Quiz: How Well Do You Know Japanese Cuisine?
How Well Do You Know Japanese Cuisine?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Wiki Commons by Think Draw

About This Quiz

Japanese cuisine has been developed for years, and we mean centuries. Each dish is dependant on what is available seasonally and may consist of different kinds of fish or vegetables, depending on the time of the year. This cuisine relies heavily on rice, noodles, vegetables, fish and of course, various kinds fo broths. And while a lot of the food is cooked, many are also served raw. 

Like many other cultures, the Japanese have adopted favorites from all over the world and have put their own spin on it, to make the meals theirs. This includes, but is not limited to curry rice from India, spaghetti from Italy and gyoza (also known as jiaozi) from China. But there is one dish that the Japanese have given to the world that no one else can take credit for: the delicious, fully-flavored sushi.

All the food that we've mentioned (and more) will be shown to you in this quiz. Will you know the difference between sashimi and an actual sushi roll, the difference between gyoza and miso, or the difference between soba and yakiniku? Show us that you're an expert by properly identifying all these Japanese foods. 

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