Your Opinion of These Celebrities Could Reveal What Color You Should Dye Your Hair

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One of the most freeing things in life is that we're allowed to have our own thoughts and opinions. Regardless of if they're right or wrong, these thoughts are allowed to occur because really, no one can (or should) tell us what we should and should not think. Today, we want to know what you think, but it isn't about things like life, education or love. We want to see what you think about some of Hollywood's finest so that we can tell you what color you should dye your hair. 

We're going to ask you about everyone from George Clooney to Johnny Depp and Beyonce to Rihanna. Tell us what you think about their style, their relationships and even some of the things that they've done. Tell us how overrated you think they are or if they should branch out into something else and quit their jobs; just don't hold back. 

By the time you're done telling us what you really think of all these insanely rich people, we'll let you know what color you should be putting in your hair. So, are you ready to find out what it is? Let's get started.

What do you think of Mariah Carey's diva ways?

How adorable was Tom Holland in "Avengers: Infinity War?"

How legendary is Celine Dion?

What movie of Will Smith's made you a fan of his?

Do you think Tom Hanks should quit while he's ahead?

Do you know who Beyonce is?

Is Chris Hemsworth the best superhero ever?

Do you think that Jessica Alba is the girl next door she comes across as being?

Who's your favorite Leonardo DiCaprio character?

Do you prefer Britney Spears then or now?

How annoying is Justin Bieber?

Which Johnny Depp character is the best?

How cool is Bruno Mars?

Which Whitney Houston song is hands-down, the best?

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

How did you feel when you heard that Aretha Franklin had died?

Do you like Ellen's style?

Did you love Rihanna and Chris Brown together?

What do you think of Drake's flow?

Is Oprah overrated?

Do you think that Jim Carrey is funny?

What did you think of Amy Winehouse's style?

Did you think Brad Pitt made the right choice by choosing Angelina?

Is Kobe Bryant as good as people say he is?

Does Madonna still have it or is she losing it?

Is Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's relationship goals?

Do you think that George Clooney is attractive?

What do you think of Lady Gaga's eccentric ways?

What word would you use to describe Ed Sheeran's voice?

And do you believe that Ariana Grande's love life is a bit too busy?

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