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Are you a trivia master with a love for gathering the kind of fun facts that make the people around you scratch their heads? There are so many topics in the world to learn about and discover. These range from history to geography, to science, to technology, to health, to the arts, to pop culture and beyond. There is so much out there to learn, and so much being discovered all the time, that it would be hard for one person to know the ins and outs of every single topic. 

However, that does not stop knowledge buffs from doing their best to learn as much as they can. With such a fascinating world out there, and all those trivia nights at local cafes, who could blame them? One could learn for an entire lifetime and still leave this world having only acquired a fraction of the knowledge available.

If you are a true general knowledge buff who loves nothing more than the world's wacky facts, put your general knowledge expertise to the test with this quiz that only the most serious trivia lovers will ace.

Which breed of dog is the biggest, on average?

St. Bernards are the largest of the breeds listed above. Known as nanny dogs due to their good temperament, these large dogs can weigh over 250 pounds.


Who is the most decorated Olympian of all time?

United States swimmer, Michael Phelps, is the most decorated Olympian of all time. He has 28 medals, 23 of them are gold medals.


What is the base of guacamole?

The base of guacamole is mashed or chopped avocado. People then add things like cilantro, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, cilantro and lime juice.


Which US president was known for his exotic pets?

Roosevelt had numerous pets, including a pony, bear and badger. The Emperor of Ethiopia gifted him a hyena he named Bill.


The pop star, Madonna, is afraid of:

Madonna suffers from garophobia. That's the fear of thunder.


Albert Einstein was married to his:

Einstein was married to his cousin, Elsa. She was a first cousin on his mother's side, and a second cousin on his father's side. Elsa was Albert's second wife.


Which human body part gets bigger throughout a person's entire life?

Your nose and ears get bigger throughout your whole life. Due to the way cartilage ages and breaks down, your ears and nose continue to get bigger, although it's a myth that they actually keep growing. It's just gravity working on cartilage.


Does H&M, as in the store, stand for anything?

H&M is the shortened form of Hennes & Mauritz. It was originally a clothing retail shop called Hennes. It became H&M in 1974.


What color were oranges originally?

Oranges were originally green tangerine-pomelo hybrids from Southeast Asia. Oranges from this part of the world stay green through maturity.


True or false: Are peanuts technically nuts?

Peanuts are technically legumes. They are most closely related to beans and peas, rather than actual nuts like walnuts and almonds.


Which fast-food chain is older?

White Castle is the oldest of these chains. It began in the US in 1921. Originally, their hamburgers only cost five cents a piece.


Where is Belize?

Belize is a Central American country. It is on the eastern coast of Central America and bordered to the north and northwest by Mexico.


In which country do you need a doctor's license to give tattoos?

In many Asian countries, tattoos are still a taboo associated with criminals. This was done is South Korea to stop tattooing, but only forced it underground.


Which letter is not in the name of any US state?

All the letters appear in the names of US states except one. That's Q.


Which country was Vincent Van Gogh from?

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter. He was born in Zundert, Netherlands in 1853.


What killed more people in 2015?

More people died in 2015 from injuries related to taking a selfie, than any of the other options. They mostly died from lack of spatial awareness, for instance, falling off or down something.


How many people were in Led Zeppelin?

There were four men in Led Zeppelin. They were Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones. The band formed in 1968.


Heart attacks are more likely to happen on which day of the week?

Heart attacks are more likely to occur on Mondays. They are most likely to happen between 4-10 a.m., as well.


How many toes do cats have on their back feet?

Cats have five toes on their front paws, but four on their back. Experts think they may have evolved in this way to run faster.


True or False: The moon is slowly drifting away from earth.

The moon moves roughly 4 centimeters away from Earth every year. It is estimated that in 50 billion years the moon will have moved so far away that it will take about 47 days to orbit earth, while now it only takes about 27.


The Pythagorean Theorem applies to which shape?

The Pythagorean Theorem is "A squared+ B squared = C squared." It's used to find the hypotenuse of triangles. That's the side opposite the right angle. This can only be used on right triangles.


What is pop star Lana Del Rey's real name?

Pop star Lana Del Rey's birth name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. She was born in New York City in 1985. Her first single was "Video Games."


Was Johnny Appleseed a real man, as he is described in legends?

The mythic Johnny Appleseed was based on the real-life John Chapman. Chapman was a dark and eccentric character who planted apple trees so the apples could be made into alcoholic cider.


The 27 club is made up of celebrities who:

The 27 club is made of celebrities, mostly musicians, who died at 27 years old. Statistically speaking, though, even artists and musicians who engage in risky lifestyle choices are no more likely to die at 27 than anyone else who makes similar choices.


Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden share the same calendar date for what?

Bin Laden's death was announced on May 1, 2011. Hitler's death was announced on May 1, 1945.


What is a flock of crows called?

A group of crows is called a murder. This is likely because they were often seen as an omen of death, but the definitive origin is unknown.


In Switzerland, it is illegal to own only one:

In Switzerland, it is illegal to own only one guinea pig. This is because they are social animals, so owning just one is considered abuse. So if you want one, you need to get at least two.


In which country is about half the population children?

Uganda is an East African country. Roughly half the population of this country is younger than 15 years old.


How long is one day on Venus?

1 solar day on Venus lasts 117 earth days. A solar day on Venus is actually longer than a year on the planet (the time it takes to rotate once on its axis.)


How tall is Jon Stewart?

Jon Stewart is 5'7". He was the host of "The Daily Show." The average height of an American man is 5'9".


Which of these is banned in China?

China is a one-party state which heavily controls which Western media and social media sites are allowed to be accessible to the general population. You can only access these things within China using a VPN.


Where in the world is McDonald's the most expensive?

In Norway, the average McDonald's transaction is roughly $23 USD. Norway is one of the most expensive countries to live in in the world.


How many eggs do octopuses lay?

Octopuses can lay 56,000 eggs at one time. When laid, these eggs are the size of a grain of rice. Normally, only two of these eggs ever become full grown.


What kind of joke was found on a 3,500-year old Babylonian tablet?

The world's oldest your mom joke was discovered on a 3,500-year-old Babylonian tablet. It was found in Iraq in the 1970s.


Which of these languages is not commonly spoken in India?

Maltese is the language of Malta, a Mediterranean island. It is a combination of Italian, Arabic, Sicilian, French and English.


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