Order a Bunch of Food From Olive Garden and We'll Guess How Old You Are

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People of all ages enjoy Olive Garden, that's no secret! This family-friendly Italian restaurant has been around for decades and has grown into one of the most popular chains in the world. Famously known for their offering of "unlimited" breadsticks and salad, Olive Garden caters to the hungry man or woman, ensuring no one leaves one of their locations unsatisfied (or without a food baby).

According to Thrillist, "The chain’s stated reason for serving unlimited breadsticks, alongside soup and salad, was to embody 'the spirit of Italian generosity,' which seems appropriate for a chain whose tagline is 'when you’re here, you’re family.'" Apparently, the company that owns Olive Garden attempted to get rid of the whole unlimited breadsticks concept that made the restaurant so beloved. However, Olive Garden fought to keep the tradition going, and it ended up successful. Where would they be had they actually taken this breadstick blessing away from us?

You may go to Olive Garden for more than the unlimited breadsticks, however. Your taste in pasta, salad, and breadsticks reveals a lot more about you than you might think. Order a bunch of food from Olive Garden, and we will take a stab at guessing how old you are. 

Which appetizer will you choose?

What the heck, why not order another appetizer. What would you like?

What's one thing you don't want on your salad?

How many bread sticks will you eat?

What kind of soup do you want?

You're creating your own pasta. Which noodle do you like?

Which sauce will go in your "create your own" pasta?

What topping do you have to have on your "create your own" pasta?

What's the topping you absolutely do not want on your "create your own" pasta?

Which "Classic Favorite" with chicken would you pick?

Which "Classic Favorite" with shrimp would you pick?

Which "Classic Favorite" without any meat would you pick?

Which meal do you want from the "Taste of the Mediterranean" section of the menu?

Which "Pronto" lunch would you pick to save and eat tomorrow?

Which dessert do you want?

One sweet isn't enough. Which of these would you pick as a second dessert?

You'll need a glass of wine with that. Which kind?

Which hand-crafted beverage would you pick to wash it all down?

You might get thirsty later. What kind of iced drink do you want?

All this eating is making you tired. Which pick-me-up beverage do you want to try?

Do you want to try a smoothie?

All this gluten is making your stomach feel weird. Which GF dish would you opt for?

There's a cute little kid in your life who would really like some Olive Garden. What will you order for them?

What topping do you need lots of?

What do you ask for extra of in your drinks?

Where's the best place to eat Olive Garden?

Do you have any dietary restrictions?

What kind of pasta do you prefer?

How will you ask for the dressing on the salad?

Do you play games of their at-the-table kiosk?

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