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It was a Sweet Sixteen to remember, but not for all the reasons for which it should have been memorable! Sam's special day started out rough for her and didn't get much better. She was faced with countless problems and dilemmas that never seemed to end. What was your Sweet Sixteen like?

Do you remember what Sam's family forgot at the beginning of the movie? Do you know who Long Duk Dong is? Can you name the person who was getting married? Knowledge of the events in the movie will help you to ace this quiz!

How well do you know the characters in the movie? Do you know who had a crush on Jake? How about who Sam was forced to take with her to the school dance? What about the name of Sam's best friend? Did you know that Sara, who plays Sam's little sister, only had one line?

The movie also had a few secrets. For example, there was a scene that is only shown when the movie is played on television. It's a short scene that takes place in the cafeteria.

"Sixteen Candles" is a movie that won over the hearts of the millions of people who grew up with it. So, if you think you know the movie, take the quiz to see if you know how Sam gets her birthday wish!

What did Sam's family forget?

Sam's family forgot about her birthday. She expected that she would be greeted with a birthday wish from her family but when she saw them, they simply brushed her off and forgot to make her lunch.


Who picked up the note that Sam tried to pass to Randy in class?

Jake picked up the note that Sam tried to pass to Randy. Randy wasn't paying attention and it fell to the floor. The note was confidential and contained information about Sam's crush on Jake.


What secret did Ted tell Sam?

Ted told Sam that he had never had a girlfriend. Sam thought the confession was hysterical, until Ted tried to make a move on her.


Where was the after-party for the dance held?

The after-party for the dance was held at Jake's house while his parents were out of town. Jake spent the party hanging out alone in his room, searching his yearbook.


Is it true or false that Sam was saving herself for Ted?

This is false. Sam was actually saving herself for Jake Ryan which she revealed to Ted in the auto shop. After Ted got this information, he tried to use it to his advantage.


After Randy got off the bus, who approached Sam?

Ted approached Sam after Randy got off the bus. He was trying to ask her to come to a dance with him, but she told him how she really felt.


Who was staying with the Bakers for Ginny's wedding?

Sam's grandparents were staying with the Bakers for the wedding. Sam had no idea and she had quite the surprise when she arrived at home that day!


Who was living with the Baker grandparents?

Long Duk Dong, an exchange student, was living with the Baker grandparents. He was staying in Mike's room where Sam was planning to stay while her grandparents occupied her room.


Who was Jake's girlfriend?

Caroline was Jake's girlfriend. Jake didn't feel like their relationship was working and after picking up Sam's note, he spoke with his friend about her.


Is it true or false that Sam refused to be Ginny's bridesmaid?

This is false. Sam agreed to be Ginny's bridesmaid despite the way that Ginny treated her. Sam was by Ginny's side to help her prepare for the wedding.


What did Ginny think when Sam told her that she thought that she was in love?

Ginny thought that Sam was jealous of the attention she was receiving. Ginny had forgotten Sam's birthday as well, and then called her "selfish."


At the beginning of the movie, who did Sara accuse of hitting her?

Sara accused Mike of hitting her. He didn't, but they did get into a small argument before their father intervened.


Who tried to impress Sam at the dance?

Ted tried to impress Sam at the dance. His friends didn't believe that he could actually talk to her, so he wanted to prove them wrong. He tried to dance with her but ended up dancing by himself.


After making a bet with his friends, what did Ted have to get to prove that he and Sam were together?

In order to prove himself, Ted had to get a pair of Sam's underwear. He bet his friends that he was capable of doing it, even after the rejection he had just faced on the dance floor.


Is it true or false that Long Duk Dong found a date at the dance?

This is true. Long Duk Dong found a date at the dance who allowed him to cry on her shoulder. When he asked her if she had boys chasing her, she told him that she didn't.


Who was getting married in the movie?

Ginny was getting married. When we first meet her, we find out that her wedding is planned for the next day and that the Bakers are preparing for it.


Who questioned Ted about Sam after they saw him talking to her?

Jake questioned Ted about Sam after he saw him talking to Sam. He wanted to find out all that he could about her and to find out if she was seeing Ted.


Which character had a birthday on the day in which the movie began?

Sam was celebrating her birthday on the day in which the movie began. She had turned 16 and was struggling with the fact that she hadn't physically changed the way in which she had expected.


Who went to the dance with Sam?

Long Duk Dong went to the dance with Sam. After she excused herself from dinner, her grandmother made Sam take him with her. Sam was not thrilled.


Is it true or false that Ted got Sam's underwear?

This is true. Sam decided to help out Ted after he had helped her out by giving her information and advice about Jake. It was the only way he could win his bet.


What did Jake and Sam do after Sam skipped the wedding reception?

Jake and Sam celebrated Sam's birthday. When Jake told Sam to make a wish, she told him that she already got her wish and they kissed.


Where did Sam go to try to get away from Ted?

Sam went to the auto shop to try to escape from Ted. Unfortunately for her, he was able to find her and apologize for his earlier behavior.


On the night of the dance, what did Sam's parents do?

On the night of the dance, Sam's parents had dinner with Ginny's future in-laws. The two families were complete opposites but pretended to like each other.


Who answered the phone at Sam's house when Jake called?

Sam's grandparents answered the phone when Jake called her line. Sam had her own phone line in her room where her grandparents were staying and therefore had no idea that Jake was trying to contact her.


Is it true or false that Sam's parents eventually remembered her birthday?

This is true. Sam's parents did eventually remember her birthday, although it was late. Her father couldn't sleep and came to wish her a happy birthday.


What did Jake see on his way to the church?

Jake saw Caroline and Ted kissing on the way to the church. He was surprised, but he wasn't mad since he was finally going to tell Sam how he felt.


Who was under Jake's table?

Ted was under Jake's table at the end of the party. He was trapped, but it was for the better since he and Jake got to talk and make a deal with one another.


What did Caroline try to feed Ted while they were driving?

Caroline tried to feed Ted a birth control pill while he was driving. When she revealed what it was, he spit it out the window.


What role did Sam have in Ginny's wedding?

Sam was a bridesmaid at Ginny's wedding. Sam is a relative of Ginny as many bridesmaids are, although Ginny was unhappy with the way that Sam was treating her.


Is it true or false that Ted and Jake made a deal with each other after the party?

This is true. Jake was going to return Sam's underwear and let Ted take Caroline home. Ted was reluctant at first, but he eventually agreed to do it.


What did Ted have his friends do to prove that he was with a girl?

Ted had his friends take a picture to prove that he was with a girl. When his friends took the picture, they only got Ted in the frame instead of both Ted Caroline.


What did Jake do when he finally got to speak with Sam?

When Jake finally had his chance to speak with Sam, he asked if he could call her. She said yes, and decided to spend the rest of the day with him rather than go to Ginny's wedding reception.


What did Long Duk Dong tell Jake?

Long Duk Dong told Jake that Sam was getting married at the church. Since he wasn't fluent in English, he meant that Ginny was getting married.


Is it true or false that Ginny was high on her wedding day?

This is true. Ginny was high on muscle relaxers on her wedding day, almost turning it into a disaster. She stumbled to the altar and threw off her veil.


Who was lost when Ginny's wedding day came?

Long Duk Dong was missing on Ginny's wedding day. He was on a sidewalk where he had slept the night before while Sam's grandfather filed a missing persons report.


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