Quiz: Can You Ace This American History Quiz?
Can You Ace This American History Quiz?
By: Annette
Image: PCH

About This Quiz

"Give me liberty or give me death!" While this quiz isn't as do or die as Patrick Henry might've thought it to be, it's just as important! Henry's cry for freedom from Great Britain was one of the earliest markers in American history and helped change the way towards the American Revolutionary War. With that war came the establishment of the United States of America as a country. America has nearly 250 years of history. Only Americans with an IQ of 130+ can pass this test. Can you?

While there are thousands and thousands of years of history on this land, American history as we know it, began in 1607 with the Jamestown settlement. Starting with this time, the settlers would go from wards of Great Britain to rebels demanding freedom. 

After the establishment of the United States in the late 1700s, the country would go through the Civil War, Great Depression, and World Wars. Presidents would be inaugurated and assassinated. Wars were fought, and peace was found. From the 1600s until the 21st century, how much of it do you know?

Jamestown is considered the first settlement in which state? What was the first state to ratify the Constitution? Which President helped boost America out of the Great Depression? If you know these answers, you just might be ready to ace this quiz. Can you prove that you belong to the elite group of people to beat this test? Let's find out!

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