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People who generally love to eat sometimes also dabble into cooking food. Either they might think that they can do better than the chef who prepared the food they just tasted, or they want to experiment and become a gourmet in their own kitchen.

But cooking is not for everyone. There are adults out there who don't even know how to prepare a simple meal for themselves, let alone for other people. With the advent of some innovations from manufacturers, some premade food items are so easy to prepare that they are nearly "idiot-proof," meaning anyone can do it. Just follow the instructions on the package!

But what manufacturers might have forgotten there is that not every kitchen is equipped with the basics needed for food preparation and cooking. We're talking about small appliances and kitchen utensils. You'd be surprised about what kinds of appliances are present or absent in a given kitchen. The same goes for kitchen utensils. People need to be prepared more.

So, are you prepared? If you are, then let's test it with this quiz! If you think you know your way around the kitchen more than most, then we dare you to take this challenge we cooked up for ya! Game!

What do you usually use to cut up things when cooking?

Any kitchen should at least have one chef’s knife around. It’s also useful to have a set of different knives available.


What are the two most utilized bulb vegetables in cooking?

That unmistakable aroma of onion and garlic cooking in the kitchen is heavenly for anyone who smells it. But it’s a very tricky thing to sauté them, because they should not burn.


When you cook small pieces of food in a pan until they turn brown, what is that procedure called?

To sauté food, you have to cut it up first into really small pieces. This rule is applied to meats and vegetables alike.


Which popular crop is served in the form of fries or mashed?

At one point, most people will prepare potatoes in some way. Some like them mashed, while others cut them up in wedges or strips for fries.


If you want to follow instructions for cooking, what should you read carefully?

People should follow a recipe to the letter if they’re preparing a dish for the first time. After that, they may feel free to experiment as a gourmet.


When chopping something, what surface do you use?

You use a cutting board whenever you’re chopping or slicing things. Make sure to replace the board after some time, though.


What sheet is very useful in cooking or wrapping food?

Aluminum foil is very thin and easy to handle. But you can still get cut by it, much like a paper cut, so be careful.


If you want to use the correct amount of liquids in a recipe, what do you use?

Use measuring cups to make accurate liquid measurements. They can be bought in a set.


When we say pork, which animal does that come from?

A pig is the supplier of pork. Any meat from a pig - bacon or pork chops or ham - is pork.


These leaves are useful as garnish or as flavor enhancements. What are they collectively called?

Herbs are generally the leaves, stems or flowers of plants useful in cooking, usually put in fresh but also in dried form. They enhance the flavor of food, and they are aromatic.


If you cook chicken inside an oven, is that roasted or grilled?

To roast means to cook the whole chicken inside of an oven. If you want to grill it, you’ll need to cook it over an open fire, like barbecue style.


You can cook them fully, serve them al dente, or just leave them raw! What are these?

Vegetables are easy to prepare in the kitchen. You can cook them in with other foods, as in a stew. You can create an elegant side dish by cooking briefly - al dente - and adding sauce. Or you can serve them raw, as in a salad.


Mustard and ketchup are categorized as what?

A condiment is used as food enhancement, either while cooking or while eating. Mayonnaise is another example.


When you want to finely chop and combine things, like fruits, what small appliance do you use?

A blender is popularly used to blend ingredients for juices or shakes. But it’s also a handy tool for cooking, as you can blend vegetables and fruits, too, before using them for sauces.


What is the traditional way to cook whole eggs while intact?

A hard-boiled egg is achieved through proper boiling. If you want your egg soft-boiled, reduce the boiling time.


What kind of liquid product is popularly used for frying gourmet stuff?

Olive oil is popularly used for cooking. You can choose from the regular kind or the extra virgin kind.


When you want to remove the skin from a fruit or vegetable, what do you need to use?

To peel off the skin of tough veggies like carrots, you need a peeler to do the job. You can also peel fruits with it.


Who was the famous celebrity chef who hosted "No Reservations"?

Anthony Bourdain is probably one of the most eloquent chefs that the culinary TV world has seen. His TV shows are very popular because they combined travel and food.


What do you use to drain pasta or vegetables?

A colander is like a bowl, but it has many holes. That’s supposed to help drain the water from any food item you put in there.


If you use curry, it usually comes in two forms. What are they?

Those who are into Indian cuisine should have some form of curry in their pantry. It comes in powder or paste.


What’s the general “cooking” term if you want to make cakes and pastries?

Breads and pastries are generally baked, not cooked. That’s why baking is another discipline of preparing food.


When you want to whip ingredients, what utensil should you use?

When handling egg whites, using a whisk will make them fluffier in no time. You can also use this to whip some cream.


A frying pan is also known as what?

A skillet or fry pan is round, but with a flat bottom surface. The sides are also quite low, so you have to be careful when frying things.


What do you combine with herbs to give your food more flavor and aroma?

Spices are the fruits or seeds of plants, used much like herbs are. But aside from giving flavor and aroma, spices also help in food preservation and give it color.


What do you usually call scissors used in the kitchen?

Shears are usually sharp enough to cut through vegetables or even meat. So make sure you also wash them well after each use.


Which dairy product is used in many recipes, as an ingredient or topping, or added to sandwiches?

Cheese is a versatile product to use when cooking or baking. You can transform food with it, depending on the kind of cheese you use.


To transform a vegetable or a block of hard cheese, what device should you rub it onto, to shred it to pieces?

A grater grates, of course! That means it helps you slice anything in small slivers.


Where do you usually go to buy fresh meats?

All towns have a butcher shop. It’s best to have a regular one so you’ll know if you’re getting quality meats. Of course, supermarkets also sell meat.


What staple food is given to someone who’s sick or has a cold?

Chicken soup is the proverbial dish prepared for someone feeling low or feeling sick. It’s not a guaranteed scientific cure, but it helps to ease hunger and lift up the spirits!


Traditionally, if you want to buy cold cuts, where should you head?

A delicatessen is a store where you buy cold cuts, plus other varieties of food, actually. In the U.S., the shortened form "deli" is used.


If you want to prepare thick viscous liquid stuff, what cooking container should you use?

A sauce pan is handy for making sauces. But other people also use a sauce pan for cooking other kinds of stuff, since it’s generally handy.


When we say beef, what animal does that come from?

Any meat from cattle or cow is termed as beef. Various breeds give us varying types of beef, too, like Wagyu.


If you don’t want to slice up garlic, what utensil could you use to juice it out?

A garlic press literally presses cloves of garlic inside, which come out of little holes, crushed and ready to be used for cooking. That’s why in some parts of the world, this utensil is also known as a garlic crusher.


What do you call the aquatic type of food?

Seafood is the term for fish and shellfish that comes from saltwater bodies. People need to distinguish those two sometimes, if allergies are an issue.


Aspiring cooks may or may not like this abrasive celeb chef’s style of running things. Who is he?

Gordon Ramsay is a British TV personality who’s popular for being an abrasive chef. If you have a lot of restaurants with many Michelin stars, maybe the abrasiveness is a bit okay…


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