is safe to apply, or is a specific eye cream.

What is the most common type of skin cancer?

Basal cell carcinoma is usually experienced on exposed parts of the body such as face, neck, nose, ears, etc., and effects nearly 800,000 Americans every year. Using proper sun care and taking proper precautions can reduce your risk, but it is important to get any sketchy moles or spots check out by a doctor to be sure.

What are parabens?

Parabens are used as a preservative in multiple industries, but key industries are pharmaceutical and cosmetic, and you might be surprised where you'd find them. They are added to deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, among other daily-use products. But why is this bad, you may ask? Some studies have shown that parabens use can skew hormone levels, especially estrogen. While that hasn't been proven, if you are worried about it, make sure to read the ingredients label of your products and look for paraben free.

What does smoking do to your skin?

Smoking makes your skin look older, contributing to wrinkles and damages collagen and elastin mostly because smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the out layers of the skin and decreases blood flow. This makes skin appear thinner and paler.

Do pore strips work?

While many believe that pore strips are the end all, be all of blackhead maintenance, experts say that is just not true. When you use a pore strip is, while it does pull out gunk and blackheads, it stretches your pores while doing so, and overtime, your pores won't be able to shrink back to normal size. This will leave you with enlarged pores just begging to be filled with blackheads.

Which of the following is a cause for acne?

When you hold your cell phone up to your ear, all of the bacteria that was in your pocket, purse, floor of your car, etc. is now all over your face. Clean your cell phone screen regularly to avoid spreading these acne causing bacterium to your face. Fall asleep with makeup on a few times? That lives in the fibers of your pillowcase now. Change it weekly to prevent breakouts. Shower water is a little different, but using a water filtering system can combat any harsh metals in your water.

What was the original use of Oil of Olay?

In its history, Oil of Olay was started by Graham Gordon Wulff, a chemist, who used it during WWII to aid in burn wounds from the British Royal Air Force. The more modern use for it is to tighten skin, fight wrinkles, even skin tone, and a few others.

What is NOT one of the Big Eight skin care/cosmetic companies that owns most others?

The Big Eight companies that own most other cosmetic/skincare companies are: Estée Lauder, L'Oréal, Coty, Shiseido, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, LVMH or Procter & Gamble. Keep in mind, though, just because one umbrella company owns multiple different brands doesn't mean all of those brands are created equal. Checking ingredient labels and looking for things that you care about in products is still key.

What is the correct order to apply products?

Cleansing is always the first task - you wouldn't want to put more products on a dirty face. The reason for the order is that products absorb better when applied before or after other products. For example, apply the thinnest items first like the toner and serums, because they need to get deep into the skin in order to work as advertised. Then you follow with the heavier creams.

What is considered misleading in skincare labeling?

There are many factors that go into labeling skin care products. Ingredients must be listed, as well as where the product was manufactured and packaged. But labeling can be misleading if it leaves out material facts to the use or effectiveness of the product, as well as any consequences or side effects of using the product.

Cleopatra was said to have bathed in the milk of 700 donkeys. What skin care benefits did that possess?

Roman historian, Cassius Dio, wrote of Cleopatra as a woman of surpassing beauty who was brilliant to look upon, but it was Hippocrates who wrote that she bathed in the milk of 700 goats. If you're looking for a similar effect but don't have access to donkey milk (honestly, who does?) whole goat's milk will do the trick.

When is the best time to start using anti-aging products?

While there is no exact time that one should start using anti-aging cream, the earlier you use it, the better chance you have to staving off wrinkles and aging skin. Experts say you can start using it as early as 21 years old, and it is also recommended to NOT wait until you already see signs of aging.

What is the real, best way to get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is usually hereditary, and while there are things you can do to minimize and reduce the look of cellulite, once it's there, it's there for good. Exercise and keep the muscles toned will help, and skin tightening products might also help, but it's time to start embracing it and realizing that most people have it.

Do men need different skin care products than women?

