Quiz: Only the Biggest Fans Can Correctly Identify Which of These NFL Players Were Selected for the Pro Bowl
Only the Biggest Fans Can Correctly Identify Which of These NFL Players Were Selected for the Pro Bowl
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: NFL/Sports Illustrated/New York - Mic'd Up

About This Quiz

Blue forty two! Rita! Omaha! Set, set, set, HIKE! 

Now, we all know you watch the Super Bowl. But are you an equal opportunist when it comes to the Pro Bowl? Let's get down to the turf and see how well you know the best of the best National Football League players.

You see, playing in the NFL is hard work. It's TEAMwork! It means that you win as a team and you lose as a team. The Pro Bowl, on the other hand, rewards players who shine on an individual level. Your team could have a great season, or it could have a terrible season, but if you are voted into the Pro Bowl, well then, you must be doing something right for yourself! 

So how exactly do you make it there? Well, of course, you have to start with a great individual season, but the rest is out of your hands! Did you know that players are actually voted into the Pro Bowl? That's right! It's the coaches, fellow players AND the fans who make these decisions. Impress these three groups and you just might have your shot at joining the elite group known as the Pro-Bowlers!

So, are you ready to score big with this Pro Bowlers quiz? Think you have what it takes to recognize these Pro Bowl selections? Set, hike! It's time to kick this quiz through the uprights!

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