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Australian cuisine? What's that?

One might actually say that. Unlike other countries with very defined food that's internationally known, perhaps Australian food rates low in terms of familiarity with global audiences. Why is that?

Well, we're not so sure. But what we're sure of is, Australians do love to eat the good stuff! We always see some stereotypes of their eating habits or their choices of food to eat, but we shouldn't comment on such presentations sometimes. The thing to do is grab an Australian friend and let him or her guide you through their rich and wonderful food items!

Being a nation with a long history and with many peoples meshing cultures in that wonderful land down under, it's no surprise that there would be some mixing of cultures in their food items. It will also be no surprise to find some exotic kind of food item here and there in their menus. But hey, what's exotic to you and me might just be regular fare for them. So to each their own, right?

Now what will Nicole Kidman eat? What would Hugh Jackman chomp on? Test yourself and see if you can identify the more popular Australian food items in our menu here!

It's a spreadable edible. What is it?

Vegemite is very Australian in nature. You can spread it on anything, much like peanut butter!

It's of military origin. What is it?

The Anzac biscuit was borne out of World War I. It was when the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps or ANZAC was formed, too.

What is this pastry called?

A Lamington is a small pastry. It's a sponge cake with chocolate icing, then desiccated coconut finishes the garnish.

What's this yummy thingie?

Word has it that this light meringue-based dessert is named after famed Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. But some neighboring countries kinda wanna protest that.

What do you think this center-filled food is?

A meat pie is indeed that -- a pie filled with meat. It's a typical food item in Australian cuisine.

Familiar with this?

A Chiko roll is like a portable snack item. It's got some beef in there, some cabbage, onion and carrots mixed in it.

What's this food item called?

Weetabix is popular for breakfast. When you're on the move, this is good to consume.

What's this dual-toned thing?

The Neenish tart is always prepared in two colors. It's got cream inside as filling.

What's this yummy in an Aussie's tummy?

Whenever an Australian visits friends overseas, it's a sure bet that they have Tim Tams as gifts for them. Hey, that's Australia's finest, so try it!

What's this long thingie called, and how is it prepared?

Snag is how Australians call sausage. Therefore, these are barbecued sausages.

The Brits also have this. What's this?

Fish and chips is a favorite Australian menu item. You've gotta try how they do that down there!

What's this fruit called?

Kensington Pride is a kind of mango developed in Australia, specifically in Bowen. That's why they're also called Bowen mangoes.

What is this familiar-looking thing called?

When in Australia, order a " sausage sanga" which means a sausage sandwich. Yep, they love their sausage sandwiches.

Aussies love this smashed. What is it?

Avocados are popular the world over. But there's a special love affair with this fruit down under.

It's a bit magical. What is it?

A fairy bread is just a simple white bread loaf sliced like triangles, spread with butter or margarine and covered with rainbow sprinkles. It's yummy!

Is it time to eat this one? What is it?

Golden Gaytime is a special kind of ice cream treat. It's actually got vanilla ice cream at the core, and then wrapped all around with toffee ice cream, then biscuit crumbs garnish it all around.

What's this thingie found in special places?

A milk bar is like a convenience store. Lollies are the different kinds of candies that kids can buy in there.

What's this watery foodie?

Australian prawns are big and juicy. And yep, they taste great when barbecued!

What's this fish dish?

A John Dory is a kind of fish that's popular all over Australia. Their fillets are prepared in a variety of yummy ways.

What's this yummy biscuit thing called?

Iced VoVo is made up of a biscuit base, then raspberry jam is in the middle. On top, pink fondant is added there, and also some coconut sprinkles.

What's this treat called?

The Cherry Ripe is a kind of dark chocolate bar. It's got cherries and coconut inside it.

What's this square portion called?

The vanilla slice is a pastry that's filled with vanilla custard. It's made up of several layers with icing sugar dust.

What's this hopping dude called?

Believe it or not, they also eat kangaroos in Australia. It's best when grilled.

What's this fish dish called?

The Barramundi fish is prepared as a fish steak cooked in oil. It's a river fish.

What's this ginormous serving called?

Burger with a lot is what Australians call a huge hamburger filled with the usual suspects: beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and ketchup. But what makes this Australian is the addition of the red beet root slice, a pineapple slice and a fried egg. Yowza!

This toothed creature is also a delicacy. What is it?

Yep, crocodile meat is eaten in Australia. They even export it!

What's this leafy thingie called?

The lemon myrtle byproduct is heavily utilized by the beauty industry. But foodies use the leaf to add culinary yumminess in many dishes.

Eat it in stacks! What is this?

The SAO biscuit is square. Vegemite goes well with it.

What do you call this creature?

A Balmain bug is actually a kind of lobster. The meat is mostly in its tail part.

What's this hot broth called?

Pea and ham soup is an easy enough recipe to make. Do it the Australian way.

What's this bread called?

A damper is a traditional Australian bread. It's soda bread, cooked over a campfire, in the olden days.

What is this nut called?

Macadamia nuts are found all over the eastern part of Australia. They're mixed in with a lot of dishes and confectionery.

What is this animal called?

The emu is also eaten like beef in Australia. It's actually lower in cholesterol than beef.

What's this bug-looking creature called?

Witchetty grubs are kinda like caterpillars in appearance, but they burrow in tree roots areas where they are hunted. You just barbecue or toast it, and eat -- or yeah, raw is also a way to go.

What's this fruit called?

The quandong is a bit peachy in taste. Aborigines value it for its medicinal properties, aside from being a good-tasting fruit.

What's this cute little thing called?

Snowberries are native to very cold regions of Australia. There's a lot of them in Tasmania.

What's this ice cream delight called?

The Splice ice cream treat is fruit-flavored. You must try it when you see it!

What is this interesting looking fruit called?

Finger limes are as citrusy sour as limes. But its cute look is what gives it an edge in food presentations.

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