Testosterone makes men's skin thicker by almost 25% compared to women! Puberty also causes males to produce more sebum than women, and shaving rustles up dead skin cells that can clog pores.

What does a forehead breakout mean?

Cheaper hair products like shampoo and conditioner often contain pore clogging ingredients. You might not even realize these products are getting on your face, so make sure to take time to rinse them off. Hair serums and other treatments can have the same effect.

What is the most important skin care step?

While all of these options are important for optimal skin health, cleansing is the most important. That's probably why it's the first step of an ideal regimen. You want your face to be clean and free of dirt before adding any of the other steps in, or else, what's the point?

What brand of foundation claims to be skin clearing?

Neutrogena has a line of skin clearing foundation that claims to control blemishes and reduce breakouts due to the salicylic acid formula in them makeup. It claims it won't clog pores or make your skin look oily, nor will it dry it out. Despite all of this, it's still important to take your makeup off at night.

Can face products be used on the neck?

Necks can show age just like facial skin, and skin on other body parts can. If you are already taking the time to do a full regiment on your face, take it a little south and incorporate your neck in all of the steps.

Why should you cleanse twice a day?

In the morning, you want to wake your skin up and get it ready for the day and to do its best to repel dirt. At night, you want to wash off all of the stuff that made it past the barrier of cleanliness, and got onto and into your skin, especially if you work out, are exposed to the elements such as rain or smog.

How often does the skin renew itself?

Every 28 days, our skin sheds all of the dead and old skin cells, and replaces them with brand new ones. That doesn't mean you'll automatically have shiny, clear skin every 28 days, however. Think of where your skin is now, and then think 28 days in the future. If you do not take care of your skin, it will look the same, or worse.

Which celebrity has launched their own organic skincare line?

Miranda Kerr started an organic skin care line in 2006 with the main focus of creating products that transformed people's confidence, skin, and making the products healthier than others on the market. They use all certified organic products because "what you put on your skin soaks in."

What is commonly found skin care ingredient, Glycerin?

Glycerin is the commonly used humectant for hydrating skin and providing a barrier for the skin. A humectant, by definition, is the ability to absorb moisture from air and keep it in the skin.

Which of these is a cosmetic chemical to absolutely avoid?

There is a list called "The Dirty Dozen" and they are all chemicals that should be avoided in skin care products. The others on the list are: BHA and BHT, Coal tar dyes, DEA-related ingredients, Dibutyl phthalate, Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, Parabens, Parfum (fragrance), PEG compounds, Petrolatum, Siloxanes, Sodium laureth sulfate, and Triclosan.

What was the very first cosmetic product ever used in the world?

Ubtan originates from Ayurvedic India and is a mix of various herbs, plants, roots and flowers. The mixture was based on skin-type and desired outcomes, and in addition to Diwali, it also became popular at Haldi ceremonies during Indian weddings.

What role does Vitamin D play in skin health?

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in skin protection and rejuvenation, as well as contributing to skin's growth and repair. Since your skin sheds so many cells each day, it's important to replenished by a continuous Vitamin D backed renewal process.

What skin factor determines what hair will grow?

The size of oil glands greatly determines what type of hair will grow. Larger oil glands will result in thinner hair, while smaller oil glands will produce thicker hair. The peripheral area of the face have smaller oil glands, hence why men grow bears there as opposed to the middle of their face.

What are the fats called that keep you skin's outer layer healthy?

Lipids are the skins natural fats, and using harsh cleansers, products, and treatments will actually deplete your skin's supply of it. This causes dry skin, and is also why it's important to use natural products.

What determines skin color?

Everyone has the same amount of melanin, so skin color depends on the activity of the melanin, not how much. Melanin is also responsible for your eye color.

What are the three layers of the skin?

The epidermis is waterproof mostly made up of dead skin cells. The dermis houses the sweat glands and hair, and the subcutis layer is where you'll find fat and blood vessels.

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