Order a Bunch of Food from Olive Garden and We'll Guess Which State You Live In

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Let's face it; when you're looking to stretch your dinner dollar to the outer reaches of deliciousness, there are few places that are going to treat you as right as Olive Garden.  You plunk down your hard-earned dollars for a meal and you can eat for as long as you can stand it over there!  All that soup, all those breadsticks ... you are going to be living large.

Now here's the thing. With all that Olive Garden deliciousness waiting for you, you can make a heck of a lot of different choices.  And those different choices you make, your Cheese Ravioli versus your Braised Beef Tortelloni or your Loaded Pasta Chips versus your Parmesan Zucchini Bites, can really give a window into your soul.  Or maybe that's too heavy. But if not your soul, then maybe where you live.  In fact, if you order a bunch of food right now off the Olive Garden menu, we'll use our pasta prognostication prowess to guess where you hail from in the US.  Do you eat like a New Yorker or a Floridian?  Are you a Californian Olive Garden fan or is Vermont your speed?  Take the quiz and see!

You could start your dinner without an appetizer, but why would anyone do that? Pick the most delicious one!

Olive Garden is famous for unlimited breadsticks. What's your limit for breadsticks?

Sometimes with all you can eat salad, breadsticks, and soup it can be hard to finish a meal. If you make it to dessert, what will you order?

One of the best kinds of pasta is ravioli. Which little pocket of deliciousness will you try?

You can order a pre-designed pasta dish or you can create your very own. What kind of pasta would you use for your custom dinner?

Any good dish of custom pasta needs a custom sauce. What kind of pasta sauce will make your meal?

Custom pasta doesn't have to just be noodles plus sauce. What kind of delicious topping are you going to toss on there?

If you hit up Olive Garden for lunch, they have breadstick sandwiches! Which one sounds the best?

If you're looking for something a little fresher and more authentic, there's the Taste of the Mediterranean menu. Which item sounds best?

Sometimes it's best to just stick with the classic. Which of these classic Italian favorites is for you?

Suppose you're in the mood for some chicken tonight. Which chicken dish are you most likely to order?

You know what you can't go wrong with? Beef! Pick the best beefy dish on the menu.

Pasta and seafood are a perfect pairing. Which seafood dish seems like the catch of the day?

If you're looking for a full meal then you're going to want to include a side dish. Which side do you want?

Not that you'd ever order from the kid's menu, but kids get some tasty looking stuff adults can't order. Which kids menu item do you wish you could try?

Olive Garden has a pretty decent drink menu. If you're in the mood for a cocktail, what might you order?

Unlimited soup is a lot of soup. Which soup would you most like to try?

The Olive Garden appetizer menu is loaded with cheesy goodness. Which cheesy item do you want to try the most?

Do you like to have a little coffee with your meal? Olive Garden has your back! Pick one!

There's more than one way to enjoy lasagna at Olive Garden. Which one sounds best to you?

Cheese is great in general, but which specific cheese dish do you think you'd want to try the most?

A nice, creamy Alfredo really hits the spot sometimes. Pick your Alfredo favorite.

Olive Garden is more than happy to jam-pack your dinner with something tasty. Which stuffed item sounds best?

You can choose all kinds of things for dessert, but wouldn't you rather choose chocolate? Pick your chocolate favorite.

Meatballs are pretty much an Italian classic. What are you having your meatballs on?

Shrimp is arguably some of the best seafood you can eat. Which shrimp dish is looking the best for you?

Did you know that Olive Garden has 5 different alcoholic drinks for $5? They do! Which one would you try?

If you're looking for a little zip, Olive Garden does have a few spicy options. Which one gets your mouth watering?

It's not easy to go vegan at Olive Garden, but it can sort of be done. Which option sounds best?

Not every drink has to be alcoholic. Pick your refreshing favorite!

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