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In 1775, the Continental Army shakily took aim at the mighty British Empire in hopes of freeing the American colonies from imperial oppression. George Washington and his men had no idea what they were really getting into — but their ultimate triumph sealed the American Revolution and gave rise to formidable force. In our quiz, what do you really know about the United States military?

From the Revolution to the Spanish-American War to Vietnam, from Normandy to Tokyo, the country’s military has played a major role in history. In some cases, the military even kept America from fading into the ashes of history.

These days, the American military is a ridiculously powerful force, equipped with incredible technologies that allow the U.S. to dominate entire regions of the world. Its Air Force and drone capabilities, along with the Navy, mean America can project its influence anywhere in a matter of hours. What do you know about the nation’s military capabilities?

As if aircraft carriers, bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles weren’t enough, America also has plentiful numbers of special forces troops. These personnel undergo the toughest training anywhere in order to prepare for hostage situations and national emergencies of the worst kind. How much do you know about America’s special forces teams?

Ten hut! Spit shine those boots, snap to attention, and get ready to do battle with this incredible military quiz. We’ll find out if you’re cut out for combat action or if you should stick to cleaning out the latrines.

The Green Berets are a special forces unit of which branch of the military?

Officially, they’re known as the United States Army Special Forces. But their unique hats mean they’re popularly called the Green Berets, and they are some of America’s best-trained soldiers.


In the early early 1860s, some U.S. officers resigned their positions to take up with what other military?

In the 1860s, some men were loyal to the South ... so they resigned from the U.S. military and joined with the Confederacy. Some of them likely regretted that decision when the Union Army came knocking.


Which branch of the military specializes in amphibious assaults?

About 70% of the Earth is covered in water, which presents unique challenges for military units. So when you need an assault conducted on seas or lakes, that’s when you call in the Marines, who train mercilessly for the waves and mud.


Which branch touts its motto, "Semper Fidelis"?

The Marines sometimes shout, "Semper Fi!" It’s their motto, and it means, "always faithful."


What’s the purpose of the Selective Service System?

It hasn’t been used since the Vietnam War, but the government still maintains the Selective Service System, which drafts young men into military service during times of war.


SEALs are special forces units from the Navy. What does SEALs stand for?

SEALs are the Navy’s toughest soldiers. They are the Sea, Air, and Land teams that conduct a vast array of seemingly impossible feats.


Until 1946, the Air Force was part of the _____.

The Air Force was officially a part of the Army until 1946, and it was known as the Army Air Corps. In 1946, the Air Force became an independent entity.


How many aircraft does the U.S. Navy have at its disposal?

Sure, the Navy has a lot of ships. But it has a virtual air force at the ready, with around 3,700 aircraft that can provide support service or combat firepower in a variety of situations.


Which branch of the military is the smallest?

The Coast Guard is the smallest of the five branches of the U.S. military. Only about 3% of active-duy personnel serve in the Coast Guard.


True or false, is America’s military the biggest in the world?

There are roughly 1.2 million people actively serving in the U.S. military, making it the third-largest military in the world. China and India are first and second, respectively.


What is the bloodiest war in American history?

By far, the Civil War was the bloodiest. About 620,000 men died in the war, and until recently that was more than the number of fatalities from all of America’s other wars combined.


If you’re talking about Leathernecks, you’re referring to members of which branch?

The Marines are the Leathernecks, a reference to the tough leather collars they used to don as part of their uniforms. Those collars may have been meant to ward off sword blows.


Which branch was in charge of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which explored America’s West in the early 1800s?

Following the Louisiana Purchase, President Thomas Jefferson was determined to explore the West no matter the cost. So he sent an Army expedition headed by Lewis and Clark, and their discoveries led to great excitement in the East.


In which branch would you find the special operations group named Delta Force?

Delta Force is the Army’s version of a SEAL team. They are highly trained personnel who are tasked with performing the toughest behind-the-scenes missions you can imagine, from hostage rescue to sneak attacks.


Women make up about _____ of active-duty personnel in the military.

The military is very much the dominion of males. But the percentage of females is increasing, and they make up about 15% of active-duty personnel.


Which president received the Medal of Honor for his action during military service?

Teddy Roosevelt was a comic book hero come to life, exuding bravery and charisma in everything he did. In 2001, 103 years after his courage at San Juan Hill (during the Spanish-American War), he became the first and only president to receive the Medal of Honor.


True or false, are military recruits LESS likely to have high school diplomas than civilians?

It’s a popular misconception that military recruits join the service because they don’t have any other options. In reality, the percentage of high school diplomas is higher in among recruits than in the civilian population.


Which branch of the military accounts for the highest percentage of active-duty personnel?

The Army is by far the biggest branch of the military. More than 35% of all active-duty personnel serve in the Army.


The Coast Guard has participated in _____ war(s) since the 1700s.

Due in part to its small size and civilian-oriented missions, the Coast Guard is often forgotten as a part of the military. But it has been a part of every war in America’s history since its formation in 1790.


The Selected Reserves is a part of which division of the military?

The Selected Reserves are the personnel from the National Guard who wind up serving with active-duty military personnel. They wind up doing some of the hardest and scariest jobs in the military.


How many times has the United States declared war?

The U.S. has declared war five times, in the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, and both World Wars. But it has sent troops abroad hundreds of times for various purposes.


How many aircraft carriers are there in the U.S. Navy?

No other nation has as many aircraft carriers as the U.S. Navy, which maintains 11 of the behemoths. Carriers allow American to project its military influence all over the world.


Roughly what is the budget of the U.S. Armed Forces?

The U.S. armed forces have the biggest budget of any nation on Earth. As of 2015, that was around $600 billion per year.


True or false, after the American Revolution, did Congress disband the standing army?

It’s true. Congress believed that a standing army was at odds with a truly republican nation and was hazardous to the liberties of freedom-loving people — so it did away with the standing army after the Revolution ended.


True or false, have the majority of U.S. presidents served in the military?

As of 2018, 31 — or well over half — of American presidents served in the military prior to their inaugurations. In some cases, that service made them better suited for command of the country.


Alexander Hamilton created the forerunner of which branch of the military?

Hamilton was charged with finding a way to collect customs duties at ports in the late 1700s. His solution was the Revenue Marine, which eventually became known as the Coast Guard.


What percentage of active-duty Department of Defense personnel have at least a bachelor’s degree?

Department of Defense employees value higher education. About 80% of them have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree. And about 40% of active-duty officers have an advanced degree.


During which war did the military first use camouflage for its troops?

Blue uniforms were a standard from the days of the Revolution until the Spanish-American War in the late 1800s. It was then that U.S. troops, terrified of enemy snipers, smeared mud on themselves to better blend into their surroundings.


When did females first see combat on the side of American forces?

Females may officially be prohibited from frontline action, but during the Revolution, multiple women, like Molly Pitcher and Deborah Sampson, took up arms against the British.


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