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Everyone knows that it's the right thing to eat your five fruits and vegetables every day - and ideally more. Of course, most people fall short of this, which is strange when you consider that a morning glass of orange juice and a handful of baby carrots gets you 40% of the way to your goal.

Part of the problem is that people are quite intimidated by veggies. They don't know what's in season. they don't know how to cook the veg to keep the nutritional content high, maintain the crunch and texture, but still make it flavorful and delicious. They don't know what veggies go with each other or with other foods. They don't know how long a vegetable keeps in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

This is a product of our modern world, where people live in cities or suburbs that might look superficially green but have very little in them from nature. Supermarkets present veggies as clean and uniform, instead of as they really are - gnarly, delicious and dirty, and in all sorts of hilarious shapes and sizes.

It's time to get past our veggie fears and embrace our healthy and wholesome veggie friends before they make the ultimate sacrifice for our dinners. Let's get started!

Where are most of the nutrients in a potato?

Many nutrients are in the skin, along with most of the fiber. However, the entire potato is nutritious, especially if you don't boil it.


What is the second most commonly eaten vegetable in the U.S.?

It's a fruit actually, and it's the tomato! Of course it is; it's the one that goes in pizza, pasta sauce, and lots of other dishes that very often strip out many of the advantages of having a veggie in the first place! You may have guessed that the most popular veg is the potato.


Which of these is high in carotenoids?

Carrots are high in carotenoids! However, so are these vegetables, as well as tomatoes. They're a pigment that give these veggies their lovely colors - and they are good for you.


Which of these contains gluten?

All of these mainstay cereal crops have gluten. Gluten is the delicious stuff that makes the breads and other products we create from these crops so divine. Fortunately, there are plenty of gluten-free alternatives that have very similar properties for those who can't live without a lovely fluffy bread.


Which state produces nearly all the broccoli sold in the U.S.?

It's California! This state has a wonderful climate (for now) for growing things. With climate change, the issue is going to be water; there simply isn't enough in the Colorado river any more. Salination and irrigation will be increasingly necessary.


How much dietary fiber, in grams, is in the average baked potato?

Baked potatoes are nearly foolproof to make and good for you! They contain plenty of fiber, which keeps you nice and regular.


What potato problem caused the Irish Potato Famine?

Late blight is a disease that can infect tomatoes or potatoes, and it is a killer! It resulted in a lot of Irish having to flee their land, due to famine.


On which mountains was the white potato we all love so much first grown?

The Native American empires of South America are the ones we have to thank for all the white potatoes. In fact, potatoes and peppers of many types that we consider essential to our cuisine originated in their cultivation.


The tomato is a fruit, except legally. When did the Supreme Court declare it a veg?

In 1893, this actually made it all the way to the Supreme Court. They ruled that it is a vegetable because people think it is, a level of reasoning so hilariously low that it explains a lot about the way government sometimes works! As with so many things, it was really all about how you classify it for customs and tax purposes.


Other than putting it in salad, what's a good use for a cucumber?

A cucumber's rind can work as an eraser! We know cucumbers are bad weapons and metronomes, and we don't actually know if they work as a bong; you will have to ask a friend from Colorado.


To what common plant is corn related?

Corn is actually in the grass family. Not all grass is as neat as a lawn; in fact, grass comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on the climate and many other factors.


Chicago is named for which aromatic vegetable?

A Native American name for garlic is "chicagoua," so the city is named for the delicious root vegetable.. Perhaps that's why the windy city is so windy?


Which vegetable was the first one to be domesticated?

It was wheat! Human civilization began when wheat was domesticated and humans were able to get enough nutrition regularly to have leisure time to invent things.


Which of the below is NOT one of the three most-cultivated crops?

Sugar cane, maize, rice, wheat and potatoes are the top five. Oats are a major staple crop, but not in the top five!


What veggie might you eat to top up your vitamin K?

Cabbage is a great source of vitamin K. People are often not very good at making cabbage, but if you do it right, it's delicious!


Most carrots today are orange. What is another common color for carrots?

Orange carrots became popular because of the House of Orange in Holland. However, many colors are natural for carrots and they each have slightly different medicinal and nutritional properties. Try them - they're delicious!


What fruit that is cooked as a vegetable is also known as maduro?

Plaintain is one of the most popular crops in the world. They are delicious whether sweet or savory.


Which vegetable takes more calories to digest than it contains?

It's technically true that celery - and also grapefruit - takes more calories to digest than it brings to your body in the first place. It's insignificant, however.


What vegetable contains capsaicin?

Capsaicin is amazing stuff: it kills pain, reduces inflammation and helps prevent blood clots. So eat your peppers. Watch out for the heat, though!


Do carrots help you see in the dark?

This myth dates back to World War II. The British Royal Air Force had developed a new-fangled technology called "radar" that they were using to see in the dark. They didn't want the Nazis to know about it, so they claimed they were just eating a lot of carrots. It's pure propaganda.


Which of these vegetables is actually a fruit?

Technically these are all fruits. So are pumpkin and zucchini. Our minds are blown!


What does vitamin C help your body to absorb?

Vitamin C has many benefits, one of which is helping your body naturally keep up your iron levels. Women in particular are prone to low iron, meaning vitamin C is doubly essential for women to eat.


Which of the below can be safely eaten by people who cannot eat gluten?

It sounds counter-intuitive that two cereal crops with the words "corn" and "wheat" in their names don't contain gluten, but they don't. There is something called "corn gluten" in corn, but it's not the same kind of gluten that you get in wheat, barley and rye.


Where is Swiss chard from?

This is just clever branding. A Swiss botanist thought the chard would sound classy if it were Swiss, so he named it accordingly.


When did potatoes first reach Idaho?

The potato is the main export of the great state of Idaho now, but it was not always grown there. Missionaries heading west brought it with them when they arrived.


There are two chemicals in beans that your body cannot break down. One is raffinose. What is the other?

Your body cannot process these carbohudrates fully. Your large intestine breaks some of them into hydrogen and methane, which explains the farting!


When is celery root in season?

Celery root is the knotty root ball of celery, and just as the stem can be quite delicious, so can the root. Both are full of fiber and plenty of nutrients.


Where were eggplants first grown?

Eggplant is called that because the first ones seen by Europeans were smaller and white, so they looked like eggs. The French call them aubergines.


What's strange about the Jerusalem artichoke?

The Jerusalem artichoke is best from November to March. It's a kind of sunflower plant, not an artichoke. It doesn't come from Jerusalem but from North America!


By what other name are snow peas known?

The snow pea is one of the greatest vegetables, because you can snack on it like a carrot but still feel like you got your greens - and like a mango, it comes in its own packaging! They also last a nice long time in the fridge. Eat snow peas!


What veggie has more potassium per gram than a banana?

This splendid veggie is called a courgette in France. Chop it up and roast it for a lovey side dish with your dinner.


Before pumpkins, what vegetable was used for jack o'lanterns?

A turnip is similar to a rutabaga/swede. It's a root vegetable and you can carve it and it will hold its shape, making it very good for carving purposes! Turnip spice latte, however, leaves much to be desired.


What is the watermelon radish's original name?

This veggie hails from China. It's a root vegetable with a striking bright pink inside and green rind, just like a watermelon!


When is red cabbage in season?

Red cabbage is good all the time! This is a great thing, because it is good for you and goes with everything.


What is the world record for eating the most peas in one hour using only chopsticks?

This amazing record was set in 1984 by Janet Harris of Sussex. She may not be the hero we deserve, but she is the hero we need.


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